Asking Women Supercar Drivers What They Do For A Living 

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I meet up with Supercar owners to ask them what they do to be able to afford these cars. The difference here is, all these supercar owners are women. They're all a part of the Arabian Gazelles, the first all female supercar club in Dubai. So interesting to hear how diverse everyone's jobs are. Hope you enjoy watching this guys xo
Thanks to all the Ladies & arabiangazelles
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29 jan. 2021




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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 2 maanden geleden
What do you guys do for a living?? Let me know x
K Lawrence Kiewhuo
K Lawrence Kiewhuo 13 dagen geleden
I'm jobless and live in rents since 1997.
ARYA ARAV LOKA 24 dagen geleden
I am a googolplexian
Hey, it’s Yasmin
Hey, it’s Yasmin 28 dagen geleden
I’m currently starting up my own business. As for my car, I drive a Renault Captur 😆
natasha noori
natasha noori Maand geleden
I don't do anything now i'm studying now but definitely i have a lot of plans for my future.💜
Lass Lass5697
Lass Lass5697 Maand geleden
I am the owner of oxygen 🤟😜 Hell yeah haha 😀🔝😇😜
Din Garde
Din Garde 2 uur geleden
is it just me that most of them look like a kardashian?
Edward Kirby
Edward Kirby 8 uur geleden
If they were honest they would of said finding a rich man pretending to want to fuck him only to say you didn’t after the hookup and sending him to prison and taking all his money.
H D 10 uur geleden
The Eggcellent
The Eggcellent 12 uur geleden
They don't know Blondie is richer than them 😁❤️
Vidcon Funn
Vidcon Funn 14 uur geleden
And In India They Think, ''What Will Daughters Do By Studing.. The Will Just Be A House Wife''.. Shit.. Women Empowerment Is Huge Crisis In India..
noob setup
noob setup 14 uur geleden
I might be a boy but this is really good giving women a chance in life they are richer than other man thank u Blondie
Randy A
Randy A 14 uur geleden
a lot of surgery in this video
dierjran Dag geleden
This is super inspirational! Beautiful BossGirls on fleek!!!
Don't Read My Profile Picture
Next job psychologist 😎🤑😉
Snigdha Lele
Snigdha Lele Dag geleden
They all look so happy 🥺🥺
Abdullah Atif
Abdullah Atif Dag geleden
4:16 Shane McMahon
THANOS Dag geleden
Why there is no one from IIT-MADRAS,BOMBAY 😂🤣🤣🤣
Margoux 2 dagen geleden
Its Dubaiiiiiii.. supercars are like taxis there 😂 wowwww
Adam Goodluck
Adam Goodluck 2 dagen geleden
*Am proud of my wife 💞, she is now a CEO of our own money by just investing with a reliable broker By name Mrs Audrey*
Lisa markwell
Lisa markwell Dag geleden
I can even remember when my loving husband was about to try his first investment with Mrs Audrey . I was against it but he insisted and continued and to my greatest surprise,he received a handsome profit in a week,i was really shocked 🤭
Lisa markwell
Lisa markwell Dag geleden
Wow!! So people know this woman.i am so surprised because my husband is also one of the people he helped in making massive profits.
Jackson Wilson
Jackson Wilson 2 dagen geleden
Trade with her and remember to share testimonies with others
Jackson Wilson
Jackson Wilson 2 dagen geleden
@Warren Duke Yes of course she helped me recover $5000 I lost to scammer and earned me a profit of over $8000 in just 7days
Warren Duke
Warren Duke 2 dagen geleden
I'm interested in investing again but can I trust Mrs Audrey
Chicago Exotics
Chicago Exotics 2 dagen geleden
1:57 a California T is 210K. There are like 100K 2:22 a 612 is like 100-130K
Marc Ruben Hadel
Marc Ruben Hadel 2 dagen geleden
My goal is it to find a that makes me happy and gets me also much money. Some advices ? BTW I live in Germany that means high taxes.
Marc Ruben Hadel
Marc Ruben Hadel 2 dagen geleden
Wait how can a psychologist earn so much isnt it a bit unusual?
Tina Kim
Tina Kim 2 dagen geleden
these women are pretty and successful while I'm here ugly and depressed
Tina Kim
Tina Kim Dag geleden
Rationalist awe thanks!
Rationalist Dag geleden
You can always improve
Anastaziya Indarjit
Anastaziya Indarjit 2 dagen geleden
Supercar Blondie what shoes are you wearing. I just adore the colour 😍.
Kalyani 2 dagen geleden
All the ladies are rich beautiful and down to earth
Rationalist Dag geleden
Zest O
Zest O 2 dagen geleden
They didnt know its Car Blondie that rides every super and hyper cars
Diego Alonso
Diego Alonso 3 dagen geleden
Psychologists with only one client... guess who???
Alex Zombi
Alex Zombi 3 dagen geleden
50% not doing shit exept living off their husband fortune..
Rationalist Dag geleden
Chaim ae
Chaim ae 3 dagen geleden
Nobody talk about the girl in 05:13 she drive with heel’s omg 😱 😂😂😂😂
Sarafdeen Abdullah
Sarafdeen Abdullah 3 dagen geleden
Go girls💟💟💫
shanice braxton vlogs
shanice braxton vlogs 3 dagen geleden
this is very cool
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh 3 dagen geleden
Me : What do you do for a living, Blondie ? Suoercar Blondie : 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ I checkout expensive cars and give my viewers a virtual tour of them !!
Mpho Ramudzwagi
Mpho Ramudzwagi 3 dagen geleden
just typed "ar" then arabian gazelles pops up
Jaime B.
Jaime B. 3 dagen geleden
Soemthing isnt right
Anti Kadrun
Anti Kadrun 3 dagen geleden
getting a SIMP to pay for it 😂
Rationalist Dag geleden
Yash Chauhan
Yash Chauhan 3 dagen geleden
Which country ????
Carolina Muñoz
Carolina Muñoz 4 dagen geleden
Awesome!! 👏
Crashbash7 4 dagen geleden
what i do for living? i do a lot lol and got a super super, old worthless car :D
"I work on my abs" - me: wow. I adore women with a sense of humor ❤️
hv j
hv j 4 dagen geleden
the husband's money at 02:31
Joseph John Chombo
Joseph John Chombo 4 dagen geleden
*Their humble*
Sri Saai
Sri Saai 4 dagen geleden
being a sugar daddy or gold diggers
Nikoloz 4 dagen geleden
Most of them seemed to be saying their hobbies
luz 3 dagen geleden
@Nikoloz i was like talking in third person lol
Nikoloz 3 dagen geleden
@luz emm thank you ...?
luz 4 dagen geleden
I guess do what you love and what your best at?🤷‍♀️
Nthabiseng Salemane
Nthabiseng Salemane 4 dagen geleden
What is a VIP Concierge?
Andrew 4 dagen geleden
these people aint paying their taxes
Sheikh Humayun Kabir
Sheikh Humayun Kabir 5 dagen geleden
Damm I feel like a looser already 😹😿
Khalid Nait El Mouddene
Khalid Nait El Mouddene 5 dagen geleden
Who is single ladies?
Kate Demchenko-Zalvovska
Kate Demchenko-Zalvovska 5 dagen geleden
They all have the same face and the same makeup 😑
Vistar Academy
Vistar Academy 5 dagen geleden
Motivational 👌, Nice one dear. One video was viral which made by male.
Petrit Ibishi
Petrit Ibishi 5 dagen geleden
Stole an idea.... where is the shout out?
Bhanu 40
Bhanu 40 5 dagen geleden
Noone said Only fans I am disappointed
Arkid Bhandari
Arkid Bhandari 5 dagen geleden
There were some who called themselves " lucky housewives " .... so dnt say that all these cars are " owned " by women .....
J H 6 dagen geleden
Damn, psychologists do not make that much where I live. Maybe I should move to Dubai
Nipun Sugishwara
Nipun Sugishwara 6 dagen geleden
I love your content so much and i never miss ❤️ but Daniel Mac is better than in this case i believe 😊❤️
Aj Dark
Aj Dark 6 dagen geleden
Let's go to Dubai 😂
BlackLemur2009 6 dagen geleden
This is adorable. 🤗🤗🤗
Talha Jutt
Talha Jutt 6 dagen geleden
hello supercar blondie give me plz iphone 12 pro
RAMA kandagatla
RAMA kandagatla 6 dagen geleden
2:55 Indian tradition
RP K 6 dagen geleden
They are lovely and gracious. They obviously respond better to another woman. This would not have gone the same if it was a guy.
Film Marras
Film Marras 7 dagen geleden
Dubai not middle east anymore
Simply Minds
Simply Minds 7 dagen geleden
hi i am new avid fan on your vlogs, i love watching lots your vdeo love lots from Philippines😍
Fast Driver22
Fast Driver22 7 dagen geleden
Vanik Ghosh
Vanik Ghosh 7 dagen geleden
Looking at the comments here, I'd like to say one thing. I, along with 98% of men globally, commit to about 60-70 hours average a week in C-Suit with immense responsibility in every hierarchy of executive capacity to land deals, which could be overwhelmingly intimidating for a female, considering what type of life she chooses. A hierarchical societal structure doesn't work on overgeneralizations because the world is not an "egalitarian" society, from evolutionary biology, psychology, and sociological facts and perspectives. The world has always been a human cooperative society since human inception.
Elliot Spar
Elliot Spar 7 dagen geleden
Seeing this on tiktok then here is kind of weird. Should give a shout out to the original person.
imed lefifene
imed lefifene 7 dagen geleden
Dayuum some sugar momma there !
I 7 dagen geleden
These are planned clips. Don't be so gullible.
I 7 dagen geleden
They didn't make it. The man did
Alexandru Buse
Alexandru Buse 7 dagen geleden
What did they do? Are married
Amin Amin
Amin Amin 8 dagen geleden
Viva petróleo, los dueños de coche dónde estás, supongo esta echando una siesta
k sweet
k sweet 8 dagen geleden
Maa'm i hope you help me❤❤❤
lilsabin 8 dagen geleden
austin martin wrath is 300,000$ only and the ferrarri 612 scaglietti , just 320 000$ , loooooooooooooooooool , those shit aint expensive at all
scroll 187
scroll 187 8 dagen geleden
Everything played and organized. Not realistic. Typical youtube! All are wives of rich men. Not more!
Bossku 7
Bossku 7 8 dagen geleden
Urus= Richard Mile watch😱
susanna Roy
susanna Roy 8 dagen geleden
" WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT ME IS TRUE "...... !!!!!!!!
Hashim Abozid
Hashim Abozid 8 dagen geleden
ياولد يا حلو لا ❤️ 👋
Sarah ursic
Sarah ursic 9 dagen geleden
Lol , alot of bitter someones disliking the video !
Stan Washington
Stan Washington 9 dagen geleden
SB, It appears that Ferrari is the most popular car with the members of the group. Is that so?
Dragos Dudu
Dragos Dudu 9 dagen geleden
Meanwhile 13 kids died of hunger.
Jenni From The Block
Jenni From The Block 9 dagen geleden
All beautiful and classy ladies with powerful this is goals😍🙌🏽
RapidlyGamesRBLX 9 dagen geleden
Majority of the cars were Ferrari's
Grégoire Truchet
Grégoire Truchet 9 dagen geleden
Waw so original what a idea you got here. Don’t know where you find this idea 🤣😭
Kunal K
Kunal K 9 dagen geleden
Real question should be, how many of them started from rags to riches, brick by brick - probably all will fall flat.. A million to reach is difficult, but then pulls many millions - easy! They all have strong backgrounds to keep the super wheels under them today, no one can deny the fact.
arodnap 10 dagen geleden
not one said gold digger
Ster Carat
Ster Carat 10 dagen geleden
I’m gonna be a psychologist
Thomas Baldauf
Thomas Baldauf 10 dagen geleden
ATTENTION: EVERYONE DROP OUT OF SCHOOL IT GETS YOU NOWHERE. *now that you're all gone I can study in peace so one day I can afford these cars XD*
Thomas Baldauf
Thomas Baldauf 10 dagen geleden
I feel like everyone thinks that you are some random broke stranger who likes expensive cars but in fact you already own these XD
Wa Go
Wa Go 10 dagen geleden
I have just registered as the 101 member
France Beaucage
France Beaucage 10 dagen geleden
Yaaaaaasss girl !!
Philip Ehusani
Philip Ehusani 11 dagen geleden
What? Psychology? Who knew? 😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Ray
Michael Ray 11 dagen geleden
Ask them who their sugar daddy is.
Zimkhitha Shinya
Zimkhitha Shinya 11 dagen geleden
All these woman are so kind
CH007EH 11 dagen geleden
How the picture went black/white when she said: "If I tell you I have to kill you". 😂🤣🤣🤣
Uma Ma
Uma Ma 12 dagen geleden
Beautiful women and they are so welcoming:)
Maroje Godinović
Maroje Godinović 12 dagen geleden
Wow.. So original, I ve never seen somebody doing this kind of thing. You re so original and not fake at all..
Gloria Maake
Gloria Maake 11 dagen geleden
Whoa chill Jose who hurt you?
CM Thoughts
CM Thoughts 12 dagen geleden
Rich people are so polite and down to earth ☺️
Rahul Joshi
Rahul Joshi 12 dagen geleden
Please, What's that hand gloves name?
JayJay Aubry
JayJay Aubry 12 dagen geleden
The macho mirror exemplarily doubt because diving pathomorphologically murder in a amusing crab. macho, kindhearted cushion
Sofia 13 dagen geleden
Wow, that was amazing! Love women
Morgane muller
Morgane muller 13 dagen geleden
Ayyyy swisss bank u become rich boy I’m from Swiss
MARCELA RM. 13 dagen geleden
I really need to work on my abs 😂
teller 23
teller 23 13 dagen geleden
Girls like ferraris
Dixi Dee
Dixi Dee 13 dagen geleden
Sevtian Nur Rachmadi
Sevtian Nur Rachmadi 13 dagen geleden
conclusion its ALL WHAMEN
Soldat Geto-Dac
Soldat Geto-Dac 13 dagen geleden
the answer is chaturbate or sucking an old man..dont have to watch this shit to know
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