Aston Martin's First SUV! 

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This is one of my all time favourite car colors. Absolutely stunning in real life. True to Aston Martin form, the interior is chock full of beautiful leather and I was really impressed with the drive. There are a few things though that I'm not a fan of... including the infotainment screen. Check it out guys. You thoughts??
Thanks for watching xo Alex
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10 dec. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 4 maanden geleden
Fav feature and least fav feature guys?
Peter Ndiritu
Peter Ndiritu 12 dagen geleden
The design of the rims,sun roof ...the leather story, forget it! Ahoy Alex, just send it to me in a packet of chips...
Centrikk 21 dag geleden
Love the interior! Keep a door handle as a handle not this flush shit, dont know who started that trend maybe it was the tesla, sometimes when you have your hands full all you can spare is a finger. The color was pretty sick too!
oq 21 dag geleden
Payton Armani
Payton Armani Maand geleden
@Mark Will i am trying it out now. Looks promising :)
home gardening
home gardening Maand geleden ❤️❤️❤️🙏
Abd 5h3
Abd 5h3 Dag geleden
supercar pinkie
MUSTAFA LEAK 3 dagen geleden
This is an absolute bargain at £23.000 I’m definitely getting on the phone to order me an my wife these
Dovydas Jakaitis
Dovydas Jakaitis 4 dagen geleden
I was listening all day James Bond movie sound track and here you go now I have a review of Austin Martin Thank You Supercar Blonde SUV for family trips is awesome :D
Philip Howell
Philip Howell 5 dagen geleden
The Q Edition that Mr JWW designed is better don't like the finish or colour on this one but as long as the boot is big enough for my Golf clubs 😁😁🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️⛳⛳⛳
Shaikh Naushad
Shaikh Naushad 5 dagen geleden
Blonde is not blonde anymore pink head
Monica Kapiji
Monica Kapiji 6 dagen geleden
I committed on a post you posted about winning an Aston Martin . And I got a reply from you saying I send you a private message
allan cavaliere
allan cavaliere 6 dagen geleden
Very disappointing car.....Could be a Kia ...... Lambo kills it.....
Nick Nathan
Nick Nathan 6 dagen geleden
made with outdated Mercedes parts 😂
Claudio Archi
Claudio Archi 7 dagen geleden
Daniel McGrane
Daniel McGrane 7 dagen geleden
Raja gopal
Raja gopal 9 dagen geleden
Her attitude and accent is so good.....!!!
Rictone 12 dagen geleden
great interior
Bo Ne
Bo Ne 12 dagen geleden
4-5 Bitcoins ? why ? ... Lambo, AM, sorry , i would have a car that is "more of the others" . i search a car that is "future btw. just the technology now" .... this car is nice , but old technolgy with coated by death animals ? .... sorry but my BTCs , euros or what ever i given not for this ;-) .... and sorry "Supercar Blondie": Your "nice" prestented of this car make this not better....
blizzard awsome
blizzard awsome 13 dagen geleden
nice macan
Manahil Fatima
Manahil Fatima 14 dagen geleden
Basically, you are no more Supercar Blondie, rename it to Supercar Pinky!
Thomashia S Moultrie
Thomashia S Moultrie 14 dagen geleden
MY DREAM CAR💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Thomashia S Moultrie
Thomashia S Moultrie 14 dagen geleden
The color is BEAUTIFUL ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Roland Lundall
Roland Lundall 14 dagen geleden
You doing a test drive in a parking area. Give me a break please.
DK TV 14 dagen geleden
Patrick Daligou
Patrick Daligou 15 dagen geleden
Ooooh ,i don't sûre that any person Can win this beautiful car if he live in Africa😢😢😢
Aktar din
Aktar din 15 dagen geleden
Blondie absolutely perfect...C H E E R S 🍺 can't begin to tell you how much I need a new vehicle. ❗🌹
Catherine Santiago
Catherine Santiago 16 dagen geleden
Really want to win for the car giveaway but I don't have any means to pay for the donation( I don't have PayPal or online account. But I really want to have the chance to win as I really need money for my kiddos...hope there are other ways to do so
ibookje 16 dagen geleden
Nah, not the best looking Aston...
william wallice
william wallice 17 dagen geleden
HI there, a lways enjoy watching your programs, i never miss eny episode . Keep up the good work to both of you lovely.
CVArts 18 dagen geleden
The high-bodied look just doesn't work for Aston Martin. Lovely interior though.
Wim de Langen
Wim de Langen 18 dagen geleden
The door design is copied from the citroen ds
Michael Green
Michael Green 18 dagen geleden
Awesome review!👍🏽 I’m new on the block!!
Djohn Nathan
Djohn Nathan 19 dagen geleden
I loved the colour and leather seats interiors beautiful 😍🤗
Smith Dhobale
Smith Dhobale 19 dagen geleden
Dream car 🚗 ..!!!
Mark Wileman
Mark Wileman 20 dagen geleden
Really like the DBX
Kees Hessels
Kees Hessels 20 dagen geleden
i saw a AM with a electronic roof like lcd glass or something, wonder why they didn't implement it on this one...
Per Magnusson
Per Magnusson 20 dagen geleden
nice without touchscreen no fingerprints :)
Pete Muller
Pete Muller 20 dagen geleden
Alex...please go back to blonde.
Pete Muller
Pete Muller 20 dagen geleden
A flooded market. Silly. The build quality is terribly poor. We British can no longer build cars.
Kzn Nzn
Kzn Nzn 21 dag geleden
looks like just any other suv
Jackqueliine Williams
Jackqueliine Williams 22 dagen geleden
kingheb123 22 dagen geleden
What millionaire douchebags will be driving the monstrosity!!
Read my Lips
Read my Lips 22 dagen geleden
You haven't showed us the third row seats. Are they easy to get in?
Umc Umcde
Umc Umcde 22 dagen geleden
so uggggggglyyy
cornelius Thomas
cornelius Thomas 24 dagen geleden
Why the hell does everyone constantly talk about touch screen .... and how fast the system works and lane assist .... my advice is buy an apple tablet and catch a Bus !!!! .... It’s an AM ... driving excellence ? Pathetic !
joey proctor
joey proctor 25 dagen geleden
how much dollar?
Ben K
Ben K 25 dagen geleden
It’s A cayenne
Onni Anttonen
Onni Anttonen 25 dagen geleden
I cant be only one who thinks that looks hidious
Mujib Shaikh
Mujib Shaikh 25 dagen geleden
Can’t get that feel, it is like in between not good not bad by looking from outside.
devrun 26 dagen geleden
Looks like a hyundai
Khaled Ali
Khaled Ali 26 dagen geleden
Super car pinkeye
Davido RenaCello
Davido RenaCello 26 dagen geleden
Woooww a futuristic CAR 🙄 and i have no comment at ALL 🙏
BossKing 26 dagen geleden
Rumor has it the oil pan drain cap is made of leathaaaaaaaaaa
Farel Cassaro
Farel Cassaro 26 dagen geleden
Love the exterior and interior color
Layne Francis
Layne Francis 27 dagen geleden
Front styling looks like a new Ford Escape
aspen marler
aspen marler 27 dagen geleden
It’s not rear wheel drive, it’s rear wheel biased
Siyja 27 dagen geleden
All the guys complaining about the new Supra to be a BMW and Aston just brings a DBX63 AMG
Milton Ribeiro
Milton Ribeiro 28 dagen geleden
Sensacional. Show . Esse top. Muito bom dbx Aston Martin
santiago RGL
santiago RGL 28 dagen geleden
feo feo feo feísimo
Brittany Alston
Brittany Alston 28 dagen geleden
Great review.
Dsk 4u
Dsk 4u 29 dagen geleden
Can't compare Aston Martin with any car...
pp yet
pp yet 29 dagen geleden
a good ford mondeo
Adam Trueman
Adam Trueman Maand geleden
The intro always sounds like She's ready for trouble.
Vaibhav VX
Vaibhav VX Maand geleden
Ha you get the sunroof in a nissan :)
Vaibhav VX
Vaibhav VX Maand geleden
Looks like a thick shark, nice
Emmanuel Cruz 21
Emmanuel Cruz 21 Maand geleden
I mean everyone hates that the dbx doesnt have a touch screen but everyone loves a 2020 2021 g wagon with sale infotanment🤦
Nick Stoica
Nick Stoica Maand geleden
A lot of money for a car...other brands give you a lot of car for the money....makes you think...🤷‍♂️
sakizli corapp
sakizli corapp Maand geleden
Can you make video for chevrolet
sakizli corapp
sakizli corapp Maand geleden
6:08 what is the white car brand on the right of volvo
John Hetherington
John Hetherington Maand geleden
Silly cow
You know me...
You know me... Maand geleden
What a beauty this is! Fan to watch your review. However, you made me nervous watching you stroking the surface of the car with a ring on your finger. 😣
Amir Lxr
Amir Lxr Maand geleden
I love this car
Anderson C
Anderson C Maand geleden
Not a bad first effort From AM. But as mentioned ...not having touch-screen is a BIG negative...the NAV is vital today. 2nd to...the steering wheel/gas/brake pedal...Was a good size. Don't know if it had a front/rear parking camera/beeps, park assist. But one BIG NEGATIVE for me is the back end/window being sloped too far FWD. Making it more a hatchback than a SUV. Sacrificing CUFT at where a SUV needs it. I'd still get a Benz G-Wagon, 2021 Land Rover Defender...over this "SUV"...which it's not.
Philly Phil
Philly Phil Maand geleden
That watch is more than the car
paxan death
paxan death Maand geleden
а руки у неё трясутся словно после недельного запоя или после нехилой дозы.....
Neal Adams
Neal Adams Maand geleden
She should go into movies. The rolls is better!!
Neal Adams
Neal Adams Maand geleden
Ugly color. It should be black
Myriam Coquia
Myriam Coquia Maand geleden
Hi mam Supercar're so pretty...
Bardjlaghi Abdelkader
Bardjlaghi Abdelkader Maand geleden
قطعة هندسية جميلة متوحشة قوية ماشاء الله تحفة فنية رائعة وتمتاز بالقوة والجمال أحبها
Jack Couldwell
Jack Couldwell Maand geleden
horrendous vehicle , love aston martin, but this is an abomination .
Alberto Baudino
Alberto Baudino Maand geleden
Few houses can boast the class of some SUVs Austin Martin can be one of those with elegant lines as well as the interiors giving the only intense emotion in the unique moment of his guide .... being captivated by his intense charm Austin Martin ✓ the Queen! And what a color(True Blondie 🌹✌️🤟🍀🥂😉)
satish kumar
satish kumar Maand geleden
@6:12 I dare no one will go off-road on that car and it is not upto mark with my Tata Safari., In off-road
Gabriel Andre Samudera
Hmm...wooww haaa...don't n very nice car aston like that supercar lucy...
De niro
De niro Maand geleden
Nice girl🔥♥
Paul Ananda
Paul Ananda Maand geleden
Your sister's no. please
Nada Tadh
Nada Tadh Maand geleden
My all time favorite... I love u ma'am... U r just awesome... Love from arunachal pradesh (india) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Joksimovic Maand geleden
Blondie wird langsam alt..
Raden Vanero
Raden Vanero Maand geleden
Aditpal Channa
Aditpal Channa Maand geleden
Why does it look similar to a Cayenne?
Ok Maand geleden
You guys. 😑
Mason Alexander KWONG KIS2019SEP54
My dad has Lambogirini urus
atif ashraf labib
atif ashraf labib Maand geleden
I want monitors in the back
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon Maand geleden
2021 suv trend
Farhat Azhibaev
Farhat Azhibaev Maand geleden
This SUV looks almost similar to Porsche Cayenne
white werewolf18
white werewolf18 Maand geleden
What a great car
Bruce Barber
Bruce Barber Maand geleden
How much I want one for my wife
Elli G Concepcion
Elli G Concepcion Maand geleden
Supercar expensive but super nice baby♥️🤩🥰 i cannot afford to buy like supercar baby👍love you supercar blondie♥️💖💋🥰😘
Joe Aviles
Joe Aviles Maand geleden
It’s perfect
Douglas Vitrano
Douglas Vitrano Maand geleden
A Tesla Model X is my dream car. Then I saw the Aston Martin DBX
Chadia Riahi
Chadia Riahi Maand geleden
Dev Chauhan
Dev Chauhan Maand geleden
are you british?
Per A. Jensen.
Per A. Jensen. Maand geleden
You can be a Bond Girl. That will be your Bond moment.
ShootyGames Maand geleden
I can’t wait to see this in person. On screen it seems like a fancier CRV..
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