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15 mrt. 2021




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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie Maand geleden
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Aktar din
Aktar din 15 dagen geleden
I.Love.You...blondie'.madam. please
[revive project]
[revive project] 21 dag geleden
how much fucking money do they have for advertisement ffs
Fabian Reinhold
Fabian Reinhold 25 dagen geleden
Hallo Alex, wir sind Thomas und Fabian. Wir bewundern dich auf allen Plattformen. Ich hoffe dass du mit meinem Deutsch zurecht kommst und du noch nicht aus der Übung bist ✌️ Wir möchten dich uuuuuunbedingt kennen lernen. Wir kommen am 24.03 nach Dubai und werden dort für eine Woche bleiben. Es wäre schön dich mal auf ein Getränk einladen zu können, oder dich einfach nur mal an deinem Büro zu treffen. Wir würden uns jedenfalls sehr freuen. Viele Grüße aus Berlin Thomas und Fabian
Asim Kasa
Asim Kasa 26 dagen geleden
It smells money;)
Mysterious 27 dagen geleden
Hi Supercar Blondie, 4:52 You Edited Indian Flag Wrongly and Indian Flag Colour is, Saffron, White, Green. Please Change it.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Uttam Pandya
Uttam Pandya 11 uur geleden
Cut 50$ of over acting
Alit Sinha
Alit Sinha Dag geleden
the Indian flag popped upside down on his body... felt disappointed to see that being an Indian.
awyt Dag geleden
4:53 wow I am proud of these stunt man's and I am indian
Mpha Ntata
Mpha Ntata 2 dagen geleden
whoa! awesome
Ronnie Hopper
Ronnie Hopper 3 dagen geleden
Drive tanks are you challenging me
Jaespher Dionanao
Jaespher Dionanao 3 dagen geleden
World of tank players know that its a home made tank.
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 5 dagen geleden
Thank you
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 5 dagen geleden
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 5 dagen geleden
You .. most make a action film.. and we all we buy and keep watching it
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 5 dagen geleden
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 5 dagen geleden
Hello.. Wonder woman
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 5 dagen geleden
Smile kiss on your head
Talha Jutt
Talha Jutt 6 dagen geleden
hello supercar blondie give me plz iphone 12 pro
D Kumar
D Kumar 6 dagen geleden
Why is Indian Flag shown upside down? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 And where is the Saffron Idiots?.....
akash kumar
akash kumar 7 dagen geleden
Which police use the tank?? Tank in police system show the "democracy in danger"
TheGamingWolf #1
TheGamingWolf #1 9 dagen geleden
Are u in New York I’m learning geography and that police logo looks like New York
TheGamingWolf #1
TheGamingWolf #1 9 dagen geleden
I didn’t think it wasn’t real I believe it was a tank
Nike Nagar
Nike Nagar 9 dagen geleden
You don't know about Indian flag so don't ever show in the wrong manner 🙏🙏
Endermasterplays 11 dagen geleden
First, she reviews supercars.... NOW SHE REBIEWS *TANKS*
Abed Ali
Abed Ali 11 dagen geleden
Plz give me a car
Nathan Morgan
Nathan Morgan 11 dagen geleden
İyiki darbede atmamışsın
D S 14 dagen geleden
Ok... this is the TRUE SUPERCAR
Steffan R
Steffan R 15 dagen geleden
She should have did a 5 star getaway
basket SportsUpdates
basket SportsUpdates 15 dagen geleden
amazing you are cause you can drive a tank
Patty Suba
Patty Suba 15 dagen geleden
Aktar din
Aktar din 15 dagen geleden
Tron Hudson
Tron Hudson 15 dagen geleden
I love you 💛❤️😘❤️❤️😘❤️
Zovera Wizo
Zovera Wizo 16 dagen geleden
Wow. Another fiction op tank? Next time she will drive smasher and annihlator
Swirl 16 dagen geleden
what is this thing? this isnt a TANK i can penetrate it with a bb gun ffs
Ali 2632
Ali 2632 17 dagen geleden
Hello from Pakistan
Arunjith 17 dagen geleden
Make a video on JAGUAR VISION GT
OLSEN CLAVERIA BOII 17 dagen geleden
After this we dont know how to drive but we know how to drift
Owen Neo
Owen Neo 17 dagen geleden
World of tanks Blitz.
Lionyro 17 dagen geleden
Wait a minute the police in dubai got tanks
ExellentJessy Jenya
ExellentJessy Jenya 18 dagen geleden
GTA Presents !!)))
ExellentJessy Jenya
ExellentJessy Jenya 18 dagen geleden
Fanculo !! Sembra che la invidio.)))
Richard Alcatraz
Richard Alcatraz 18 dagen geleden
That tank would die if it gets get by 50 cal weapons 😂
Richard Alcatraz
Richard Alcatraz 18 dagen geleden
That tank weak af, thin ass Armor 😂😂😂
Joel Kenko
Joel Kenko 18 dagen geleden
Is this sheet even real it's like a 3D animation
Rosalinda Escala
Rosalinda Escala 18 dagen geleden
ivan georgiev
ivan georgiev 18 dagen geleden
hello ma'am I wrote to you on the messenger you told me to write to you here in yotobe
Sabah Kassem
Sabah Kassem 18 dagen geleden
If you want somebody to help you in the gun iam ready😁 I like firing so much.
sexi sexi
sexi sexi 18 dagen geleden
wweeeh mantap mba, main ke indonedsa dong
Naga Jyothi V
Naga Jyothi V 19 dagen geleden
After buying cars where will you keep
Kl Pr
Kl Pr 20 dagen geleden
This homemade Tank looks awesome
Tom O
Tom O 20 dagen geleden
At least this tank would protect you from BB guns and small rocks.
Helen Jeffrey
Helen Jeffrey 20 dagen geleden
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Wood Chris
Wood Chris 20 dagen geleden
@Harry Cook +1... (4.... 7.... 9)... 3... 7... 0... 1... 0.... 8... 4 W. H. A. T. A. P. P.....
Harry Cook
Harry Cook 20 dagen geleden
@Desmond Gabriel Alright thanks for the recommendation. But how do I reach her?
Desmond Gabriel
Desmond Gabriel 20 dagen geleden
@Katherine John I really need to invest in crypto because it has risen again...and I need another source of income currently.
Katherine John
Katherine John 20 dagen geleden
@Westwood Steve No exact amount but a profit range from $6,000 to $24,000 depending on the coin fluctuation in the market
Westwood Steve
Westwood Steve 20 dagen geleden
@Penny Ferretiz How much exactly does she make of you in every trade don't mind me asking
Sedaminu Makafui
Sedaminu Makafui 20 dagen geleden
You're such a genius, Alex. It's my first time seeing the inside of a tank, even though this isn't a real tank, it gives me a sense of feeling. Thanks
Vinod Godara
Vinod Godara 20 dagen geleden
Indian bro
RUSLAN PODMAZKO 20 dagen geleden
nice !!!
Haitian Sensation 182
Haitian Sensation 182 20 dagen geleden
She’s doing everything I’m doing in gta 🥲
Hail Kol
Hail Kol 20 dagen geleden
Hi blondie Can you come up with some cheap sport cars like 2000$ camaros firebirds ugly ones funny looking ones
Cuki Yudhanto
Cuki Yudhanto 20 dagen geleden
For the first time, I thought it was CGI.
Pengfei Li
Pengfei Li 20 dagen geleden
Is the key on your necklace to start the tank? haha
JOHN JACKSON 20 dagen geleden
Blondie your so cool. I love ya.🇺🇸
OG thecomedian
OG thecomedian 21 dag geleden
Sadam Laishram
Sadam Laishram 21 dag geleden
She is bored .. upcoming videos -plane driving.
Saf Ou
Saf Ou 21 dag geleden
Hhh omg it's like a video game
Raheem Khan
Raheem Khan 21 dag geleden
Just like you show us new cars every day, you look so beautiful every day with a new face.
Mira Barsham
Mira Barsham 21 dag geleden
Hey supercar blondie. My names Mira. I love watching you're videos!!! I'm 31 and I live in upstate N.Y. I work for tmobile full time. I'd like to make more money as I'm saving up to one day buy a lamborghini. I would love to work for you. I have over 8 years of retail training and I can sell anything!!!
TRIBE OF MENTORS 21 dag geleden
Winners Never Win Because of their Mental Capacity But Rather Their Mental Attitude, Tribe Of Mentors
Garel Caalim
Garel Caalim 22 dagen geleden
Nice tank video.
Garel Caalim
Garel Caalim 22 dagen geleden
Nice tank. Anyway, I'm a new subscriber.
Pranav Wagh
Pranav Wagh 22 dagen geleden
Kilo Jay
Kilo Jay 22 dagen geleden
World War blonde
Destin Crain
Destin Crain 22 dagen geleden
Cold War Russia. Wow cool tank sweetheart. Make a faster chopper . I love you superblondie
Selam van Tongeren
Selam van Tongeren 22 dagen geleden
This is so funny!!
little leech
little leech 22 dagen geleden
Not even a tank, the controls are very simplified, and World of tanks is garbage.
ال رئيس
ال رئيس 22 dagen geleden
U are in Holywood?
Jorge Manuel
Jorge Manuel 23 dagen geleden
Supercar Rose?????
Cbrown Brown
Cbrown Brown 23 dagen geleden
Damn you have a Tank! 👌🤣
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins 23 dagen geleden
This is new
Pirman 23 dagen geleden
3:36 that's hilarious 😂
Gopoos world •‿•
Gopoos world •‿• 23 dagen geleden
5:26 my whole life was a lie😔😔
R Jay
R Jay 24 dagen geleden
Global city dubai👍👍
Gumbo Jambalaya
Gumbo Jambalaya 24 dagen geleden
I've seen better acting on pornhub.
hurB tnemoM
hurB tnemoM 24 dagen geleden
Wow they made the khanjali from gta 5 into real life
Arpit Rawat
Arpit Rawat 24 dagen geleden
Supercar Blondie.. I am from India .. love your channel. You got Indian flag upside down in your video.. Please correct this Its a humble request
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe 24 dagen geleden
ok, I didn't expect that second part of the video, I was like wtf is going on? 😂
Dano UK
Dano UK 24 dagen geleden
"world of tanks...100m players!".......Well Alex, more like 100m registered players. Only about 5k actually bother playing it anymore! lol
Quickfingers 5 dagen geleden
Average of 50k people playing everyday
Abhinav.A.V, Abhiram.A.V
Abhinav.A.V, Abhiram.A.V 24 dagen geleden
I am an indian🇮🇳
Rube Clayton
Rube Clayton 24 dagen geleden
Supercar Blonde driving a Tank... Damn It Girl..
tiofilux daimey
tiofilux daimey 24 dagen geleden
Supercar Blondie:"how freaky crazy is this?" Her go to exclamation
Kelebonye Tlhapi
Kelebonye Tlhapi 24 dagen geleden
Ce jeu est sérieusement un et l'enfer hors de ce monde, devine ce que je dois étudier et jouer en même temps, je ne sais pas lequel est lequel
jeff sarhani
jeff sarhani 24 dagen geleden
Philip James
Philip James 24 dagen geleden
4:53 Indian.. 👍 But the flag shown is inverted. Please change it.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Andreea Zamfirescu
Andreea Zamfirescu 24 dagen geleden
omg when I saw that girl from Moldova I was like: Omggg I feel so patriotic now. Even if I m not from Moldova, but we speak like tha same language. BUT I m proud ngl
😇🇩🇴 I no love ,,, we are going o war 😇🇩🇴
Sana Fatma
Sana Fatma 24 dagen geleden
Hi, my 10 year old son is a very big fan of yours and watches all ur videos. We came outside your building on palm also but Watchman said u don't live here and my son was really upset. He just wanted to meet you once. He also vlogs about cars and has a channel. He thought he will make a video with a you. We are UAE residents too. Kindly reply if my son can meet you. Thanks 👍☺️
BritanyHilton 25 dagen geleden
welp there’s ur insurance honey 🥰😳
Anthony Rexy
Anthony Rexy 25 dagen geleden
Mr Elmo
Mr Elmo 25 dagen geleden
Cool, roughed up by 2 sexy blondes !
Sunnytv channel
Sunnytv channel 25 dagen geleden
Sunnytv channel
Sunnytv channel 25 dagen geleden
Gamer Powell
Gamer Powell 25 dagen geleden
4:57 proud Indian ❤️🇮🇳
Jonsol 25 dagen geleden
"How to drive a tank?" Well, not like that!! 🤣🤣🤣
Ford Car representative Agent
Farzan Ali
Farzan Ali 25 dagen geleden
Murad Gaming
Murad Gaming 25 dagen geleden
Super car and Blondie super nice
Deepak Patel
Deepak Patel 25 dagen geleden
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan
Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars 2019
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan
I just can't keep up!
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