New 2021 Escalade | The Super Tech SUV! 

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I'm testing the sportiest of the new Escalades, the Sport Platinum edition. It's the first time I've seen a fridge and a freezer integrated between the passenger and the driver's seats. Love the voice enhancer tech and the massive screen that has Virtual Reality capabilities. Thoughts guys?
xo Alex
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14 dec. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 4 maanden geleden
What would you put in the freezer??
ARS DPR 3 dagen geleden
Hot Clip
Hot Clip 5 dagen geleden
come to me baby 😘😘😘😘❤️
Risath sanlisa de silva
Risath sanlisa de silva 5 dagen geleden
But as i know most of the cars have a fridge in between the driver and passenger seat
diolyrene sakalam
diolyrene sakalam 8 dagen geleden
Food and vegetables 😍😍😍😍😍
Christel Horcajo
Christel Horcajo 10 dagen geleden
I put beer and softdrinks😁
ثامر خيرالله
Lashik Dhananjayajumar
Lashik Dhananjayajumar 12 uur geleden
VECCHIO 18 uur geleden
what a nice and luxury family truck.....
edin hodzic
edin hodzic 19 uur geleden
USA 6.2l V8 420ps Germany 3.0l diesel 400ps LOL
Vicky Sohel
Vicky Sohel Dag geleden
dreAm car girl
necromancerisme Dag geleden
This is a 38 inch curved..................Thats what she said!
Bidart Bauer
Bidart Bauer 2 dagen geleden
Looks good, the problem is, its a cadillac, us cars are crap, probably will give you transmition problems and not to mention fuel comsuption
Christian Roots
Christian Roots 2 dagen geleden
The conversation enhancer lol this car needs a stfu button too lol
La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara
Dinda....ri pake lokka ri florida😂😂😂75338 bacanna sandi nomor to sama boooo'....tambai nah magi Queen pake plag orang biasa guys👎👎👎we(ratu)englis Queen pake nomor 999.958.954.tendry 999.datu958 gazebo villar rumah unik/antik.954 adroungh mister artix 954 gezocca.kejoika😂😂😂yg selevelx dia maksud tennia maksud'na to biasa golongan syailendra dengan sudra
Mário Jorge Caldeira
Mário Jorge Caldeira 2 dagen geleden
How much is it cost right now?
uryuu 2 dagen geleden
I love the screen because it is Oled by Samsung together with the 36 speakers by AKG which is also owned by Samsung.
keven cole
keven cole 3 dagen geleden
Super Car PINKIE ! ; )
That Christine Lover
That Christine Lover 3 dagen geleden
She is gorgeous!
Balogun Sadiq Akolade
Balogun Sadiq Akolade 3 dagen geleden
muhammad abdullah
muhammad abdullah 3 dagen geleden
Well 90000 is nothing because a land cruiser in pakistan cost around 216000 dollars
muhammad abdullah
muhammad abdullah 3 dagen geleden
What car she owns herself
Músicas Suarez
Músicas Suarez 3 dagen geleden
Please. Puts de cámara 📷 to the all car 🚗 and to the rod. Wee need to see tha car in and aut 🚗 . Not the bitiful Gil . Thank
Karim 4 dagen geleden
Can you make a video showing us the night vision like I just want to see how it looks like
Eat y’all beans Lowe’s
8:44 That’s what she said
Myls Wytt
Myls Wytt 4 dagen geleden
Love the way you present the truck, even the pros and cos. Love watching your vlog.
Ashley FAITH Edwards
Ashley FAITH Edwards 5 dagen geleden
Yes getting one this Year 🙌
Can Atilla Talay
Can Atilla Talay 5 dagen geleden
is this the esv?
MUAMMER Durak 5 dagen geleden
Nice shit
Ashwin T.
Ashwin T. 5 dagen geleden
Great car. But those turn indicators on fender are a bit let down.
bahram mobini
bahram mobini 6 dagen geleden
hi baby. very very very very very very good. thanks
tim jesse
tim jesse 6 dagen geleden
over priced, over rated. Can't compare to Navigator
ece 6 dagen geleden
ömrüm boyunca çalışsam türkiye şartlarında bu arabaya sahip olamam :/
Jose Mirador
Jose Mirador 6 dagen geleden
Escalade nice suv car.
Branch Covidian
Branch Covidian 7 dagen geleden
Sweat paints?
Zana satori
Zana satori 8 dagen geleden
I love it when she says(here)
SALIM TRADE 8 dagen geleden
Kanhai Prajapati
Kanhai Prajapati 8 dagen geleden
Watch doug for car reviews he knows so much better for starters she didn’t know how to actually open the trunk
Pink Rainbow
Pink Rainbow 8 dagen geleden
JusT LookinG aT You makes me wanna smack someone
ToastyBeats 9 dagen geleden
3:52 supercarblondie looks so small in that car 😂
POOJA GOEL 9 dagen geleden
I am following you from last many years and see all your all videos regularly but this is my first time i comment (YOU ARE AWESOME). I wish in the future you show us more futuristic cars.
Nkem Sb Harold
Nkem Sb Harold 9 dagen geleden
American king of the road👌👍👏✌👊
אבי זרמין
אבי זרמין 9 dagen geleden
Really? Female introduces it?
Dexter 9 dagen geleden
This or the bmw x7?
Ajay Sasi
Ajay Sasi 9 dagen geleden
If you own this car You will get hit by the boot
Hareesh Gottipati
Hareesh Gottipati 10 dagen geleden
120K and you still have to fill gas and drive it yourself? BS. Get a Tesla Model S performance instead
yogendra Pratap
yogendra Pratap 10 dagen geleden
Black beast
Roger Niverski
Roger Niverski 10 dagen geleden
The shifter looks like BMW :D
MASON091 11 dagen geleden
Dude Escalades are so 1999 no one cares.
Shai Mbayise
Shai Mbayise 11 dagen geleden
Rappers already have
Obama SmokesMids
Obama SmokesMids 11 dagen geleden
Cars should of been built like this years ago, we are so behind in tech with cars honestly
Lyra Cyst
Lyra Cyst 12 dagen geleden
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susan michael
susan michael 12 dagen geleden
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Being Grilled !!
Being Grilled !! 12 dagen geleden
Xotix Yes sir
Xotix Yes sir 12 dagen geleden
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Achmad Maulana Alawi
Achmad Maulana Alawi 12 dagen geleden
her review makes everything looks futuristic
Hans Hibbach
Hans Hibbach 12 dagen geleden
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CTG 13 dagen geleden
Awesome vehicle but you need a new camera man. It was difficult to watch this.
Karl Wells
Karl Wells 13 dagen geleden
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Râ Gâmïńg
Râ Gâmïńg 13 dagen geleden
Can you show Ford F-150 raptor 2021?
SunstateSnipr1K 14 dagen geleden
I mean it’s a big truck. But it could have like 450 HP
Fast Driver22
Fast Driver22 14 dagen geleden
Avyesh Rughwani
Avyesh Rughwani 14 dagen geleden
The rims that you like, I have worked on those. 😁 #iworkforgm
Aktar din
Aktar din 14 dagen geleden Blondie'.madam. please
Armando Velasquez
Armando Velasquez 14 dagen geleden
Miss supercar blondie. Pls help me to materialize my dream a kymco downtown 350i..i cant raise the 50%doen.but i can pay the monthly amortization. It will come to my salary in my small work Hope you read my wish. Thanks
Miska Love
Miska Love 15 dagen geleden
Mau beli sayang nya nggak ada di indonesia
wpl g
wpl g 15 dagen geleden
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chido mlambo
chido mlambo 15 dagen geleden
supercar blondie without blond hair
Aj Yoga
Aj Yoga 16 dagen geleden
Oh the car is so beautiful .I wish I had a car too
Chaouki Chibani
Chaouki Chibani 16 dagen geleden
it's my weeding hhhhh whaaaaat !!!!!!!!! waw !!
Ezra Beyda
Ezra Beyda 16 dagen geleden
Do u want a ride in the new escalade ..- rolls Royce drives by😂😂
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 16 dagen geleden
Meh, I have a bigger screen at home
Cobu F
Cobu F 16 dagen geleden
But shes not blonde...
Nathan Gates
Nathan Gates 16 dagen geleden
Supercar Blondie, I'd spend a $115k on a new Escalade Sport Platinum just to have a date with you! Sadly, I'm likely twice your age, so I'll just have to settle for the Escalade. :-) Solid review! Thanks. And whomever it is who gave you that wedding ring, lucky guy! I'm actually torn between the loaded Premier Plus GMC Yukon AT4 and the loaded Cadillac Escalade Sport Platinum with the heavy duty towing package to get the 4W Low option. Wish I could play Mr. Potato Head and combine the Escalade luxury with the AT4 off road capability and larger sidewall tires. Leaning towards the Escalade, probably the white exterior, black interior. Considering the twin turbo diesel version actually. Keep up the great work.
Yohan Thomas
Yohan Thomas 17 dagen geleden
My dream car🙇‍♂️🙏
rocky singh
rocky singh 17 dagen geleden
miss those days when car driving was a skill... now it is all technology..
bip Roy
bip Roy 17 dagen geleden
I love your car
Know your hair
Know your hair 17 dagen geleden
Hmmm any one going to mention the massive yellow diamond on her finger what a beaut. Love the sparkle ❇️
nnamdi c ifediegwu
nnamdi c ifediegwu 17 dagen geleden
That's a big boy ride
Nicon Santillán
Nicon Santillán 17 dagen geleden
Ugly blondie
yes • 900 years ago
yes • 900 years ago 17 dagen geleden
Ooooh yeah I bet she loves the vibrating seat she be getting closer and closer to that car for perposes I can not say 🤣
Nigel Powers
Nigel Powers 17 dagen geleden
Imagine buying this car for the kids!!!! Car pool!!!! Let's goooo!!!
Baizhou Teng
Baizhou Teng 17 dagen geleden
I know you love wedding now..I will give you one
SIDHARTH RAMADAS 17 dagen geleden
I want this car if a zombie apocalypse occur.
iDontWonnaBe Hodeda
iDontWonnaBe Hodeda 18 dagen geleden
420 horse power isnt just fast, it can fly
Jaha Lost
Jaha Lost 18 dagen geleden
range rover copy front but theyve maintained the back
MiSAka 18 dagen geleden
My dream SUV😍😍
E A 19 dagen geleden
When i would be rich this would be my daily
細井光一 19 dagen geleden
So boring
T Williams
T Williams 19 dagen geleden
Cadillac has one of the worst reliability ratings at Consumer Reports. Why would anyone even consider this? It's an embarrassment to be seen in. Only the US president has to be seen in an ugly fake Cadillac, based on a truck, with its ugly tacked on front end, and a Cadillac emblem conveying "substandard of the world"
Jan jan Membrebe
Jan jan Membrebe 19 dagen geleden
Love this car
REAL TV 20 dagen geleden
She's been sponsored and looking fine as wine? Meanwhile, all the cities she stood in crying and shouting out the blood of our fallen the families of the murdered deceased are left with no peace, no money, and no justice. Tragedy! Lastly, they wont approve you at any Cadillac dealership unless you have A1 credit and your the flavor of the day!
Jasmine Yaginuma
Jasmine Yaginuma 20 dagen geleden
Your ring is stunning 🤩
Alex Mac
Alex Mac 19 dagen geleden
Lemme get u one
Alan 20 dagen geleden
I like your Gucci
ljamesretuya 20 dagen geleden
While the escalade is impressive, I still prefer the navigator over it. Much more classy in my opinion.
Seydina Mouhamed Diaw
Seydina Mouhamed Diaw 21 dag geleden
I love this car. I love so mach.
Magnus Engström
Magnus Engström 21 dag geleden
You should kick up in the back to open the door.
Ruben tektask
Ruben tektask 21 dag geleden
Top 5 CARS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THE KING OF THE ROAD 1. 2020 CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV PLATINUM 2. 2021 Rolls Royce Phantom 3. 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum Sport 4. 2020 Bentley Continental GT 5. 2021 Bentley Flying Spur
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 22 dagen geleden
I love how theres just a rolls Royce driving next to you lol
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad 22 dagen geleden
This car is a gangsta till the company recalls it.
Brucks Trending
Brucks Trending 22 dagen geleden
The next version should have 6 wheels
Marcelo Reyes
Marcelo Reyes 23 dagen geleden
Watching from philippines wow super amazing car.
Frank 23 dagen geleden
Audi,Bmw,Benz got SD card since 2012 and Night vision. Cadillac is so behind .
Matt Zielinski
Matt Zielinski 23 dagen geleden
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futuristic 23 dagen geleden
I wish car designers would LISTEN to Alex's ideas, they might actually love her ideas
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan
I Bought My First Hypercar!
The New Rolls Royce Ghost!
Weergaven 2,5 mln.
Vrouwonvriendelijke Erdogan