$500,000 Monster Pickup Truck With 6 doors 

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This pimped out pickup truck from International has 6 doors, 65 inch tyres and costs half a million dollars 😱🤯
Thanks to:
@z7_supercars from Q Motors
@sergi.galiano from @Car Wars
@x3tetyana - Tetyana
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4 mrt. 2021




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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie Maand geleden
Thanks team!! 🙌🙌 loved the vid
kung Lay
kung Lay Dag geleden
Hello your care slow
Rob Meekel
Rob Meekel 3 dagen geleden
it's all about the torque about the torque not horse power
Rob Meekel
Rob Meekel 3 dagen geleden
i has air brakes is why you need thast certification
Shabani Mardoche
Shabani Mardoche 4 dagen geleden
@Mujeebullah Soomro n' bonjour à vous parce que vous êtes très gentil
Roimarten yosep Yosep
Roimarten yosep Yosep 7 dagen geleden
Atilios Bastard
Atilios Bastard Uur geleden
Game Zone
Game Zone 3 uur geleden
Want to buy 😂😂
Sousa Com Cê
Sousa Com Cê 5 uur geleden
I think the HP is not the most important thing for a heavy truck! I am not sure!
Dustin Holubik
Dustin Holubik 7 uur geleden
anyone else notice the step bar didn't tuck back up after they were in on the drivers side
Older Olderman
Older Olderman 7 uur geleden
Feed the poor girl
Cary Coller
Cary Coller 8 uur geleden
I never saw the truck or Serg 😉.
carlitos francis
carlitos francis 12 uur geleden
LOOOOVE your video, plus this vehicle could be a home for some
Inspector Balram
Inspector Balram 14 uur geleden
Please let me know the procedure how can I buy
sujat naushd
sujat naushd 21 uur geleden
I Love car
Mohammad Ramzan
Mohammad Ramzan 22 uur geleden
I really love this girl she is so beautiful she talking wd smiling face also she loves the cars.. And i love her very much.. I wish i meet her one time in my life.. Bcoz she is my queen. I dnt know about her to much. I just see her in videos and i am a biggest fan of her
Giovani Ernest
Giovani Ernest Dag geleden
This is so cringe
Lil Vlados
Lil Vlados Dag geleden
Хоть бы максимальную скорость проверили
Murat betrug
Murat betrug Dag geleden
The Rock: "is my daily toy"
TheSVBWAY Dag geleden
Not very nice.....but rare 😂😂😂
Der Buchhalter
Der Buchhalter Dag geleden
Why should you drive a Tesla when you could use the train from GTA 5.
Amazigh عدو الديكتاتور
thats not a car moron . its a truck
Gani Mehmeti
Gani Mehmeti Dag geleden
Best kake
Vanlalhriata Molshoy
𝑰𝒕'𝒔 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒔𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝒏 𝒄𝒓𝒂𝒛𝒚
jilo kizito
jilo kizito Dag geleden
This is like
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher Dag geleden
It's still a ford🤦
iamAX 830
iamAX 830 Dag geleden
Is that tatyana from those Ferrari vids?!!!!
welberdesigner shop
welberdesigner shop 2 dagen geleden
sizwe shylock
sizwe shylock 2 dagen geleden
Bjorn Gillesen
Bjorn Gillesen 2 dagen geleden
My Father have that truck
Elvira Quaranta
Elvira Quaranta 2 dagen geleden
ah ah ah.... ah ah ah... beautiful gi..ops... SUV... ihihih..👏
yasser Alharby
yasser Alharby 2 dagen geleden
I like it
Tino Rivas
Tino Rivas 2 dagen geleden
Que bonita 😃 chingona
이진구 3 dagen geleden
기아야현대야 저차좀 만들어줄래~?
Andres Santana
Andres Santana 3 dagen geleden
angel di caprio
angel di caprio 3 dagen geleden
bryaneep 3 dagen geleden
The President, ("our President of the United States"), has just not only saved the United States Citizens, "(our family members)", but He, has saved the World also with this vaccine... We the People, and the World,( "THANK YOU President TRUMP);.
angel di caprio
angel di caprio 3 dagen geleden
Skylar's Terrible Memes
Skylar's Terrible Memes 3 dagen geleden
65? those are probably 35s. 65 would actually be as big as you
Balogun Sadiq Akolade
Balogun Sadiq Akolade 3 dagen geleden
Malik Asif
Malik Asif 3 dagen geleden
Awesome truck
Viễn Đông
Viễn Đông 3 dagen geleden
phải gọi là quái thú
Питер Паркер
Питер Паркер 3 dagen geleden
CENTRAL AMÉRICA 3 dagen geleden
Nice truck gringos 👈
Creampie Sonata
Creampie Sonata 3 dagen geleden
Dubai 💯👌
مرتضى العراقي
شكد حلوه ااخ
Williams James
Williams James 3 dagen geleden
Dexter Puchero
Dexter Puchero 3 dagen geleden
Wow.. Astig.. idol. 🙏🙏🙏
Ken Kennlo
Ken Kennlo 3 dagen geleden
This is so cool...too bad that I can't afford even a bicycle sure😤😤😤😢😢..This poverty is too much on me , I can't take it anymore. Please anyone out there to help me financially. Poverty is real people.
Lito 16
Lito 16 3 dagen geleden
EVOLVED TV 3 dagen geleden
That's a "TRUCK"..
Saju Miya
Saju Miya 3 dagen geleden
Where i buy it
La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara
Wow kerend kalea $500.000 /1,5 trilliuon
Wack Mole
Wack Mole 4 dagen geleden
That shit is fire
Dav 4 dagen geleden
That little yeast infection looked tiny driving that.
The1trueDave 4 dagen geleden
Scarily, you could actually drive one of these on a standard UK car licence if you're of a certain age. Up until the mid-90s the licence was good for 7500kg (16500 lb)...
The1trueDave 4 dagen geleden
1:52 No way are those tyres 65" tall, I don't think tetyana(?) is much more than 5'5"! 45" maybe?
Best friends talking politics
lame test drive, give it the gas. We want to hear the exhaust.
Howstrnge, besides...
Howstrnge, besides... 4 dagen geleden
Where's the supercar???? Besides... Who are you and what did you do to my blondie?
Joker 4 dagen geleden
You have to be out of your mind to pay 500k for this junk. Red tag 70-80 k.
N R 4 dagen geleden
That’s like, literally, crazy. As you would say.
Somrit Aodglnurun
Somrit Aodglnurun 4 dagen geleden
Somrit Aodglnurun
Somrit Aodglnurun 4 dagen geleden
T D Mendoza
T D Mendoza 4 dagen geleden
Only two axle? Ehhhhhh i can get 3 axle for less.
sirvet mobsquad ent
sirvet mobsquad ent 4 dagen geleden
I feel like im driving a tractor trailer ummmm you are basicly if you remove the rear bed it can be replaced with a 5th wheel
Kids on
Kids on 4 dagen geleden
Well done, maybe someday I'll make a monster truck fairy tale on my channel 👍👍😍😍😍
Жан Айтмуратов
Jovlon Norov
Jovlon Norov 4 dagen geleden
Elvis Ceasario
Elvis Ceasario 4 dagen geleden
Farout.. 👍🔥🔥 love it..!! 💓🌹✊
Salam Salam
Salam Salam 4 dagen geleden
Çox güzel Keşki benim olsa. 👍
زراعة 4 dagen geleden
LindorPlays 4 dagen geleden
when you realize that this is just a normal car for Shaq
жапедос жаперё
partogamsimanullang 1
partogamsimanullang 1 4 dagen geleden amazing modification truck.. when its'nt here in indonesia..? i am arrive in this channel at 13:25 on 11 April 2021
Akshay Ovhal
Akshay Ovhal 4 dagen geleden
Can you send me the detailed brochure of this monster truck ?
Oleg Reznikov
Oleg Reznikov 5 dagen geleden
Барахло, старая модель трака. За 500 000 это барахло.
Pheng Suon
Pheng Suon 5 dagen geleden
I love both you guys. From Cambodia!
MrYaxalot 5 dagen geleden
ah yes "65 inch tires"
Rudy Redoble
Rudy Redoble 5 dagen geleden
Very cool car, nice using for family camp.
كن مع الله يكن الله معك
(the secret of happiness) (أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمد رسول الله)
Pape Seye
Pape Seye 5 dagen geleden
Ash Raf
Ash Raf 5 dagen geleden
Can i work with you? this is dream of my life🥺 because I'm big fan of you🥰. i can handle any typs of work of you.I'm also a professional video vloger and photographer But I can do all kinds of work for you in your place. please give me a chance with you🥺.
Ethan Joseph
Ethan Joseph 5 dagen geleden
What's the truck name and model?
Doni Sasmoko
Doni Sasmoko 5 dagen geleden
ساهر الليل
ساهر الليل 5 dagen geleden
I give you 500 thousand dollars and give me that amazing girl
Чарим Дажигов
Бля это охуеть же надо
Mahmoudou synice
Mahmoudou synice 5 dagen geleden
Angel Cortes
Angel Cortes 5 dagen geleden
I love that truck
anu priyan
anu priyan 5 dagen geleden
Death race in real
Айеке Исмагулов
Какой объем интересно
Pat Tracy
Pat Tracy 5 dagen geleden
Im a nerd with too much money,burn it up on worthless crap.
Pat Tracy
Pat Tracy 5 dagen geleden
Thats so neat to not be able to park anywhere but a truck stop,the guy calls it a CAR,D.A.
esoe 5 dagen geleden
สมศักดิ์ แรงเริง
para 5 dagen geleden
I love this super truck💕💖✨
Patrick John Fajardo
Patrick John Fajardo 5 dagen geleden
I think it would look better having 6 wheels.
eltraucoloco 6 dagen geleden
Unusful and Estupit....
CHRIS MYSER 6 dagen geleden
Александр Галицын
نجم الدين الدوم ادم ادريس ادريس
والله عجبني ماشاء الله تبارك الله
APO Rakista
APO Rakista 6 dagen geleden
I wish for my son cell phone you give gift in her birthday august 10 2021 hope so thank you verry much maam sir. Maraming salamat GOD BLESS im trying to masege hopefully you choose im from the PHILIPINES
Linda Swope
Linda Swope 6 dagen geleden
Love Love Love the Truck sooooo much! Thank you!¡! Sooooo excited!!!💕🙌🏖️
MR ROCK 6 dagen geleden
I need it
F S 6 dagen geleden
Useless toy. Made to order for those who who have to be different.
šamûorai 666
šamûorai 666 6 dagen geleden
Very very gooood, oh my god... 👌✌✌
The Car with 5 Drones!
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