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Supercar Blondie
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I'm Alex, that girl with the cars and I hunt down the world's coolest cars!

Agent: WME -
I Bought My First Hypercar!
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New Audi RS E-Tron GT!
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The New Ferrari Roma!
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Gladius Maximus26
Gladius Maximus26 21 uur geleden
Imagine taking that into the 8 lane traffic circle in paris. I'd shit myself. Stop the car and say please I cant.
Adriano 21 uur geleden
I like it so much !
Alibhai Raza
Alibhai Raza 21 uur geleden
Gladius Maximus26
Gladius Maximus26 21 uur geleden
Sounds like it has not been driven in a while. Idling and almost stalling. Or is it just me?
Галым Тюлюмбаев
Ramiro Duran
Ramiro Duran 21 uur geleden
My favorite Fast and Furious movie is Tokyo Drift and my favorite actor in those movies is Lil BowWow. But I am looking forward to watching this movie because John Cena's in it and he is a very entertaining wrestler.
BoFab 21 uur geleden
must be an amazing reality to be a saudi oil prince the world is your playground but not for us working folks. discussing really
Daniel Kwakye Nomah
Daniel Kwakye Nomah 21 uur geleden
When are you visiting Barcelona? You got a big fan here!
Alibhai Raza
Alibhai Raza 21 uur geleden
I am a poor man and I have been working hard in Saudi Arabia for the last six years to take care of my parents and siblings. I am the eldest of my siblings so I have a lot of responsibilities. My sister recently got married and I attended her wedding so my sister and my parents asked me for a gift car that I can't buy for the rest of my life. I ask you to help me by giving me some money so that I can buy a simple car for my family. I will be grateful to you all my life. My Pakistani Bank Account IBAN number is ; PK44BAHL0149098100367801 (Bank Name is :Bank Al Habib ) My Saudi Arabia bank account IBAN number is : SA7120000002302881089940 (Bank Name :Bank AlRiyad My Name is : ALI RAZA MY Contact Number is :00966501476963
clean00 21 uur geleden
The door knob looks cheap
DESI KHANA YouTube Cooking Channel
Amazing Superb
Jimmy Bernabet rodriguez.
Revisa 😎😎aver él cerebro 🚷wadelin Ismael sanchez. N??
YSAGANI ItsmeSweet
YSAGANI ItsmeSweet 22 uur geleden
hope you can notice me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Süpër Cär Blöndië
Süpër Cär Blöndië 22 uur geleden
*W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P* *+1•3•1•5•6•3•2•0•1•4•5* *I A•P•P•R•O•V•E* *T•H•I•S* *C•R•Y•P•T•O•C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y•M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *B•T•C//E•T•H//B•N.B//L•T•C*
Journeys Begin
Journeys Begin 22 uur geleden
Hey baby this car is not sexy about u
MrTeknics 22 uur geleden
Augustine P M
Augustine P M 22 uur geleden
Rajappan PK
Rajappan PK 22 uur geleden
First time ever she reviewed a car that could be in my range DC Avanti video has been gone already.
Albertus Yoel Christian
Андрей Пушкарь
António Tomaz
António Tomaz 22 uur geleden
NO! NO! NO! Don't buy it. The design was stolen...
amarha chaudhary
amarha chaudhary 22 uur geleden
I,m elon musk🤣🤣
John George
John George 22 uur geleden
Definitely wow
Siva Arun
Siva Arun 22 uur geleden
Big heart ❤️❤️supercar blondie
Yeeterson 22 uur geleden
Not gonna lie it looks like on huge brick of concrete
TEAM TECHy 22 uur geleden
so you are from the future! then please tell me my salary when I grow up
Tera Fetter
Tera Fetter 22 uur geleden
Harris Red
Harris Red 22 uur geleden
Paul Spencer
Paul Spencer 22 uur geleden
Sex pure sex
Artur Pal
Artur Pal 22 uur geleden
11:07 is that mirror just for looks? cause it looks like a loose tooth.
G.Praveen Kumar
G.Praveen Kumar 22 uur geleden
I wonder Why it has paddle shifters..?🤔
Oscswag Paul
Oscswag Paul 22 uur geleden
Its just 1 year
Oscswag Paul
Oscswag Paul 22 uur geleden
Its 2021
Johnny Chandler
Johnny Chandler 23 uur geleden
Ramesh Sethy
Ramesh Sethy 23 uur geleden
My sister very nice car 🙏🌹🌹🙏
Dave Mc
Dave Mc 23 uur geleden
Fascinating... and so beautifully done. Thank you.
Dave Mc
Dave Mc 23 uur geleden
You are so well informed. Great review as usual... and of course, Fun! Thank you.
Muhammad Zahid Iqbal
Muhammad Zahid Iqbal 23 uur geleden
You are much more beautiful than car.😜😘👄
felix nderitu145
felix nderitu145 23 uur geleden
I would really love to see a Car Review between the Supercar blondie and Hargerty
Ayo Pegmir
Ayo Pegmir 23 uur geleden
Being a women you inspired all the women in the world what true friendship is..
Artur Czaplicki
Artur Czaplicki 23 uur geleden
Hi Alex, red would be nice ;)
Gagan deep Singh
Gagan deep Singh 23 uur geleden
Blondie I'm ur hugs big fan way to talk I love you💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Supercars Blondie
Supercars Blondie 23 uur geleden
Thanks for watching and comments, We're always available for questions, guidance and support at any time . Just DM *+1 8 3 2 4 2 0 0 4 8 7* @ W H A T S A P P .
THE_ LIFTAHOLIC 23 uur geleden
headlights is straight up Hennessey venom without the bottom running lights
Isas Video
Isas Video 23 uur geleden
I want to buy the Tesla cyber truck
Martin Vojta
Martin Vojta 23 uur geleden
i need it im fan of mustang eleanor
Stephan shaw reacts
Stephan shaw reacts 23 uur geleden
Rip Paul walker
the_250 life
the_250 life 23 uur geleden
I know she did not call that wind deflector massive
Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar Dag geleden
I want drive royal 🚘 this is my dream.
when did she become a supervam blondie😂
Franco Claassen
Franco Claassen Dag geleden
Take us for a spin. Please
The Yeet channel
The Yeet channel Dag geleden
1:40 It’s not Batman it’s justice league
Mile TV
Mile TV Dag geleden
Mercidis :D
MDE Dag geleden
If the gas tank was completely empty how did they take the car out of the building?
Vasif Ramazanli
Vasif Ramazanli Dag geleden
This car can buy only arab sheikhs:)
siti fairuz
siti fairuz Dag geleden
Have 1 person excdent and died use Rs7
taga cebu
taga cebu Dag geleden
Dear blondie in my opinion if i only have money I rather buy an ecosport ford or mazda cx-5 even if second hand just for my family
Worldtrends News
Worldtrends News Dag geleden
how can we talk to you in private if we want the Car
Kayona yuang
Kayona yuang Dag geleden
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Jimmy Bernabet rodriguez.
Ausiliar😍45M 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
Crow Dag geleden
I really don’t like her. But this thing is cool
Usitha Rathnayake
Usitha Rathnayake Dag geleden
Gimmeee some wooter
هاشم علي
هاشم علي Dag geleden
كل لوان جديد جميل وحلو 👋 ❤️
make friends each others fast r8 vs kawasaki street race
هاشم علي
هاشم علي Dag geleden
كل شي جميل وحلو 👋 ❤️
Melpheos1er Dag geleden
The Stingray in term of design is a beauty
cruelwest Dag geleden
It looks like a HotWheels XD
Dario Rivera
Dario Rivera Dag geleden
Only has the engine they going to use because everything else is alfa Romeo that completely chassis design is alfa romeo 6c 0r 8c I believe was the name and alfa romeo gave up this to Maserati.
TOM STRINGER Dag geleden
You need to be mindful of wind vortex from trucks and cross winds on open spaces and bridges when driving on the autobahn too.
Ice man
Ice man Dag geleden
she does prove one point. Men crave Porsche 911 Turbo, and girls, fairies, and pixies want lambos. lol
Dennis Fraschetta
Dennis Fraschetta Dag geleden
Just keep vaulted ceiling’s not high enough yet
Supercars Blondie
Supercars Blondie 23 uur geleden
Thanks for watching and comments, We're always available for questions, guidance and support at any time . Just DM *+1 8 3 2 4 2 0 0 4 8 7* @ W H A T S A P P .
Zero02 Dag geleden
So she realy said that the car is yellow?
محمد النادى
I love all your videos . You are Awesome and amazing .
Süpër Cär Blöndië
Süpër Cär Blöndië 22 uur geleden
*W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P* *+1•3•1•5•6•3•2•0•1•4•5* *I A•P•P•R•O•V•E* *T•H•I•S* *C•R•Y•P•T•O•C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y•M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *B•T•C//E•T•H//B•N.B//L•T•C*
Philip Baca
Philip Baca Dag geleden
Ive been givin access 2 BMW big Mexican woman and she stibks
1:64 Scale Collector
Thanks a lot for this review!Vin Diesel is AMAZING!Justin Lin is a GREAT director.I can't wait to see F9.Fast & Furious is my favourite franchise along with Need for Speed.
Süpër Cär Blöndië
Süpër Cär Blöndië 22 uur geleden
*W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P* *+1•3•1•5•6•3•2•0•1•4•5* *I A•P•P•R•O•V•E* *T•H•I•S* *C•R•Y•P•T•O•C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y•M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *B•T•C//E•T•H//B•N.B//L•T•C*
Süpër Cär Blöndië
Süpër Cär Blöndië 22 uur geleden
*W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P* *+1•3•1•5•6•3•2•0•1•4•5* *I A•P•P•R•O•V•E* *T•H•I•S* *C•R•Y•P•T•O•C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y•M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *B•T•C//E•T•H//B•N.B//L•T•C*
Tyler And Ned Gaming Studios
You should get it in a Matt black colour like the fender vents
Dave Macaso
Dave Macaso Dag geleden
Cyrus Collins
Cyrus Collins Dag geleden
I mean Elon must be way far behind. In 2 years the bald guys from California will be doing donuts with muscle cars in Mars. They literally went from no body likes the tuna sandwich here to guardians of the galaxy. Just change the movie name to Never Ending Story
Dennis Fraschetta
Dennis Fraschetta Dag geleden
Where has Blondie been I’m without compliant but missing. Missing my SCB Just Saying , scream i scream for ic scream 🧈
andrea nazzari
andrea nazzari Dag geleden
In altri paesi nessun problema per presentare auto spettacolari per presentare la Lamborghini da noi trovo ridicolo addirittura arriva la polizia locale a fare a multa anche se presumo sia solo scena ma a mio parere dimostra arretratezza cattobigottoralismo di mentalita' e' ovvio che per presentare un auto di un certo calibro siano stati chiesti tutti i permessi ma io avrei evitato la scena della multa.Per il resto macchine super ma a portata non del popolo ma solo di politici e ricconi per ostentazione di potenza e dominio di pochi sulle spalle del lavoro di molti.
kwesiga cleophus
kwesiga cleophus Dag geleden
Supper cool
Lehandro Francis
Lehandro Francis Dag geleden
The oversell isn’t called for 1) no1 cares about the key matching the car color, 2) the oversell to pressing a button to open something. 3) No wonder it’s limited edition no one would buy this car knowing fully well they can’t drive in the rain , and if they do decide to get the sunglasses instead of the helmet if there is an accident and their car rolls over chances are they would be dead. 4) people will want to jump in your car and take pics without you even knowing since it’s open out. 5) you’re driving around with a big as board in front the car making the car look 10x times less attractive 6) this car is over priced everything you’ll have to pay extra for to complete the car look. The car looks cool and it is a head turning but not in the right way, you spending 2 million dollars for a car that’s not as safe and there is a reason why she didn’t have much talking in the video while driving reason being is because you can’t talk or hear what the over person is saying unless you are driving very slow.