Asking 5-Star Hotel Guests How They Got Their Supercars 

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I went to a 5 Start Hotel Valet to ask supercar owners what they do to be able to afford these cars. The difference here is, all these supercar owners are women. They're all a part of the Arabian Gazelles, the first all female supercar club in Dubai. So interesting to hear how diverse everyone's jobs are. Hope you enjoy watching this guys xo
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25 feb. 2021




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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie Maand geleden
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Rhod Dotimas
Rhod Dotimas Dag geleden
Hi , Ms .Supercar Blondie . I hope you notice me , or giving me a time , to be part of your journey to be bless . Its my very pleasure you will notice me . Thankyou so much
Rabnawaz Lodhi
Rabnawaz Lodhi 2 dagen geleden
Dear your videos are awesome I wish I could come to Dubai to meet u
Mr. Vain
Mr. Vain 4 dagen geleden
jose rizal
jose rizal 5 dagen geleden
AMEN_RA People Of The Sun
@Robert Thomas You're not my target audience, because I don't care ... It's about the young Blacks who have to watch their own reporters... We are learning not to mingle with you folks🤷🏾‍♂️ Enjoy👍🏿🙂
ovuvuevuevue onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas ossas
I guess this hotel hates dudes
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon Uur geleden
Super car blondie with pink hair I don't know what's real anymore
Portgas D. Ace
Portgas D. Ace Uur geleden
Even if they are just a bitch they can say they are the owners of that cars😂
The Posh Trainer
The Posh Trainer 2 uur geleden
Is it too late to start life over?! These women are everything🥰😍🤩 and it’s not even the cars. #goals
stolenidentt 2 uur geleden
Tatiana needs to be permanently in the channel!!!! Great addition to the SB Team
Rapid Joe
Rapid Joe 4 uur geleden
omg this is so awesome hot chicks and hot cars in the same place
Byron Mckenzie
Byron Mckenzie 5 uur geleden
Drop it down ....... ! Please hire her full time.
Kyjow Low
Kyjow Low 7 uur geleden
i have bin there in my murcielago
crimsonpride48 7 uur geleden
Do some vids on the ladies car club.
David Phillips
David Phillips 8 uur geleden
You are the salt of the earth but if salt has lost its taste how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trodden under foot by men. You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hid, nor do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel but on a stand and it gives light to all in the house. Let your light shine before men so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven.
BaTcAvEmAn5 8 uur geleden
Rip off!
Baz 8 uur geleden
Does it matter that she's not actually blonde?
Mosey unreleased
Mosey unreleased 8 uur geleden
No one, literally Where are the males ???????
Gilda Martinez
Gilda Martinez 9 uur geleden
Beautiful women
Hellen Maryann
Hellen Maryann 9 uur geleden
The long term are doing well while the short term trade requires precision in its execution but gosh, they do amazing when you're on the right side
heidi sarah
heidi sarah 3 uur geleden
@lydia paige Indeed she's an expert
lydia paige
lydia paige 9 uur geleden
Has been handling my account for years now
zoe sara
zoe sara 9 uur geleden
I think I'm blessed because if not I wouldn't have met someone who is as spectacular as expert Bambi
wisdom mark
wisdom mark 9 uur geleden
Mrs Bambi Alex is legit and her methods works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
lund margaret
lund margaret 9 uur geleden
Even with the covid-19, i made my profit during the covid-19 pandemic investing with expert Bambi Alex I'm now on my way to financial freedom
Ex. Libral
Ex. Libral 11 uur geleden
Wasting my life being a lawyer riding a Suzuki moped 🛵....
Kwamena Dadson
Kwamena Dadson 16 uur geleden
She is wearing Richard Mille 🔥🔥🔥
oreo hey
oreo hey 20 uur geleden
I have a lot of supercars in my home. I bought them just for my home decoration, never driven them at all. They are inside my DIY die cast toy garage.
Mekhi Barnes
Mekhi Barnes 21 uur geleden
Lol how does nobody see this is staged? She obviously asked them beforehand and then had them drive back around. Notice how everyone is smiling super hard when they drive up.
Time 4 awakenning
Time 4 awakenning 23 uur geleden
Hi Tatyanna !
Matt Southerton
Matt Southerton Dag geleden
Just a little bit set up... no one else around the entrance at a 5 star hotel... I’m sure these guys love 2 cameras in their face when they pull up to a hotel then continue to tell you why they are better then you.
bryanborde81 Dag geleden
How did all the drivers randomly be women ? Super fake channel 🥱
Kuya Arbee
Kuya Arbee Dag geleden
at 2:43 ROFL LMFAO!
Une VieSeulment
Une VieSeulment Dag geleden
Wtf Manon tanti Genre
Mehdi Jospi
Mehdi Jospi Dag geleden
This is Remaind me Netflix India..
Oni Pepperonni
Oni Pepperonni Dag geleden
so fake!
Bradley Roberts
Bradley Roberts Dag geleden
Some awesome cars! Respect to those who worked hard to buy an awesome supercar! 🔥🔥
Rod Boy1
Rod Boy1 Dag geleden
Most College graduates will never attain this amount of wealth. However, most people that acquire wealth either inherits it or they take action on opportunities that have a high return of investment. When you work a 9-5 as a an Electrical Engineer for a company, you’re almost guaranteed to never become wealthy. When you start your own electrical engineering company, the sky is the limit.
gaza boss
gaza boss Dag geleden
Like your sister
Ramazan Khakimzhanov
.0:55-1:00 what about her face👁️
Maks Dag geleden
4:04 what a beauty Girl! Respect"!
Joy Talane
Joy Talane Dag geleden
I have exactly 5 cents to my name
TheMan JH
TheMan JH Dag geleden
Most of them have sugar daddys
deejay lazz
deejay lazz Dag geleden
Why are rich people so nice😍😍
ArfanAwesome Music
ArfanAwesome Music Dag geleden
It’s all girls cuz they are coming to the hotel with their husband’s/boyfriend’s car lmao
Nicolas Alvarado
Nicolas Alvarado Dag geleden
I would get mad If she had her phone in my face like that
Jayson M. Sternberg
All women 🤔
iidame iidame
iidame iidame Dag geleden
I’m surprised not one answer was “Bitcoin” lol
Janusz from PL
Janusz from PL Dag geleden
Guys they are the one who let Arabs to eat gold and shit on their chests for money not doctors or whatever!
Danielle Mboe
Danielle Mboe Dag geleden
Rishon Sunil
Rishon Sunil Dag geleden
I just take my husband's blessing , lol GD
Congsang Buragohain
Forma Loiyaa 😂
MacPro8CoreMan Dag geleden
I love Tatiana
Miguel Tangy
Miguel Tangy Dag geleden
'I work for you, you don't pay me anything' she's so sweet though hahaha
Late Night DIY
Late Night DIY 2 dagen geleden
Yes!! more of Tatiana. lol
Brazos River
Brazos River 2 dagen geleden
Many successful and beautiful women.
Joe Black
Joe Black 2 dagen geleden
Whats the point of this, half are sex escort and half divorced from rich guys...
april8tost 2 dagen geleden
The girl who studied aviation impressed me the most.
Mr God
Mr God 2 dagen geleden
6:10 those smiles worth more than those cars companies combined
BOSS MAN 2 dagen geleden
I see people driving some serious cars here in UK , initial thoughts are wow but that's soon followed by how much of that car do you actually own... possibly just the private plate - the rest is owned by the PCP/loan company. No I'm not hating, I love cars, I love people however we need to pull ourselves out of this rat race.... regardless who wins they still a rat
Hardik M Shah
Hardik M Shah 2 dagen geleden
I cannot dislike this video enough.
Wazeem Ahamed
Wazeem Ahamed 2 dagen geleden
Being rich is not happiness, helping others is the biggest happiness you could get .... with your words , money , and action . To live peacefully one needs to be satisfied with what they already have. It’s not wrong to try ,but don’t lose your happiness during the process of searching for happiness 😊 life is short enjoy with your family , kids , friends and stop abusing and hating .. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL
aLi RazA
aLi RazA 2 dagen geleden
If they'd tell truth on camera THEY'D BE BEHIND BARS...
Tina Kim
Tina Kim 2 dagen geleden
these people seems like they smell really good
lRufflez 2 dagen geleden
5:24 and that's why I do IT security for a living
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2 dagen geleden
I hate that she stole this video idea without tribute to Daniel Macdonald. Like a complete rip off of his videos....
Filip Rangus
Filip Rangus 2 dagen geleden
Supercar blondie with pink hair👏
tim enaje
tim enaje 2 dagen geleden
It kinda made me feel awkward the way she’s taking a video up close
Αλέξανδρος Αλευράς
At 2:00+ the earings of the woman are so heavy that her ear stretches... :-)
Pakau Putairi
Pakau Putairi 2 dagen geleden
Yeah But not one got a 1974 Holden Kingswood 🤜🤛
Jonnus Jones
Jonnus Jones 2 dagen geleden
Your holding phone it's annoying
Jonnus Jones
Jonnus Jones 2 dagen geleden
Why only girls...👑
Soumajit Ghosh
Soumajit Ghosh 2 dagen geleden
Only girls😅
vloger LOL
vloger LOL 2 dagen geleden
Almost everybody is girls that own then
The Wise Man
The Wise Man 2 dagen geleden
Is it a motivational video...??
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
Rabnawaz Lodhi
Rabnawaz Lodhi 2 dagen geleden
I wish I could job in Dubai
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
kim TV
kim TV 2 dagen geleden
me and lorenzo rolling in the benzo
Hi supercar blondie Do you take theses cars in your grave when you die ? Because if so, i am gonna be chasing not only theses Well paying jobs but also the car owners that i don t think deserve their beautiful cars. But i think when you die you take nothing with you.
Justin Rowslerr
Justin Rowslerr 2 dagen geleden
I never want to hear woman complain about unfair wages again......
Thom Rose
Thom Rose 2 dagen geleden
Go to college in Dubai and drive a Supercar and live a glamorous lifestyle. Go to college in America and get a $16 an hour job
Mezba Uddin
Mezba Uddin 2 dagen geleden
Christopher Barker
Christopher Barker 2 dagen geleden
Nice video!
eimrac rallis
eimrac rallis 2 dagen geleden
Sachin Singhe
Sachin Singhe 3 dagen geleden
Gone are the days when u simply came here for supercars 😑
Steve Denman
Steve Denman 3 dagen geleden
Love your channel I watch quite often, but I must say your intern is absolutely beautiful 😍.
The Amalgamut
The Amalgamut 3 dagen geleden
Supercar Pinkie
Josh Bedo
Josh Bedo 3 dagen geleden
any lawyer with a ferrari just screams i help people get away with a lot of illegal shit lol
Ankit Dwivedi
Ankit Dwivedi 3 dagen geleden
All girls
Ayxan Agayev
Ayxan Agayev 3 dagen geleden
when blondie out of idea she just coping another youtubers
B Boy
B Boy 3 dagen geleden
I love how many powerful women there are!! Work ladies!
Vivica Toro
Vivica Toro 3 dagen geleden
I lovveee that all of them are women
Benjamin Lalrinhlua
Benjamin Lalrinhlua 3 dagen geleden
I have master degree in Counseling Psychology and I'm smoking in my toilet. Btw, I don't even have a bicycle. 🚬🚽😂
AnonymousTV 3 dagen geleden
7:13 "My..My fa- My husband.." Sugar daddy confirmed
Erikah HH
Erikah HH 3 dagen geleden
Wow most of these amazing women went to college, got a degree, and now they're able to buy their own luxurious cars. This proves that women are smart, independent and can do anything😊 It motivates me to study harder to get a degree and work as a Neurologist someday🙏 Thank you❤
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 3 dagen geleden
Is this a woman focused channel? All these unaccompanied women in exotic cars in Dubai is highly unrealistic. It's like going to Liger Zoo.
MrBashu09 3 dagen geleden
Drives by with a 500k car .." what do you do for living " .. " I live in this car, this is my house literally! "
b y
b y 3 dagen geleden
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