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I'm Alex, that girl with the cars and I hunt down the world's coolest cars!

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I Bought My First Hypercar!
2 maanden geleden
New Audi RS E-Tron GT!
2 maanden geleden
The New Ferrari Roma!
3 maanden geleden
3 maanden geleden
4 maanden geleden
4 maanden geleden
storm3016 15 uur geleden
You get a lot of weird comments these days...
John King
John King 15 uur geleden
Shouldn’t this now be called SUPERCAR PINKY?
Josh Oben
Josh Oben 15 uur geleden
LemonGamer555 15 uur geleden
Who else saw this video because of dhar mann
Gamer BoyzYT
Gamer BoyzYT 15 uur geleden
''Done'' From Dhar Mann's Video Where not just telling stories where changing lives Instagram: elya.sultani10
Awakening Enthusiast
Awakening Enthusiast 15 uur geleden
I'll have this man's car in less than one week! You can take that to the bank!
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee 15 uur geleden
My kids love looking at your video
Awakening Enthusiast
Awakening Enthusiast 15 uur geleden
Wait wait wait she said a V12 twin turbo only 700 horsepower? What in the double fuck? 700 sounds a bit low for that motor.
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee 15 uur geleden
I really need some help. Im a single parent raising two children. Im having some money issue. Wanted to know if you could help us out
supatotenkopf88 15 uur geleden
How do I invest?
✿ᴡ1ʟᴅ✿ 15 uur geleden
I want one so bad, but of course it cost to much and i'm not old enough to drive a..shark.
supatotenkopf88 15 uur geleden
Love the concept, love the colour.
Minlal Haokip
Minlal Haokip 15 uur geleden
Tufail Gillani
Tufail Gillani 15 uur geleden
I like it
Muhammad Hashim
Muhammad Hashim 15 uur geleden
Interesting content
Interesting content 15 uur geleden
It is for rich people only
boboy buloron
boboy buloron 15 uur geleden
Very nice monster truck
Lone Wolf Poetics
Lone Wolf Poetics 15 uur geleden
"Zero points of failure" yeah....they said that about a certain ship that's hit a bunch of ice just saying
Rony Ozoy
Rony Ozoy 15 uur geleden
I like Ferarri, this is beautiful and amazing car, i'm from Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
WHO_LIO ESPINOSA 15 uur geleden
Hi.. Im from Philippines 🇵🇭 Keep safe & God bless🙏
Analyn Deocarez Anuran
Analyn Deocarez Anuran 16 uur geleden
Wow really really so amazing😳😱😍🥰😍🥰😍
boboy buloron
boboy buloron 16 uur geleden
Very nice car love it
boboy buloron
boboy buloron 16 uur geleden
I love that car,,i never been touch even in toy car like that
Confirmed we are ganna have alíen cars in the future-_- lol
tenzin wangchuk
tenzin wangchuk 16 uur geleden
Kathy Linnell
Kathy Linnell 16 uur geleden
Awesomeness ❣️ 😁 Thanks For Sharing ❣️
Mark Ramsay
Mark Ramsay 16 uur geleden
Supercar Blondie I just saw a video that had you in it and it was you you du man And I really like pushes
Givari 16 uur geleden
10:19 🤣🤣🤣
colossal tree
colossal tree 16 uur geleden
I loved the drone car but....... the yellow bmw was my favorite because the geometry was just beautiful
colossal tree
colossal tree 16 uur geleden
Wait do you own all the cars or do you just vlog someone else's?
john garin
john garin 16 uur geleden
She is a genuine blonde 🤫
Ramesh Sethy
Ramesh Sethy 16 uur geleden
My sister very nice car 🙏🌹🌹🙏 Good morning 🇮🇳
Jimmy Tan
Jimmy Tan 16 uur geleden
Great, there'll be traffic leading to the launch pads.
Ramesh Sethy
Ramesh Sethy 16 uur geleden
My sister very nice car 🙏🌹🌹🙏 Good morning 🇮🇳
angeliic 17 uur geleden
Sick engine! Came here from Dhar mann's video. It's amazing what you're doing!
Idwadis 17 uur geleden
I subscribed to dharr and you for the giveaway my insta and Twitter is idwadis
Mark Chalhoub
Mark Chalhoub 17 uur geleden
please fire your camera man i got a migraine trying to watch this
Mike Diamondz
Mike Diamondz 17 uur geleden
This granny is nice the way the she presents ... my mom whould love her
Julio Torricelli
Julio Torricelli 17 uur geleden
They show the car to you and then they shoot you ? You should leave your feet out when you climb in this car, or at least the shoes . But a nut comes and hits you and then you start crying (unstopable) . Do you think they added flexibility to this Or Blanc ? So who owns Bugatti factory now? Germans seem they had enough of it. I understand Bugattis are produced in France, but near the Bugatti castle in France , the Germans built an atelier which does what ?
Txmaniia 17 uur geleden
a suv
Kay Turcotte
Kay Turcotte 17 uur geleden
i have an inquiry about our vehicle.... just wondering if you have any pages or legitimate sites that you could lead us sell this beast. Wanting to get bang for a buck, please let me know. Much appreciated, we are HUGE fans of yours and admire your energy and what you do ❤ It is a beast. I will shared photos on a pm on fb messenger. Thanks!.
khanyisani mathanda
khanyisani mathanda 17 uur geleden
wooow Blondie where did you find this piece of art where is this thing coming from now?? woow
Hannah Quinn’s Kittens
There’s no 2034?
dgotgames (dk or d)
dgotgames (dk or d) 17 uur geleden
are these cars yours
sus 18 uur geleden
It feels like it should have 6 wheels
facom makita
facom makita 18 uur geleden
So beautiful I can't come to you I'm a fan in Algeria
Braxton Utley
Braxton Utley 18 uur geleden
you are pretty girl
SAVAGE STUDIOS 18 uur geleden
Hope you can also visit the Philippines soon! God Bless and Mahal na mahal ka namin!!!
esmail dagia
esmail dagia 18 uur geleden
Do you own these cars If you do then your soooo lucky!
Nick Rindlisbacher
Nick Rindlisbacher 18 uur geleden
I'm curious is to how you have gotten to be able to do these videos and travel all over ....who funds you? Or is it a matter of sleeping with the right people
Adrian__ 18 uur geleden
Does it have fiber carbon ?
Tyler Flodin
Tyler Flodin 18 uur geleden
I just saw your Darman video
Clifford Williams
Clifford Williams 18 uur geleden
No one in their right mind lives in LA, just saying…
Jeyson Serafini
Jeyson Serafini 18 uur geleden
Uncle Tim was a bit too happy...
Kadir Narin
Kadir Narin 18 uur geleden
😂😂😂 Siz buna lüks diyorsanız. Türkiye’de içi yapılan muadil arabaya bakmalısınız. Çok komik 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ana Luna
Ana Luna 18 uur geleden
Hi I really like your videos
Tim Vittetoe
Tim Vittetoe 18 uur geleden
As an aerospace engineer that worked for Tesla, I love it!
okemefnua ndozi
okemefnua ndozi 19 uur geleden
send me ur number
Mary Grace Catud
Mary Grace Catud 19 uur geleden
Hi blondie Your so cool. I never had car in my life I don't know how to drive either. Keep safe u
okemefnua ndozi
okemefnua ndozi 19 uur geleden
Good morning dear
Marcos galvão
Marcos galvão 19 uur geleden
I live in brazil , i need this car heavy armored , against Ak 47 rifles 😂
Micha Rebuz
Micha Rebuz 19 uur geleden
- - -BOAH EEH - - -BEST HELI -PERFORMANCE EVER ON THIS PLANET - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Enzo De Vega
Enzo De Vega 19 uur geleden
Lol she said sexy like 100000000 times 😂😂😂
alex verdezoto
alex verdezoto 19 uur geleden
Hi, how are you? I always follow your page when you buy new luxury ches, they are very beautiful .. I hope you read my messages .. as well as you buy luxury cars .. You can see that you have a lot of money I am from Ecuador .. I would like if you could give me money to buy a motorcycle of my dreams, a YAMAHA MT10, the value of the motorcycle is 18 thousand dollars
GLC HELP 19 uur geleden
BMW rule all car
Geoffrey Stredder
Geoffrey Stredder 19 uur geleden
People forget that you need a pilot's licence and who is going to able to qualify.
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GLC HELP 19 uur geleden
10 car is really nice.
TheNdege1 19 uur geleden
It's Awesome.
TheNdege1 19 uur geleden
Outside - "Welcome to the hood." Inside - "Yes, I'll have champagne."
Jeyson Serafini
Jeyson Serafini 19 uur geleden
they really have something called "karaoke room" on a 50 mil Yacht.
Unstoppable Alex
Unstoppable Alex 19 uur geleden
Justin Bieber thought vs his reality 😂😂 ifykyk
Worklife Recognition
Worklife Recognition 19 uur geleden
I want a seabreacher myself. A dolphin.
Paul Hightower
Paul Hightower 19 uur geleden
You’re kewl
DD X 19 uur geleden
Wow look at that.. never seen that before.. a helicopter
Limin Joseph
Limin Joseph 19 uur geleden
Hai dear how are u
xpro streams
xpro streams 19 uur geleden
Why do you never tie ur pajama knot
tony fu
tony fu 19 uur geleden
That is mason
Martin V.L.A
Martin V.L.A 19 uur geleden