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Sergi has been a part of my team for a few years now, but joined the Supercar Blondie team officially full time earlier this year during lock down. He currently drives a second hand Mitsubishi Lancer with a few scratches and dints which he calls his Silver Bullet. But his favorite car hands down is the BMW X6 M50i so I decided to surprise him with a brand new one from AGMC. Thank you Serg @sergi.galiano for all the positive energy you always bring to work! Hope you enjoy the vid guys! xo Alex
Special thanks to (@bmw_agmc)
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16 dec. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 4 maanden geleden
What mods or wrap should Sergi get guys?? ❤️
Golden Goddess
Golden Goddess 29 dagen geleden
It’s my dream car also,man I will have this one day
Hein Koelen
Hein Koelen Maand geleden
silver, his new silver bullet
home gardening
home gardening Maand geleden ❤️❤️❤️🙏
Ehan Ahmed
Ehan Ahmed Maand geleden
I think probably camo skin.
abhilal pt
abhilal pt Maand geleden
Need a job can u help me?
Kingsley Tobin
Kingsley Tobin 5 uur geleden
Let a contemporary artist loose - wild one off work.
Raunaq Sehmby
Raunaq Sehmby 9 uur geleden
her smile✨✨✨✨✨
Baz 10 uur geleden
Wow lucky boy.
Rakshak S Rao
Rakshak S Rao 10 uur geleden
Super human supercar blondie...his grace always...keep up u r good/social work god bless you 🤗🙏🇮🇳
Peng Yaw
Peng Yaw 12 uur geleden
Hi, where do I send my resume? :-)
Talal 12 uur geleden
Where do I sign up
Anay Patil
Anay Patil 13 uur geleden
Put an FI Exhaust on it, it will sound bonkers.
Hayder Abdella
Hayder Abdella 17 uur geleden
Love your work! We need more like u
Shubham Yadav
Shubham Yadav 21 uur geleden
This video is too depressing for me😒
Евгений Санников
Ни Хуя 🥳🤣 себе подарок
Monty Pyton
Monty Pyton Dag geleden
Can i be your employe?
bigabs bigabs
bigabs bigabs Dag geleden
i am from Senegal i always watch your videos is always amazing i am your number one fans
bigabs bigabs
bigabs bigabs Dag geleden
@Supercar Blondies Yah am cool i really like your videos i always watch your show on NLblock
Supercar Blondies
Supercar Blondies Dag geleden
Supercar Blondies
Supercar Blondies Dag geleden
Supercar Blondies
Supercar Blondies Dag geleden
Khaled Amamra
Khaled Amamra Dag geleden
But you are more expensive than the car 💪
ExperienceAfricans Dag geleden
These are they people whom make you a a success and if they are not well representing your brand then you are a failure yourself.#rewardingahardworkingstaff#superblondie
Owen Bitar
Owen Bitar 2 dagen geleden
I wish you guys could smell this 🤣💜
Owen Bitar
Owen Bitar 2 dagen geleden
HARUN RAŞİD 2 dagen geleden
Nobody: İ:no car🤦🏻‍♂️😒🙄
HARUN RAŞİD 2 dagen geleden
Adam kesin bidaha maaş alamicak😂
Tim Van Rode
Tim Van Rode 2 dagen geleden
What is the location please?
Motlatsi Lebereko
Motlatsi Lebereko 2 dagen geleden
I'm working for the wrong people. Not even Donald does this for his employees.
You Tube
You Tube 2 dagen geleden
Super Blondies everywhere
You Tube
You Tube 2 dagen geleden
I doubt that Lancer is worth 5 grand
Cherry Tampos
Cherry Tampos 2 dagen geleden
Tears are pouring down my face. Im supertouched.... I've been following Supercar Blondie; Love from philippinEs
beauty nerie
beauty nerie 2 dagen geleden
Once a philosopher said: SANA ALL
jfp Sword
jfp Sword 2 dagen geleden
You're so cool.....wish to have one🤣🤣🤣keep making people happy...more powers to you Superblondie and your team😃😃Godbless🙏🙏🙏
SPECTRE 2 dagen geleden
I would love to be your employee.
mang hkip
mang hkip 2 dagen geleden
New subscriber here
Cupra007 Cupra007
Cupra007 Cupra007 2 dagen geleden
Karen Silang
Karen Silang 3 dagen geleden
He's really lucky to have you superblondie. 😍😍😍 i mean to having good employer like you.
Gen 3 dagen geleden
Let me work for you : my dream car G Wagon
SamuraiWolf 3 dagen geleden
n paycheck decreased for a year or two after the reaction recorded ...
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson 3 dagen geleden
this is so sweet Your the best SCB
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson 3 dagen geleden
whats with the 1.8k fools that disliked this vid
Maddy Botte
Maddy Botte 3 dagen geleden
the guy doesnt even wanna pimp out. his car and you just speak over him. You got this car for clicks.
Furqan Raja
Furqan Raja 3 dagen geleden
Hi dear can you talk with me in inbox
Soy Suello
Soy Suello 3 dagen geleden
Tarun Krishna
Tarun Krishna 3 dagen geleden
Hi supercar blonde one quick question how do u get so much money.?
Baba Tee
Baba Tee 3 dagen geleden
God bless you Blondie. You are a wonderful employer.
Supercar Blondies
Supercar Blondies Dag geleden
Rachel Ottelé
Rachel Ottelé 4 dagen geleden
Le cadeau a moitié empoisonné 😑😑😑 @tesla Ça paie l'assurance, le carnet d'entretien et les réparations sur classées ? 😎
exratr 4 dagen geleden
wanted life accomplishments: work for alex
DrizzMcnizz 4 dagen geleden
Supercar Blondie set I bough e car but she bough it now
Gauresh Ugandran
Gauresh Ugandran 4 dagen geleden
Abdullah Abdul Rahman
Abdullah Abdul Rahman 4 dagen geleden
You should be ashamed of yourself, because in Africa and Asia there are people living even below poverty level. and that dude already had a good car and i am sure good job as well. BMW X6 M50i cost around $ 86,000 to $ 99,000. If you convert this money into African money or even in Asian currency. Its huge huge money for them. You should have find out some people in Africa and transfer that money to them. The cost of this car is enough to spend upon 100's of families there and they could survive on that money for at least 6 months to 12 months easily. And they would be praying for you for months and months. But this is all about understanding and thinking deeply. Which sadly few people think about it today.
hritik p
hritik p 4 dagen geleden
just imagine if your boss gives you the car when u dont know how to drive!!
Bijesh KS
Bijesh KS 4 dagen geleden
Valery Aches
Valery Aches 5 dagen geleden
How I wish I could be like Sergi someday full of emotions and not believing my eyes seeing this luxury car being mine forever.
Yusra A
Yusra A 5 dagen geleden
He can see the name on the car key
Edy Palacios
Edy Palacios 5 dagen geleden
Me gustaría tener uno yo, no precisamente así, pero siquiera, al menos, para movilizarme. Dios les bendiga. (:
Rakan 778
Rakan 778 5 dagen geleden
No way this guy so happy with dream car i am saying "no way he got the dream car forever"
Phantom Free Fire
Phantom Free Fire 5 dagen geleden
I don't know any specifications of those cars but if I get one will definitely have anyone of one😁😁😁
Joseph Macintosh
Joseph Macintosh 5 dagen geleden
she is so pretty and nice and kind wow good job
Manjunath 5 dagen geleden
I wish I had an employer like you❤️❤️
Muhammed Sinan Cc
Muhammed Sinan Cc 5 dagen geleden
I can smell from here because i am sitting on a new bmw😊
hassan A
hassan A 6 dagen geleden
hassan A
hassan A 6 dagen geleden
MIA KALOKA VLOGS 6 dagen geleden
Bhuds Taleon
Bhuds Taleon 6 dagen geleden
Paul rock Paul rock
Paul rock Paul rock 6 dagen geleden
I want to joint with u
Evan Arifeen
Evan Arifeen 6 dagen geleden
I love this , n you.....
Minou Minou
Minou Minou 6 dagen geleden
These beautiful stories of phenomenal surprises we only see on NLblock. Having a surprise car for me seems impossible but ...I was very happy for Sergi. He really deserves it. NB: Will I have one day the opportunity to have a beautiful blue metallic car like surprise ? Thank you for the joy you bring us !
Cabisay Sister duo channel
Wow!!! What a wonderful great boss you are madam!!!💙 YOU ARE SO KIND HEARTED❤❤❤
Aslon boy blogger
Aslon boy blogger 7 dagen geleden
Wow Thats great nice car my dreams come true
bet cha
bet cha 7 dagen geleden
You are really good boss.. How i wish to be your employee.. i miss UAE.....
Ddn Balo
Ddn Balo 7 dagen geleden
Good luck dear .... ❤❤❤
Andreas Bekrenew
Andreas Bekrenew 7 dagen geleden
Hol mich ab mit BMW selbst. 😎🤙
Andreas Bekrenew
Andreas Bekrenew 7 dagen geleden
I love you Baby ! Schenk mir diese BMW M6 . LG Andreas.
Ankit Yadav
Ankit Yadav 7 dagen geleden
In India a middle class family can just dream of having a luxury car like this....hope one day my dream come true
Ankit Yadav
Ankit Yadav 7 dagen geleden
Even I had a dream of buying one......but it's impossible that someone will gift a brand new BMW X6 to me......19th Dec is my D.O.B and this video is of 16th dec....just 3 days before my b'day....!!!!
Princessjasmine Lemeric
Princessjasmine Lemeric 7 dagen geleden
Wow sososo amazing supercarblondie😍😍😍 wish im one of your employee too 😁😊😊😊😊
NELSON OBIKA 7 dagen geleden
Please ma'am, I'm one of your biggest fan😃, but please I beg of you for one thing😢😢 can you gift me an iPhone 12pro max ma’am 😢I don’t have a good phone please madam
Cheezza clear Sabchez
Cheezza clear Sabchez 8 dagen geleden
I wish we can have afamy car too
ALING Sally 8 dagen geleden
God bless you mam
diolyrene sakalam
diolyrene sakalam 8 dagen geleden
, 💖
Arabelle Yong
Arabelle Yong 8 dagen geleden
Lexxus Gillespie
Lexxus Gillespie 8 dagen geleden
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan 8 dagen geleden
i wish i have a boss like you
Lady Diana Arago
Lady Diana Arago 8 dagen geleden
wow! can I apply ms. blondie as one of your employee? hehe..your so super kind employer..more blessings to come.
Zyrelle Apuntar
Zyrelle Apuntar 8 dagen geleden
Ems G
Ems G 8 dagen geleden
God bless You Blondie
chester melgarejo jr.
chester melgarejo jr. 8 dagen geleden
big heart idol pls motor bike i have messege to u on messenger😇😊💝
Just Wen
Just Wen 8 dagen geleden
Wow you such a nice Boss, so generous to others human being, the world need more people like you. Respect 🙏😍🤗. Peace Always✌🏼😇
bassam bouhamad
bassam bouhamad 8 dagen geleden
You are very nice lady and comfortable with money and your worker deserve it , Can you please help me too to fix my old rotten car ?
Sheila Anlawe
Sheila Anlawe 9 dagen geleden
This is the true love of attraction! You attracted your dream car. So nice. Your boss is amazing! God is good all the time. This shows that you should do the best in everything to get a reward. I got emotional too. Congratulations for all of you!
Philecia Maritz
Philecia Maritz 9 dagen geleden
Why is the girl saying we got a new car , totally a gold digger , anyway congrats and happy birthday , i hate such bithces
Uday M
Uday M 9 dagen geleden
Every employee must have boss like you... Not a so called boss You are gardian... 10k👍👍👍
simplymemitch yuson banjao
Supercar blondie,I just need a house 🏠🙏🙏🙏
Royal City Fabrics
Royal City Fabrics 9 dagen geleden
You are very lovely girl and I love you so much.
amitaro Jamir
amitaro Jamir 9 dagen geleden
When I was 15 . My dad bought me a Mercedes truck . I mean mercedes toy truck
bahram mobini
bahram mobini 10 dagen geleden
hi baby. very very very very very very good. thanks
Adoine shashak
Adoine shashak 10 dagen geleden
wip it to look as badass
Odinga Fanuel
Odinga Fanuel 10 dagen geleden
@Supercar Blondie is one of the most real, informative, passionate, and simple NLblockrs you'll ever come across on NLblock
Ratan Sekhon
Ratan Sekhon 10 dagen geleden
I want to be your employee
lakmal madhusanka
lakmal madhusanka 10 dagen geleden
I recommend this emotional video to my BOSS.
Heherson Albano
Heherson Albano 11 dagen geleden
That was cool madam 😊
Angellie Tano
Angellie Tano 11 dagen geleden
wow ur so kind and generous maam
harshadahmedabad 11 dagen geleden
Wow BMW, Amazing Gift 😋😋
atul upadhyay
atul upadhyay 11 dagen geleden
Congratulations sergi 💐💐
Abhishek kumar
Abhishek kumar 12 dagen geleden
His girlfriend was more happy than him😂😂
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 12 dagen geleden
I can watched you all day... You such a lovely kid
Peter Akpos
Peter Akpos 12 dagen geleden
I smile thank you
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