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This is the super rare Bugatti Divo worth $8 million!! Only 40 of these cars exist in the world. I take you through all its special features. A massive thanks to the owner (who wants to remain anonymous) for letting me borrow his car! What a day! Hope you enjoy guys xo
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11 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 2 maanden geleden
Go check out my new Episode on Car Wars here -
tropickman Dag geleden
Is this a Chiron with different body panels? Bugatti usually does extremely well, but this... yikes. The next thing coming out of Bugatti, which demands attention, is the Bolide!
Anne Acodlaz
Anne Acodlaz 2 dagen geleden
Woww so awesome..🤩🤩 Can I ride there my idol supercarblonde 👋👋
amad talat
amad talat 8 dagen geleden
Super waste blondie rich peoples correspondent
Dinesh Kumara
Dinesh Kumara 15 dagen geleden
can u give me a car
Johnny Kier
Johnny Kier 17 dagen geleden
WOW Bugatti divo
How is it possible that a car can cost $8 million, and I can't even get a sandwich and was homeless for 5 years living under bridges in some of the most hardest terrain imaginable
Who spends 8 million on a car? Because that is perfect examples of what human beings do to each other the rest die off and go to the death Chambers and the rest live laughing at other people's suffering and pain while driving this car...
Hubert De
Hubert De 9 uur geleden
Hubert De
Hubert De 9 uur geleden
Hello Supercal blone
Yash Arya
Yash Arya 15 uur geleden
How in hell do u get exclusive cars...?
MIQVERSE R&B Instrumentals
Supercar Blondie you will definitely own a Chiron!
Jerome Malinois
Jerome Malinois Dag geleden
Don't drivel in bugatti but learns to dress
Fabian Volf
Fabian Volf Dag geleden
9:26 well played to the editor 😂
Devashish Ekka
Devashish Ekka Dag geleden
9:27 who else saw Bernie Sanders chilling in the background 😆😆😆
Imexio 2 dagen geleden
I have this car ..... In GTA 5 online
芒果西米露 2 dagen geleden
why you BF soo stupid camera skill, why his dint learn how be prof?
potsky vlogger
potsky vlogger 3 dagen geleden
Hi supercar blondie im one of your fans YOUR SO NICE and pretty😊😊😊... my wish on my birthday this coming MAY 7 is i hope soon my mom to have a small simple house..🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖
venture cargos
venture cargos 3 dagen geleden
I have the same car in gta5
Ulrich Sherry
Ulrich Sherry 3 dagen geleden
What an ugly car! However...Supercar Blondie is gorgeous.
Best of Both Lifes!
Best of Both Lifes! 3 dagen geleden
I am not really into cars I mean like a lot of your viewers but I do love seeing the cars that are sport cars and I love watching your videos.
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 4 dagen geleden
My God, Alex, every time I see you out in the streets with such expensive car I think about security. Even with the very strict laws for robbery in Dubai, I think you have men around you to protect you and the cars from any bad guys. Please take care! 😘🤗
NajmAmeen Alrashed
NajmAmeen Alrashed 4 dagen geleden
Alex please go to messenger and open the messages
Oladapo Osunkeye
Oladapo Osunkeye 5 dagen geleden
now this is a scam
Jonas Delos Santos
Jonas Delos Santos 5 dagen geleden
when she said so relaxing i still see shes scared for her Life for that 8th Millionth dollar car being hit. 😂
Benjamin Parks
Benjamin Parks 5 dagen geleden
hey I have some shoes I designed that you make a video with if interested message me
nicodemus godfrey
nicodemus godfrey 5 dagen geleden
450 kmph exotic
Susan Butler
Susan Butler 6 dagen geleden
Turns up to drive an $8mil Bugatti in $10, nasty, sweaty-polyester trackpants................ keeping it real I guess. Opshop, 5 buck jeans cutoff into shorts WAY MORE comfy & stylish methinkest.
MikuLover Gaming
MikuLover Gaming 6 dagen geleden
Real life equivalent to GTA online Thrax. Good stuff 👍
Bro. Maestro
Bro. Maestro 6 dagen geleden
Thank you UNIVERSE for my new sports car BUGATTI.
Siegfredo Fule
Siegfredo Fule 7 dagen geleden
Are you in Dubai Mam, Blondie??? Can i Request to you Mam, to Help my Daughter???. She have Work, but she have no Salary taken from her Employer?? My Daughter name is Ruby S. Fule?? Can you Help Her to look any Vacant work in your Country, were you Belong ???, She's a Graduate Computer Engineer, but as of now she have no exactly work. I hope you can Help Her??? Thank you Mam, Can you Contact Her in Face Book???.
CLA 2 7 dagen geleden
So Manny Khoshbin can have this and make it customized with Hermes. AGAIN. 🤣🤣🤣
countermoon 7 dagen geleden
Bugatti stands for Bu gotty let me drive it.
NELSON OBIKA 7 dagen geleden
Please ma'am, I'm one of your biggest fan😃, but please I beg of you for one thing😢😢 can you gift me an iPhone 12pro max ma’am 😢I don’t have a good phone please madam
NELSON OBIKA 7 dagen geleden
Please ma'am, I'm one of your biggest fan😃, but please I beg of you for one thing😢😢 can you gift me an iPhone 12pro max ma’am 😢I don’t have a good phone please madam
amad talat
amad talat 8 dagen geleden
People dying from viruses and stuff and she is spending tine outside wasting her life
Love Girl
Love Girl 8 dagen geleden
Yamir Ríos
Yamir Ríos 8 dagen geleden
No le entiendo ni madres, pero que chulada el divo 🔥
Raj Sannyasi
Raj Sannyasi 8 dagen geleden
so the car owner own a divo worth 8 mil and himself called supercar blondie to show it to us without even wanting to reveal himself for the clout...U got to be the most humble person to do that....
mikasa uchiha 270
mikasa uchiha 270 8 dagen geleden
Watching this car and realize i can never own one is very painfull
Next Videos Vlog kit
Next Videos Vlog kit 8 dagen geleden
Hi good Day my idol supercar blondie i hope you can help i am losing my work because of the pandemic. Pls help me🙏🙏🙏 God bless you always
Yogendra C
Yogendra C 9 dagen geleden
Is it me or she looks like George Russell
Niket Sharma
Niket Sharma 10 dagen geleden
I don't understand bugati
Jafor Sofiqe
Jafor Sofiqe 10 dagen geleden
Im fane u
Jafor Sofiqe
Jafor Sofiqe 10 dagen geleden
Very nice madem
Mark 10 dagen geleden
$8,000,000 car that looks like a kiddies fairground ride inside,no thanks.
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell 10 dagen geleden
Add a few extra panels and give it a name and ask 3 times what its worth.
Flashlight Pay Sun
Flashlight Pay Sun 10 dagen geleden
Angel Yoset Disotuar Durruthy
Mr. Anderson Sr.
Mr. Anderson Sr. 11 dagen geleden
This car fits you best. Buy it!!!!!
Gener8Joy 12 dagen geleden
are the "B" letters (symbols) in the middle of the wheels also for aerodynamics ('cause they are blue as well...)
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas 12 dagen geleden
Women are naturally not cut out for regular car reviews let alone super cars. Stick to reviewing make up like you are supposed to.
Carlos D Cardona
Carlos D Cardona 12 dagen geleden
Just the oil change in this car will set you back about 10K HAHAHAHA!!!😂😂😂
Carlos D Cardona
Carlos D Cardona 12 dagen geleden
When you can lend a BUGATTI DIVO to a friend to drive around for the have OFFICIALLY reached FILTHY RICH STATUS!!!😲😲👍👍
Andreas RGN
Andreas RGN 12 dagen geleden
is she the supercar pinkette now?
Omar Vale
Omar Vale 13 dagen geleden
are you shmee's girlfriend?
Fly Riviera
Fly Riviera 13 dagen geleden
Ugly car... wherever angle you see... check GTA Spano...
John Altraz
John Altraz 13 dagen geleden
I don't think that there is any other legitimate way to earn money nowadays rather than investing
Annabel Smith
Annabel Smith 13 dagen geleden
Expert Esther Landry is a certified broker I have worked with her for years
Sophia Mia
Sophia Mia 13 dagen geleden
Wow I can brag about this expert Esther Landry managed my account in such a way winning is the only standard I know
AKELACHI AMADIALI 13 dagen geleden
Her success story is everywhere 😮
Oliver Lucas
Oliver Lucas 13 dagen geleden
@Andrew Turk thanks for the info
Levine Scott
Levine Scott 13 dagen geleden
Hey your not far from making profit, she has taken care of my account for months..I have 25 wins so far
PENNY THE PUG 13 dagen geleden
Why is a toyota Yaris parked ahead of the divo kinda strange
QFX Video
QFX Video 14 dagen geleden
Its not very nice looking kinda reminds me of the new mustang ;-(
Bonés Top
Bonés Top 14 dagen geleden
8:30 OMG! I Love the sound of this BUGATTI DIVO!
Emad Omar
Emad Omar 14 dagen geleden
Bonés Top
Bonés Top 14 dagen geleden
Amazing Video, I Love watch when You Drive Cars, I Recommend to You, To subscribe here in the Channel #supercarblondie
Norwegian Blue
Norwegian Blue 14 dagen geleden
People who buy a new car for $8 million are just buying the car so that they can say they spent $8 million on it. Rich people wankery. At that price, stick to yachts and aircraft.
elainelloyd1 14 dagen geleden
Beautiful 🤩
Lebohang Lipale
Lebohang Lipale 14 dagen geleden
9:28 yep, Bernie Sanders just casually sitting there...
Drake 14 dagen geleden
Hey blondie can you Marrie MEI😎
MD Masum
MD Masum 14 dagen geleden
Yes I ma ...... love your all
SLUSH 15 dagen geleden
i want it....
Aktar din
Aktar din 15 dagen geleden
Beautiful. Cars
Aktar din
Aktar din 15 dagen geleden
Daniel Munguia
Daniel Munguia 15 dagen geleden
Your watch is insaneee!
Kuya Lou Channel
Kuya Lou Channel 15 dagen geleden
Can i try to drive also that it hope to you see also idol
Avi Gamer
Avi Gamer 15 dagen geleden
*From front side the car looks like a puppy :D*
Gilchrist Atchaoue
Gilchrist Atchaoue 16 dagen geleden
I'm watching the video with a big smile on. Happy for those cool billionaires. Keep making us dream for the best in life 😁😁😁!!
FlipAStack69 16 dagen geleden
Pardon my French: F@#%!G AMAZING 🤩
2K NOLA 16 dagen geleden
what is a 3 million dollar “ Sheer-ron” how do you find it?
Olivier Marie Brittany1Nation
Heuuuuu a Bugatti Chiron I guess, dahhhh!!!
Capy313 16 dagen geleden
9:26 what is my grandfather doing there 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵😂😂😂
TrazMir 16 dagen geleden
Это кста моя машина. Дааа:)
Legendary Gaming
Legendary Gaming 16 dagen geleden
I owned a buggati chiron
Prashanth Prashanth
Prashanth Prashanth 16 dagen geleden
Exaggeration 😀✌✌ cute
soulseeker 16 dagen geleden
buwuw nice blondie color
Bii Bayy
Bii Bayy 17 dagen geleden
Please use camera stabilizer to best your videos
julioWM alferez
julioWM alferez 17 dagen geleden
Imagine paying 6 million for a facelifted Chiron, VW really out here playing these richies
Mrbruhwea XD
Mrbruhwea XD 17 dagen geleden
I have this car In a game xddddd
Huj Mamin
Huj Mamin 17 dagen geleden
Колхоз волна воще :)) мне бы было стыдно на такой даже в магазин за пивом сьездить
Huj Mamin
Huj Mamin 17 dagen geleden
Гтр лучше этой помойки
ACKTCHUALLY, the two exhaust pipes are und the diffuser because the airflow of the diffuser sucks Air out of the exhaust, decreasing the pressure in the exhaust system.
عارف مصطفى سلات
سيارة زبالي مثل وجهكو
Patryk 17 dagen geleden
lol when you're watching a Bugatti video and a Toyota advert comes up 😂 Electric as well 🤣
danwat1234 17 dagen geleden
3:00 actually pure electric cars are that fast now. Tesla model s plaid and plaid plus will be significantly quicker. Not to mention Roadster!
Mokete Mampshika
Mokete Mampshika 17 dagen geleden
Get a call, 'come drive my Bugatti Divo'. Nice life problems Blondie girl '...sweet...I so so love this Divo.
Igor Stojanov
Igor Stojanov 18 dagen geleden
$8M and you don't have display :D I don't like this. ;)
Joseph Asher
Joseph Asher 18 dagen geleden
You should buy the one off blondie edition Bugatti
Devin James
Devin James 18 dagen geleden
Lol the key was 8 million and the car was the rest of the money
Steeky 19 dagen geleden
the sound of the car is amazing!!
Pk Ming
Pk Ming 19 dagen geleden
This car should be put in a movie😍
R D 19 dagen geleden
It turns into a Bugatti Diva instantly when a woman gets behind the wheel!
Niriksha Bhat
Niriksha Bhat 19 dagen geleden
The camera is so shaky. Gives me a headache.
Renato Mazzella
Renato Mazzella 19 dagen geleden
8 mill $..even if it’s made of gold, carried away with price, maybe if it flies u might consider it
Jeremy Sheldrick
Jeremy Sheldrick 19 dagen geleden
It’s a trumped up Ford Mustang! ... sorry Frank! ;)
Kai von WATCHVICE 19 dagen geleden
My favorite part is the Richard Mille on your wrist :-D Really nice!
GOOCHIE BLACK 20 dagen geleden
A $8,000,000 car driving on the same road as a scooter it should be airborne
RETROMAN GAME 20 dagen geleden
only stupid people buy it
Conor M
Conor M 20 dagen geleden
I get anxiety sometimes thinking that some person is gonna whip out of a driveway and just 💥
Flozya Creative
Flozya Creative 20 dagen geleden
Congratulations to your potential future Chiron..also my dream car..
Neclar 20 dagen geleden
Nobody believes that.. awesome tho
The New Rolls Royce Ghost!
Weergaven 2,5 mln.
Buying New C8 Corvette!!