Lamborghini Girls! 

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Massive thanks to @oppo & @oppomobilees for bringing me to Spain for the Lamborghini Squadra Corse World Finals! They have just released the new OPPO Reno2 mobile phone, which is partly modelled off a Lamborghini (check out the selfie cam!). In this vid my mate Kristen and I get to take out both the SVJ and the Huracan Evo Spyder. Hope you like it!
New Reno2 -
Much love fam
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30 okt. 2019




Bezig met laden.....

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Rabnawaz Lodhi
Rabnawaz Lodhi 2 dagen geleden
First time I saw your video it's adorable awesome lovely
Rudy Redoble
Rudy Redoble 6 dagen geleden
Wow; very fast.i really love watching a lady driver. I love it.
Dev Kepche Gurung
Dev Kepche Gurung 8 dagen geleden
So beautiful
Arthur Wolf
Arthur Wolf 9 dagen geleden
Scottie Allen
Scottie Allen 10 dagen geleden
Only thing better then driving that lambo.. getting head from the passenger while driving that lambo.. can you imagime??? SIGH GOALS$
Jia Ming Neoh
Jia Ming Neoh 11 dagen geleden
No! Lamborghini boy!!!
Nico Schilling
Nico Schilling 14 dagen geleden
I tuned in because of this stunning girl she had there!!!!
Max Aksenov
Max Aksenov 14 dagen geleden
Shïvã HkP
Shïvã HkP 15 dagen geleden
My favourite car
Rules Of Engagement
Rules Of Engagement 16 dagen geleden
instead of enjoying the ride you stupid ass has a camera in each hand
влад завадовский
to barbi veri veri cood!!!!
Valpair aviacion Valpair
Valpair aviacion Valpair 17 dagen geleden
Iros al Mercadona
chris smith
chris smith 18 dagen geleden
Now that is sunshine in the morning an thought the day an into the night!!!
Edin Halkic.
Edin Halkic. 18 dagen geleden
Ally Strong
Ally Strong 19 dagen geleden
ThAt was a cool review.. with smiles all around... I love how your energy is always alive...
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 20 dagen geleden
You get the phone with the car, so cool.
Alex Aquarius
Alex Aquarius 20 dagen geleden
She rides an R1! DAMN! AND she has the the green car. What can I do to earn money like her?
Pete Muller
Pete Muller 20 dagen geleden
Yuk......she is so inner don’t need these sorts of girls Alex......
Apichar Jiratanan
Apichar Jiratanan 21 dag geleden
Now thats how you drive a Lamborghini
Seb 23 dagen geleden
Every time they hit the gas pedal, the camera man is probably like Wtf?
MD Masum
MD Masum 24 dagen geleden
Love you 💕
Mo Richard S
Mo Richard S 24 dagen geleden
Alex! Your humility is sexier than the lambos!
makemoneyrelax 24 dagen geleden
that chick is hot, potato head on the other hand.....
Raden Vanero
Raden Vanero 25 dagen geleden
👍omset gua seterpikat nama saya oke
Ailyn Flores
Ailyn Flores 27 dagen geleden
Ailyn Flores
Ailyn Flores 27 dagen geleden
Suarez_ Michael_Fit
Suarez_ Michael_Fit 28 dagen geleden
What is the supercars blondie NLblockr name❓
DEV ASISH 28 dagen geleden
u know what gal, u gotta stop promoting oppo and focus on ur car agenda... u know good for business
amy singh
amy singh Maand geleden
Hey you supercar blondie i have a huge girl crush on you okkkk....😂😊😊
Michael Luckenbach
Michael Luckenbach Maand geleden
Hey Alex hello hug for ya both Beautys Ya looking great wonderful Lovely wishes A Nice wonderful Sunny day for ya both
Paulo Matos
Paulo Matos Maand geleden
George Zagr
George Zagr Maand geleden
That chic that rides the R1 is so sexxxy
bugoi claudiu
bugoi claudiu Maand geleden
What the duck is this?
ROBERT SAVAGE Maand geleden
Kristen is immensely impressive ❤️
Samory Hemingway
Samory Hemingway Maand geleden
A Ferrari is faster than a Lamborghini
Elli G Concepcion
Elli G Concepcion Maand geleden
Gorgeous Supercar Blondie😍🤩🥰💋💋👼🙏😘🔥🇵🇭love yah!♥️💖
Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson Maand geleden
Was it cool going around the track?? What speed did she get it up to??
Friends billy Idol & jimmy Idol & steave stevens
very beautiful girls and cars!lamborgini forever!where you from, i thing australia i hope,or italy very best cars, i stay italia tsao thenks for all
Y S Maand geleden
Hook me up with a lambo girl
Elli G Concepcion
Elli G Concepcion Maand geleden
Lamborghini ❤️💖🥰🤩😍 sexy sounds 🤩🤩🥰💖❤️ both of you are sexy❤️💖🤩😍🥰👏👏👏💮💮💮💮
rezwan haider chowdhoury
Danny Orsello
Danny Orsello Maand geleden
Loved it. Hard not to notice the supermodel...........:)
Tom Ranum
Tom Ranum Maand geleden
Dumbness live!
hoxoh123 Maand geleden
You should invite your friend to more of your videos! Like her boots.
JOHN JACKSON Maand geleden
Priyesh Yuvraj
Priyesh Yuvraj 2 maanden geleden
sexy womens
Pale Amigo
Pale Amigo 2 maanden geleden
Great video! Thank you!👍💖
മാലാഖ ANGELS VLOG 2 maanden geleden
DonOneDeMarco 2 maanden geleden
Just had to like the video due to the boot pockets lol excellent
Themachine 2 maanden geleden
R her breast real? Just wondering
Michael Luckenbach
Michael Luckenbach 2 maanden geleden
It's a Nice green
Michael Luckenbach
Michael Luckenbach 2 maanden geleden
Hi hey hello hug Beautys ya looking great wonderful Lovely wishes
Just Me
Just Me 2 maanden geleden
blondie does not know how to drive the white lambo.... fact
Just Me
Just Me 2 maanden geleden
6:44 I think you look fun...
Michael Degani
Michael Degani 2 maanden geleden
Please, please bring Kristen in that short dress outfit to all your videos, I think I am in Love.
Ibrahim Sankoh
Ibrahim Sankoh 2 maanden geleden
will be glad if i have one of your hat. Thank you
Sanjay Mm
Sanjay Mm 2 maanden geleden ...
Iztok Snipovsky
Iztok Snipovsky 2 maanden geleden
I love the Huubell boosters
Robert Bourgeois
Robert Bourgeois 2 maanden geleden
That girl drives! Damn. Love you Blondie, but damn, that girl drives. I love the brave ones.
Giuseppe Ongano
Giuseppe Ongano 2 maanden geleden
It's funny that everytime I hear the exhaust sound the subtitle is ...Music...
Deresh7 2 maanden geleden
Who is your gf blondie is she on instagram ?
Namra Kotadiya
Namra Kotadiya 2 maanden geleden
The evo looks more sexy and love its sound. BTW the Evo has better sound than the svj
Mina Nemr
Mina Nemr 2 maanden geleden
I found myself alive with this video via watching of it via me.
Dilan Sasanka
Dilan Sasanka 2 maanden geleden
I like how she volume up in car😁
Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira 2 maanden geleden
vaya orejas la morena, puro plástico fijo ha ha ha..
Muhmmad Khan
Muhmmad Khan 2 maanden geleden
No one needs lambo after looking at her
robin hodgson
robin hodgson 2 maanden geleden
ok is this a comedy show or is it about cars please get some one better and with out the no brain buffoonery she may have the looks but the heart that's the 64 million 11d7 buck arooney are they for real
Thereal Black-ruthless
Thereal Black-ruthless 2 maanden geleden
khz ind
khz ind 2 maanden geleden
Shouldn't you have a very good memory before owning a lambo? Because you have to memorize all the roads without speed bumbs. And also must have the Intel of Google maps to decide upon the routes without speed bumps. Anybody please correct me, of wrong or missed anything.
yosef Gamer
yosef Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Loav you grles😍
yosef Gamer
yosef Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Come on a glass girl with a Lamborghini or rare🤩🤤
yosef Gamer
yosef Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Weat dfak
Suranthi Supulee
Suranthi Supulee 2 maanden geleden
You girls rock
Tanya Opperman
Tanya Opperman 2 maanden geleden
Азизбек Довидов
Akash V
Akash V 2 maanden geleden
Banda Magdum
Banda Magdum 2 maanden geleden
She increasing temperature too hot
gerry tian
gerry tian 2 maanden geleden
Grls power Man enjoy 😂😁
Harold Dobbins
Harold Dobbins 2 maanden geleden
Girl! You live a lovely and exciting life WOW!🤗
Rahul reddy
Rahul reddy 2 maanden geleden
10:55 that's Phoebe and Rachel.🏃‍♀️🤣
Rohansinghh 2 maanden geleden
the title is super cringe
BankaiKiller 2 maanden geleden
The babe in the thumbnail is way more hot than blondie lol😂😂😂
salah Jack
salah Jack 2 maanden geleden
Wow, how beautiful you are
Sunny 3 maanden geleden
Your voice is very sweet
Sai Wolfie
Sai Wolfie 3 maanden geleden
Anyone else cringe as Blondie puts the box on the hood of the car? Is it just me? If so apologies.
Massimiliano Doro
Massimiliano Doro 3 maanden geleden
You could make that video with Elettra Lamborghini
Ahmed Aloush
Ahmed Aloush 3 maanden geleden
Ahmed Aloush
Ahmed Aloush 3 maanden geleden
Mason Graves
Mason Graves 3 maanden geleden
This is my favorite supercar blonde video because it has 2 super cute girls and 2 sexy cars
KeetuiGaming 3 maanden geleden
Damn nice car's
Exotic Nj Cars
Exotic Nj Cars 3 maanden geleden
Follow me to se much cars
Sybot Super
Sybot Super 3 maanden geleden
Hi, my name is SAJID, I m from Pakistan (Karachi). You mayb the best car lover on net. Your passion with cars is quite evident... Hope u gift me a 2nd hand, used car for me :), Thumbs up
chips mcgee
chips mcgee 3 maanden geleden
slpip 3 maanden geleden
Nice toy cars!
DieMen Gem
DieMen Gem 3 maanden geleden
bahram mobini
bahram mobini 3 maanden geleden
🇮🇷 Hi 😍 very Very Very good.
Eric Hart
Eric Hart 3 maanden geleden
LOL not a good look for you....ahahaha...I am grateful you are so cool to take the helmet shield in style
M Raju
M Raju 3 maanden geleden
Happy New year dude, car and Lamborghini girls are both wow😀, if I have choice ,I will select both
yashtonk1 3 maanden geleden
6:31 - I heard,look at his boobs....dirty
Oliver Manley
Oliver Manley 3 maanden geleden
Such a cool job getting to view and drive so many very cool cars . That's my dream job . Lucky young lady .
mad 205
mad 205 3 maanden geleden
Need For Speed in Real Life!
Abandoned Supercars in Dubai!