Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport - First Drive! 

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How is this Chiron different to the others? The Pur Sport is made for drifting and cornering! This is the day I fell in love with the Chiron. So smooth but so unbelievably powerful. It has gone in to my top 3 cars to drive. Big thanks to Frank, the Deputy Design Director for showing us around, and to Andy, the official Bugatti Test Driver, who recently broke the world speed record!!
The full review of the Pur Sport is here:


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12 jan. 2021




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dolly 2 dagen geleden
Mais um recomendado do yt q ja vih no insta
Legolas 6 dagen geleden
It isn't that good cornering car, she just overhypes it cause marketing!
Hitesh Soyntar
Hitesh Soyntar 12 dagen geleden
this car is very cool 😎
Aktar din
Aktar din 14 dagen geleden
Beautiful. Cars..Blondie'.
pAk0dA • Hollywood777records
Magnesium wheels on a 13 million dollar 💰 plus car?! That means if you have a tire blowout at high speeds, bye bye millions , P.s. magnesium once ignited very hard to put out,most cars burn to the ground once this happens. Pak0da Applemusic Still the LOUDEST!
Sourav Choudhury
Sourav Choudhury 17 dagen geleden
Sad boy
Sad boy 18 dagen geleden
Vishal BS
Vishal BS 19 dagen geleden
At 9:07 I thought you drove through the sand lol!
SwoopSaveHer Productions
SwoopSaveHer Productions 19 dagen geleden
GoodJob Blondie SWOOP81
Global EyeZ
Global EyeZ 25 dagen geleden
03:55 P U R sport 😂 Any Mallus 🤭😉
Eddie Jones Obligado
Eddie Jones Obligado 25 dagen geleden
One of my dream car 😍😍😍
viRuS HulK
viRuS HulK 26 dagen geleden
awsm car ❤
Jessica Zacatzontetl
Jessica Zacatzontetl 26 dagen geleden
I love your camera person.. when ever you talk about something he/she goes in so we can get a visual 😍🙌
BENṮuk Love
BENṮuk Love 29 dagen geleden
Finally Pur Sport my favorite Car ❤️❤️ From MaLaYSIA 🇲🇾
doge Maand geleden
Mohammad Musa
Mohammad Musa Maand geleden
Elli G Concepcion
Elli G Concepcion Maand geleden
So much fun baby hahaha 💋❤️💖❤️ love your Gucci pants and shoes Baby ❤️💖 insane speed of Bugatti baby 🤩love you too 💋❤️💖❤️
Gabriel Andre Samudera
Bugatti chiron very very beauty a car supercar pirang lucy the best concept design car bugatti ouch awesome n when can I dream of owning money lucy..
Crazy 4 Pops Guy
Crazy 4 Pops Guy Maand geleden
Cool videos alex love the divo video
THEOBARD Ndayizeye
THEOBARD Ndayizeye Maand geleden
Your contact, Dear Love
GEEZEE Maand geleden
buggati vision gt without the vision gt
Ajaz Kirmani
Ajaz Kirmani Maand geleden
bugatti ma hoves a musab have abutti
Prince Walker
Prince Walker Maand geleden
The look of joy on Supercar Blondie's face when she's accelerating!!! She really "gets" cars!!
Youshain Brooks
Youshain Brooks Maand geleden
Hey blondie...thats a nasty mean machine!
Youshain Brooks
Youshain Brooks Maand geleden
Love the ride...but you know I like that vid with u driving that jeep trackhawk and torching the other rides. That one was epic.
UGUR1977 Maand geleden
09:11 brake sound remove it :)
Shinoraze Maand geleden
Now get a Bugatti 🙌🙌🙌
Shinoraze Maand geleden
Awesome. I was waiting for this day. You did it 🙌
Mohaned Wael
Mohaned Wael Maand geleden
Greggson Wong
Greggson Wong Maand geleden
4:11 X-Wing or XRP hehe
Lukas Abaravicius
Lukas Abaravicius Maand geleden
Blondie's review of Bugatti, while driving personal Mclaren in the background ;D
Gregor Rezar
Gregor Rezar Maand geleden
futuristic Maand geleden
Frank and Andy obviously LOVE Supercar Blondie and support her channel all the way, good to see love these 2 guys :)
futuristic Maand geleden
@Covert Garage 😉
Covert Garage
Covert Garage Maand geleden
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Music Music
Music Music Maand geleden
She can sell hot wheels car for a million dollars.
Covert Garage
Covert Garage Maand geleden
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
shahrul nizam
shahrul nizam Maand geleden
wow super hot
Adhikesh 2 maanden geleden
Malayali hearing the name 👀🤫
Jovan Carbonilla
Jovan Carbonilla 2 maanden geleden
If Ms. Blondie could just read my DM to her on Instagram, it will bring me to tears. 😢
SpaceMA X
SpaceMA X 2 maanden geleden
Did you see that bernie in 9:26?
Manos Tripakis
Manos Tripakis 2 maanden geleden
Guys i didn't understood how from yellow BUGATTI she drives blue BUGATTI
da dae
da dae 2 maanden geleden
damon fryer would love to drift that bugatti
Mysterious Riderz
Mysterious Riderz 2 maanden geleden
Wow 💛
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 2 maanden geleden
Beautiful car your doing a great job showing us these beautiful cars
Beaviccoon 2 maanden geleden
This Bugatti Vs McLaren 765lt on the 1/4 mile strip.
Eugene Ongeti
Eugene Ongeti 2 maanden geleden
How many people clicked here after watching the divo video
Michael Brady
Michael Brady 11 dagen geleden
😅😅😅😅guilty 🤣
Jedd Music
Jedd Music Maand geleden
Me... Me... Me
Miguel Solaz
Miguel Solaz 2 maanden geleden
This car its so beautiful i LOVE it
Brandon Grantham
Brandon Grantham 2 maanden geleden
Literally got the coolest job😎🔥
JANNETH SALIBAY 2 maanden geleden
in my dreams i wish i have 1 of which the supercars
Riziki Steven
Riziki Steven 2 maanden geleden
Roger Mdz
Roger Mdz 2 maanden geleden
Wow, 😍🤯🥰
Ram Walker
Ram Walker 2 maanden geleden
Love the pink hair my girlfriend has blue
Nick K
Nick K 2 maanden geleden
must be better than sex
Kyle Farrell
Kyle Farrell 2 maanden geleden
Did yall see those camels at the watering hole? Crazy
vfreed66 2 maanden geleden
your name is supercar bondie not supercar pinky dont like your hair you are much more beautiful as a blonde love you victor freed
rock 67
rock 67 2 maanden geleden
Is she balding guys??
daniel ace ebreo
daniel ace ebreo 2 maanden geleden
James Crain
James Crain 2 maanden geleden
The 720s got absolutely pummeled
Darian N
Darian N 2 maanden geleden
This car seems like a roller coaster 🎢 from what I saw when she launched the car 😍 I wish I could experience that🥺🥺
Marcin Więcławek
Marcin Więcławek 2 maanden geleden
Jak to brzmi❤❤
Dragy Motorsports
Dragy Motorsports 2 maanden geleden
Amazing Hyper Car 😍😍😍😍😍💪
Xueq Finance
Xueq Finance 2 maanden geleden
one of the best auto channels imo. Her enthusiasm for cars makes these vids that much better
299 Km/h
299 Km/h 2 maanden geleden
Test drive Bugattis is my 💥Dream Job💥
Davaa Dugarma
Davaa Dugarma 2 maanden geleden
Would you like to go horseback riding in the Mongolian steppe? I'll show you
SuRtixX 2 maanden geleden
Waiting for a video of the Divo
Sahil Bhai
Sahil Bhai 2 maanden geleden
khail driss
khail driss 2 maanden geleden
Salo ca va jomapl khail dris (GiRi)(1R)
Pavel Wollner
Pavel Wollner 2 maanden geleden
Už vím co jsi koupím na hraní
Pale Amigo
Pale Amigo 2 maanden geleden
It's fitting that the Bugatti Rep has a German accent, it adds to the mystique (like a German Scientist) of the cars. Great video and phenomenal cars. 👍💖
Timurkhan Garajev
Timurkhan Garajev 2 maanden geleden
Bruuuh,even a car that's worth $3M nowadays has a soft limiter.
Vrishank 2 maanden geleden
U all like buggati veryon or buggati Chiron....
Makeup by TheTatyana !
Makeup by TheTatyana ! 2 maanden geleden
That car is amazing 😍😍
sarah namusoba
sarah namusoba 2 maanden geleden
Woowo I like what am seeing
Greggson Wong
Greggson Wong 2 maanden geleden
4:11 Ripple hypercar...
涂韬 2 maanden geleden
omg the sound of engine is like future car sound.
Allen Alex Abraham
Allen Alex Abraham 2 maanden geleden
Future cars are electric which do not have sound
One UP
One UP 2 maanden geleden
Blondie try a refurbished mini Cooper s -2000-2005 models find your fit Cornering 😇😇😇😇😇😇
One UP
One UP 2 maanden geleden
Nice pants / trousers 😍😍😍😍😍 👖
Paul Hewitt
Paul Hewitt 2 maanden geleden
See how it pulled away from a 720s wow!
John Camera
John Camera 2 maanden geleden
I have a prize vintage Bugatti buckle.Still dreaming of the car😅
nariman mahmoud
nariman mahmoud 2 maanden geleden
its a very fast Bugatti chiron
Keyrel Magura
Keyrel Magura 2 maanden geleden
bugatti chiron is one of the most exotic ultra super sport plus mytical car, until you open the DOOR
Eric Omar Becerril Jasso
Eric Omar Becerril Jasso 2 maanden geleden
Abecés no me se expresar bien
Vickei Negi
Vickei Negi 2 maanden geleden
Shubham Nigam
Shubham Nigam 2 maanden geleden
I wanna test drive .... arrange it
Mark Cremona
Mark Cremona 2 maanden geleden
Now that's hot
David Guerra
David Guerra 2 maanden geleden
I like how that pink hair goes back with the acceleration, it's a nice accelerometer!
Tizil .j. singh
Tizil .j. singh 2 maanden geleden
why dont you change you channel name like suercarpinky
Stan Mathers
Stan Mathers 2 maanden geleden
Now its getting better and better every time i see a new video in this channel i feel happier seeing the best car for me ( the BMW x6)
Nabeel king
Nabeel king 2 maanden geleden
This car is out of our League
Madden Max 55
Madden Max 55 2 maanden geleden
Do A Video Of The Bugatti Bolide
MVR Gaming
MVR Gaming 2 maanden geleden
I’ve stayed in Dubai for one day.
GRIZZLYZ NATION 2 maanden geleden
Shadow wodahS
Shadow wodahS 2 maanden geleden
Dust in hair ?
sweta kk
sweta kk 2 maanden geleden
DoubleDeckerAnton 2 maanden geleden
A Bugatti.... is the ultimate hypercar
TheStickx 2 maanden geleden
I know this question is personal and silly but.. You are rich?
Jocelin. Pellerin
Jocelin. Pellerin 2 maanden geleden
I love bugattie since i am a French 🥰😍😋
Sundhar Sundhar
Sundhar Sundhar 2 maanden geleden
Yellow colours gold sun colories cars world passitive engerys cars skin safe cools cars thanks medam Sundar sumathi
EXCELL 2 maanden geleden
He should of brought out the buggati bolide
Official Travis Turner
Official Travis Turner 2 maanden geleden
Thanks for sharing this amazing video with us all
Mustafezur Rhaman Shovon
Mustafezur Rhaman Shovon 2 maanden geleden
love from BD
does best
does best 2 maanden geleden
that is my favourite color and car
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