New Corvette Stingray - Muscle Car or Super Car 

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This is the 8th generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, which for the first time in its history, is now a mid-engined sports car. You get almost 500hp and a supercar-looking design for a fantastic price. I'm a fan of this new direction for Corvette. Are you??
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Thanks for watching guys xo Alex

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27 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 2 maanden geleden
Have you seen my new NLblock channel? new vid live!
Dinesh Kumara
Dinesh Kumara 15 dagen geleden
can u give me a car
Bosingr Maand geleden
There IS a convertible version coming. I'm surprised they didn't provide you with one. The Zo6 higher performance version is coming later this year. But like you, I don't like that long narrow strip of buttons on that driver/passenger separator panel. That indeed would be awkward to use. But I definitely love the new look! It was much needed.
Hunter Bear
Hunter Bear Maand geleden
ain't the price like 59k not 60k
Reyansh Barrett
Reyansh Barrett Maand geleden
@Jordan Knox wow! Took about 10 minutes but it reallyworked!
Omy Gerosa JustHen86
Omy Gerosa JustHen86 Maand geleden
Dominic Telymonde
Dominic Telymonde 8 uur geleden
Its 0-60 in 2.8 seconds not 0-100 in 3 seconds, but hey was a great review
M Martinez
M Martinez 9 uur geleden
How come she doesn't sing?
C5Ron7 15 uur geleden
rico387 23 uur geleden
An oil change service for the Corvette cost absolutely the same as a burger and fries for two.
Uzzii GF
Uzzii GF Dag geleden
Who's here after chevy is making a 855hp ZR1
Alex Fdez.
Alex Fdez. 2 dagen geleden
Thanks God I dont haven the wallet with me..Ohh..the movil sht...!!
Nike Life
Nike Life 2 dagen geleden
WTF happen to her check bones.
Aaron Benton
Aaron Benton 2 dagen geleden
I dont like the new design at all. They completely abandoned the previous designs. They could have come up with something way more in line with what a corvette is supposed to be. Its fast, but i think they missed the mark on this one.
largec 3 dagen geleden
I love the new stingray, and it is at a reasonable price, and it can't get any better then that!!!
Claudinei Domingues
Claudinei Domingues 4 dagen geleden
Stingray 😍
Richard Yewchuk
Richard Yewchuk 4 dagen geleden
I much prefer the new look. It is far better. I also much prefer the mid-engine placement of the engine. The Corvette is the type of sports car everyone just falls in love with.
Shawn John
Shawn John 4 dagen geleden
I love super car blondie.
Klutch Killerz
Klutch Killerz 5 dagen geleden
This review is awful. She doesn’t even know what a Targa top is
LM 5 dagen geleden
New. Look. It’s way better! More aggressive.
Edwin jacob
Edwin jacob 5 dagen geleden
Getting it by tmw🤩
Eddy Misael Castillo
Eddy Misael Castillo 6 dagen geleden
At the beginning I wasn't sure about the design of the car, but after watching it running in IMSA Weathertech, I started to like it more...
Dinno 11`
Dinno 11` 6 dagen geleden
I have this car with formula 1 wheels in my game. He is very handsome, thank you for showing the original
daraspong pitaknaratam
daraspong pitaknaratam 6 dagen geleden
StudioHM 7 dagen geleden
Looks like a Ferrari with the rear end of a Camaro. Old one for me
Voss 10
Voss 10 9 dagen geleden
Haven’t watched video yet but just want to say it’s a muscle car not super car
Gregory 7727
Gregory 7727 10 dagen geleden
Love this new look the car just needs different seat options, sm, med and large snap in options for drivers and passengers.
Emad Omar
Emad Omar 10 dagen geleden
Brian Cunningham
Brian Cunningham 10 dagen geleden
Thank you for this quick review -- all the other ones were WAY TO LONG! I love this body but I also love the C7 -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a C8 for my mid-life crisis! (LOL)
lenny Fuentes
lenny Fuentes 11 dagen geleden
I like te new look
lomaj IH
lomaj IH 11 dagen geleden
Probably the new stingray
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford 11 dagen geleden
Blondie needs to spend more time in 🇺🇸 with our cars!
A Al-Dossary
A Al-Dossary 12 dagen geleden
The way you figured out that this is not a a 3-seconds car is to say the least hilarious! With a good driver, the car did a 2.7 second!
Arm'Nattapat 13 dagen geleden
In usa it 2,000,000 THB but in thailand it 8,000,000 THB 😂😂😂
Kiyalami 14 dagen geleden
It's a supercar. Wait for the Z06 with the rumored flat-plane 32v DOHC V8 revving all the way to 9k rpm!
BONGANI NIKANI 14 dagen geleden
i think its nice
Doris Duazo
Doris Duazo 14 dagen geleden
Love it supercar blondie😊😊😊
Eduardo Ibarra
Eduardo Ibarra 15 dagen geleden
She said "A muscle car that looks like a super car", that is a 100% SUPER CAR.
Apollo The Moon Man
Apollo The Moon Man 11 dagen geleden
That’s not a supercar child
mikerzisu 12 dagen geleden
It is badass but not a supercar
Regan Suter
Regan Suter 15 dagen geleden
Awesome review
Christopher Sollie
Christopher Sollie 16 dagen geleden
Your not impressed with it because it's not a real super car.
Əli İsmayılov
Əli İsmayılov 16 dagen geleden
Plot twist: name of channel is supercar blondie but you are supercar pinkie :)
Mohd Waseem
Mohd Waseem 17 dagen geleden
Rent the same car in Dubai C8 titop 2020 00971509521515
danwat1234 17 dagen geleden
Hmmm, you'd think they would have learned their mistakes from having too narrow of seats with the first years of the Chevy Bolt, but nope now the Corvette..
Cole 17 dagen geleden
Muscle car? that would be the camaro right? The Vette is a Super Car indeed not a Hypercar but a SuperCar.
Steven Storm
Steven Storm 18 dagen geleden
I like this new corvette. And again,I love your blond hair,not pink. I’m old school and love natural beauty.
maxi2005100 18 dagen geleden
Miss Blonde , its alot of car for sure and i like your candour , if your cute bum only just fits how will most americans slot in to it ? the marketing is typical usa hype
blanchard zoukouan
blanchard zoukouan 19 dagen geleden
Nice, motivation
black12212 20 dagen geleden
They should put the Lambo door kit on there 💪🏾
Dinkelll Burrrg
Dinkelll Burrrg 20 dagen geleden
Rather have a Ferrari 458 than this car for 120k
Kerry Eberhardt
Kerry Eberhardt 20 dagen geleden
It’s not a muscle car... the camaro is a muscle car. This is a sport or super car
Paul Vincent
Paul Vincent 20 dagen geleden
"Super Car". LOLOL It only has 100 hp more than a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire.
fbody984life 15 dagen geleden
@Paul Vincent You mention HP, so you do. In 0-60 times the C8 is constantly beating the Ferrari for a quarter of the price. Once the ZR1 comes out if won't even be that close.
Paul Vincent
Paul Vincent 15 dagen geleden
@fbody984life Oh, who cares about the hp. You still have speed limits. It's like the Walmart version of a Ferrari, am I right?
fbody984life 15 dagen geleden
By 100 you mean closer to 200, right? 495hp vs 330hp
Paul Vincent
Paul Vincent 17 dagen geleden
@CharlsCFC11 You must be one of them 'Vette geezers.
CharlsCFC11 19 dagen geleden
Madhuri Manme
Madhuri Manme 20 dagen geleden
It has a little LAMBORGHINI URUS look in the front
JassaNYC 21 dag geleden
Rated_Lux 22 dagen geleden
Lmao rs7 still goin beat it
Monster 99
Monster 99 22 dagen geleden
Please Arabic
dương hoàng long
dương hoàng long 23 dagen geleden
Corvette C7 Z06 number one 👏❤️😍🇻🇳
Jacob Owen
Jacob Owen 26 dagen geleden
Love this !
MrMustangrick 26 dagen geleden
Those are the track seats, very hard and uncomfortable. I have the standard seats and they are very nice.
Joséfilho Filho
Joséfilho Filho 27 dagen geleden
This car is amazing!
SAVAGE8 28 dagen geleden
0-60 girl not 0-100 😂 and it’s not 3 seconds. It’s 2.6 - 2.7 somewhere there do your research 1st then review the Vette
KCImages 28 dagen geleden
She tries anyway . lol
SETHalpine 29 dagen geleden
Nice interior and chassis, great package for the price, but what an ugly and failed exterior..!
Falcon one
Falcon one 29 dagen geleden
It looks like a Lamborghini Gallardo and better in some ways
Omar 29 dagen geleden
Lol breaks squealing already smh
Billy Carrasquillo
Billy Carrasquillo Maand geleden
You're sitting in my dream car and it just motivates me more.
mikerzisu 12 dagen geleden
@bluejet what a dumb comment
4040chocolate 25 dagen geleden
@Billy Carrasquillo Awesome.
4040chocolate 25 dagen geleden
@bluejet everyone has different goals and desires
Billy Carrasquillo
Billy Carrasquillo 25 dagen geleden
@bluejet You are absolutely right but as a child I grew up with alot of Batman in my life. I own my childhood this treasure. I won't stop until I achieve that goal and once I do I'll move onto other goals and ambitions.
bluejet 25 dagen geleden
Why do you need a car like this anyways? A Toyota does just as good of a job.
AJ Hill
AJ Hill Maand geleden
Finally a real review and not a bunch of being bedazzled because it's different.
Cedars Gear
Cedars Gear Maand geleden
Use launch Controll and 0-60 MPH is 2.7 & 2.8 all day long with a sprinkle of 2.6 seconds
jordan holm
jordan holm Maand geleden
This is an American SPORTS car....
theflaviosoul Maand geleden
prefer the old look
ThePeddle Maand geleden
daniel pena
daniel pena Maand geleden
Nothing beats that nasty natural aspirated V8 sound!
reyshin tokz
reyshin tokz Maand geleden
At least that corvette is way more reliable than your McLaren hahaha.
Nanus Magnus
Nanus Magnus Maand geleden
How much can you steal from Ferrari before they sue you? (That’s a question for the Chevy execs.)
Sonic Cruz
Sonic Cruz Maand geleden
You’re late on the video Plus the power roof convertible is better 🤷🏻‍♂️ But a cool video and car for sure
mark remy
mark remy Maand geleden
Why would ANYBODY waste their money on a Porsche with this absolute American BARGAIN!!!!!!????!!!!!!
Jeff Eradus
Jeff Eradus Maand geleden
Corvette is no muscle car the corvette was always a sports car
Win From Within
Win From Within Maand geleden
Looks like a Toyota celica
1486luana Maand geleden
"This does not feel like 3 seconds to me" WTF!
TheTrueToe Maand geleden
New Corvette Stingray - Muscle Car or Super Car. Neither its a sport car
Salvatore Cerniglia
Salvatore Cerniglia Maand geleden
Love the new look! And as far as calling it a Supercar or muscle car oh, I prefer to call it an "entry-level supercar".
SWAGGY 43 Maand geleden
Queen of cars
Harshit patel
Harshit patel Maand geleden
So plss. Its a humble. Request
Harshit patel
Harshit patel Maand geleden
Hey alex its a request that can you show the each features of cars by pointing out i can't understand the things
crimsonpride48 Maand geleden
120k for a chevy ? IDK 🤔 can think of alot of other cars for i would rather have for 120k.
Dream Girl
Dream Girl Maand geleden
Your review was very informative! I'm voting for the new model for sure 👍
Sanj Maand geleden
I'm too wide for this car if you are finding it tight
- Maand geleden
rip Steve Irwin. corvette ain't got shit on you.
M Maand geleden
Amazing car
Fernando Maand geleden
The watch how much ?
life hacks
life hacks Maand geleden
Ibh i feel like she is way to harsh on the car like the car isn't a sports car why r u rating it as one
Eculpz Maand geleden
10:15 was that a Bugatti in the background
Yazan Callas
Yazan Callas Maand geleden
Thats an Audi R8
PREDAKING 7 Maand geleden
Old Look Exactly, because we got more HP + good style compare to less HP + Perfect style
PREDAKING 7 Maand geleden
Please make a video to C7 ZR1 and C6 ZR1 (with same HP) , i am too confuse to choose
PREDAKING 7 Maand geleden
CORVETTE all day
Motor Cidy
Motor Cidy Maand geleden
WRONG....0 TO 60 IN 2.9...NOT 100
J4n Fahri
J4n Fahri Maand geleden
Regina Alexander
Regina Alexander Maand geleden
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home gardening
home gardening Maand geleden
nlblock.infocCOwTOP1reQ 🙏❤️❤️
Helen Jeffrey
Helen Jeffrey Maand geleden
She's the one 🖕🖕🖕
Helen Jeffrey
Helen Jeffrey Maand geleden
+ 1 4 7 9 3 7 0 1 0 8 4 🇺🇸
Helen Jeffrey
Helen Jeffrey Maand geleden
@Katherine John seeking for her what's app contact details
Katherine John
Katherine John Maand geleden
@Jackson Drinkwater Alright thanks for the recommendation. But how do I reach her?
Garfield Duval
Garfield Duval Maand geleden
GM should have done the mid-engine design a long time ago.
Doris Duazo
Doris Duazo Maand geleden
I love your utube channel supercarblondie😊
northwest mechanic
northwest mechanic Maand geleden
Chevy ruined the corvette with this piece of junk. No more standard transmission it looks like a damn Ferrari on steroids. All around, it looks ugly as hell.
emachine556 Maand geleden
"its not a supercar" thats the same thing I tell my wife when she says get a C8 when I say i'm thinking of getting another lambo after recently selling one.
Jirnaldo Garcia
Jirnaldo Garcia Maand geleden
Respect Dubai....
along sayuti
along sayuti Maand geleden
Soloist30 Maand geleden
Actually .. i paid $92,000 for mine . It's a 2lt trim , Hard Top Convertible , with many added options . Just because no one orders a completely base car doesn't mean you can't get one . Your video misrepresents Chevrolet and their pricing . You need to do more research . Although the preowned market is through roof , you can buy one for MSRP from an actual Chevy dealer . Do better research before you tell people what this car costs .
Video Rc
Video Rc Maand geleden
Them brakes sounded bad asl in the beginning l😭😭
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