The Fastest Ferrari in the World | SF90 

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Not only is this the fastest and most powerful Ferrari ever made, it is also the first Ferrari that can drive in complete silence 😵🔥 Thanks to @VIPMotorsUAE
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25 mrt. 2021




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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 21 dag geleden - New Car Wars Episode is out 🔥 LeBron James vs Michael Jordan
odia clash of creativity
odia clash of creativity 52 minuten geleden
Please meet soam jena the odia youtuber from india he is on your city
Betsy Blokland
Betsy Blokland 5 uur geleden
Kenny to ova 147 boa&nt
Bhuds Taleon
Bhuds Taleon Dag geleden
Bhuds Taleon
Bhuds Taleon Dag geleden
Wow so nice car 😊😊😊😍
Gle Goo
Gle Goo 3 dagen geleden
Hey. Give my eyes. Ok??
odia clash of creativity
odia clash of creativity 53 minuten geleden
Super car blondie please meet our odia youtuber soamjena he is on your city dubai please please please
Ryan Paul Camara
Ryan Paul Camara Uur geleden
Please help me Supercar Blondie. I want to marry my Fiancee but i don't have enough to afford it because my job as seafarer was cancelled due to this pandemic that's why im empty pocket right now. Please help me . Please. Im Ryan Paul S. Camara . From Philippines.
Александр Че
Breakfast for Koenigsegg
R CHW 20 uur geleden
I really don’t like the tail light
Kenneth Adorno
Kenneth Adorno 21 uur geleden
I want to like her, but she is annoying to me. Sorry
R.C. Collins
R.C. Collins 23 uur geleden
She needs to wear a remote microphone.
Zia Torbati
Zia Torbati Dag geleden
I really hate blondi’s accent...
Mar Te
Mar Te Dag geleden
6:28 lol "Engine control failure" lol.
Enver Canpolat
Enver Canpolat Dag geleden
Ferarri woww!! Coolest sports car I've seen after mitsubishi.
aBOOBaMUSIC Dag geleden
Pray4Prey😈by OBAWON...out now
whointheside Dag geleden
Not bad for a Corvette...
Fabio Alves
Fabio Alves Dag geleden
What it is a top spread.???
md adil
md adil Dag geleden
People see the beauty of you more than the beauty of the car 
priyadharshan sundararaj
Hope it dosen't do "extra oil burn"
DoctorB Dag geleden
Oh it goes for just over a half a million dollar.. Thank you! :)
Bojan Bijelic
Bojan Bijelic Dag geleden
@11:20 "there is a little bit of premium..."....$300K...LOL
venom f5
venom f5 Dag geleden
is it faster then the p1?
Fombang Lesley
Fombang Lesley Dag geleden
Hey blondie What's d main difference between a Ferrari sf90 stradale and a fereari sf90 spider?🤔
Kaan uslu
Kaan uslu Dag geleden
Akp milletvekiline şimdiden hayırli olsun
Amna Javed
Amna Javed Dag geleden
Damn that's a beauty
SF90 STRADALE SF90 SPIDER both are magnificent machine edit: what I've learn from FXX K/ FXX K EVO Ferrari Unofficial video before.. 4:23 those fin on top of the SF90 STRADALE roof, when the indicator light shows red that is a signal not to use the car because it will blow up 💥. If green it is safe to drive.
Patrick Phoenix
Patrick Phoenix 2 dagen geleden
the sound is not impressive at all in compte the 812 SUPERFAST
Shane Rodney
Shane Rodney 2 dagen geleden
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Lillian Chloe
Lillian Chloe 2 dagen geleden
looking forward to earning from my first investment with her.
Lillian Chloe
Lillian Chloe 2 dagen geleden
@Gavin Jose Thanks alot i Just sent her a message and she attended to me nicely.
Gavin Jose
Gavin Jose 2 dagen geleden
+ 1 4 1 5 7 8 7 8 8 3 6
Gavin Jose
Gavin Jose 2 dagen geleden
You can reach her via WhatsApp
Manoel Osterne
Manoel Osterne 2 dagen geleden
E miss you, my love
legendmusic 2 dagen geleden
Does anyone else also almost only listen to heavy music like Metallica or Delta Parole when they drive?
velo1337 2 dagen geleden
without the ferrari logo on the back it looks like a McLaren, sound is pretty meh
Walid manager
Walid manager 2 dagen geleden
I like the car and I love the woman
MrAc777 И
MrAc777 И 2 dagen geleden
Бабы, зло! Только щи варить...и то?
Elon Must
Elon Must 2 dagen geleden
Tinder: You swipe for porn Ferrari: You swipe for car-porn
Kiragu Kariuki
Kiragu Kariuki 2 dagen geleden
fingerprint to start the car .....would be awesome
Darren Seabolt
Darren Seabolt 2 dagen geleden
Actually, the Ferrari LaFerrari does 0-60 in 2.4 seconds. .1 seconds faster than that one.
Chris Martin - Savor The Passion
Ok so, this is the first time in a long time a car touched me in that way...that rear end is gorgeous. The front end, that's what I want people to see as I approach them during my drives. Now the inside. I really don't like the swipe feature. That flip button was cool, sure, but I'd be worried about what happens if I swipe by accident while I'm driving. Would have been nice to see how the car shuts off though I'm confident it's swiping, possibly even to the left. That spot for the I agree with you; climate control should have stayed knobs, much easier and safer given my cruising speed is 80 I don't like moving my eyes to in the car. I do really like that the only "buttons" that show are the ones you need. Very nice detail. Finally, 985hp 0 - 100 in sub 3 seconds! Insane. Ultimately, I will have one. #ImComing
apo karagun
apo karagun 3 dagen geleden
why didn"t you wear red
Michael Bing
Michael Bing 3 dagen geleden
It honestly looks childish, not refined at all. Looks like they took some corvette lights in the back, and don't get me started on the exhaust sound.
hot gamer boy
hot gamer boy 3 dagen geleden
I'm a gta guy is one of the cars
Χρηστός Πιοτόπουλος
When an electric 5 sister family car has the same acceleration speed as the fastest ferrari..... ....... Model s
Vera Drummond
Vera Drummond 3 dagen geleden
The 458/488 still looks more beautiful to me.
Md Shakil ahmed
Md Shakil ahmed 3 dagen geleden
hi. you are so beautiful
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor 3 dagen geleden
The motors alone produce more horsepower than my whole car 😂
ron gaming
ron gaming 4 dagen geleden
I think she is british😅
ron gaming
ron gaming 14 uur geleden
@R.C. Collins her accent
R.C. Collins
R.C. Collins 23 uur geleden
What gave it away...
EVOLVED TV 4 dagen geleden
So hot cars
ron gaming
ron gaming 4 dagen geleden
This is the king of ferraris after it beat laferrari! It's really cool
Rachel Ottelé
Rachel Ottelé 4 dagen geleden
Send me a postcard at the agency @neuralink Have you ever apply for a job once in your life?
Choong Jian Cheong
Choong Jian Cheong 4 dagen geleden
Very nice car
Zahra Syakila
Zahra Syakila 4 dagen geleden
you look so beatiful in white and nice cars greetings from your fans in indonesia..
Roy Luke
Roy Luke 4 dagen geleden
Sexism to highlight cars? Your channel sucks!! I would venture to say you have never done anything mechanical on a car, but push a button!
Drop6ify 4 dagen geleden
The car said to subscribe
Karim Abbache
Karim Abbache 4 dagen geleden
جمييييييل ❤️❤️❤️🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️
Diana C
Diana C 4 dagen geleden
I loved the video but use a microphone!
พรพิขเนตร บรรถะ
พรพิขเนตร บรรถะ
MR.C&A Video911Game
MR.C&A Video911Game 4 dagen geleden
cioccolata per tutti
cioccolata per tutti 4 dagen geleden
Siddhant Gala
Siddhant Gala 4 dagen geleden
Amazing content. Please improve production quality
Cody Lewis
Cody Lewis 4 dagen geleden
Three days ago I saw one of these which is pretty cool, let alone in the mountains where the roads are rough in April
Mohiuddin Ahmed
Mohiuddin Ahmed 4 dagen geleden
it's the front that looks like a honda civic for me :(
Manny Chada
Manny Chada 4 dagen geleden
SuperCool Blondie
Tjahyo Tamtomo
Tjahyo Tamtomo 5 dagen geleden
Is it AWD, or missed the mention?
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan 5 dagen geleden
Gorgeous car
JSK Creations
JSK Creations 5 dagen geleden
9:35 trust me it's totally like a futuristic and vfx vision we usually saw in games😶
power plugg
power plugg 5 dagen geleden
It looks stupid
Amirhossin Zeitouni
Amirhossin Zeitouni 5 dagen geleden
Adam Vlasák
Adam Vlasák 5 dagen geleden
The reality should be like: Ferrari + Hybrid = Illegal
Frederikf12 5 dagen geleden
amazing car
Baljit Singh Nanhar
Baljit Singh Nanhar 5 dagen geleden
which is the place where you are standing and describing?????
diego armando
diego armando 5 dagen geleden
I'm sorry but I prefer the much more beautiful, sexier Lamborghini a thousand times over.
4363 Studios
4363 Studios 5 dagen geleden
wait what about the sf1000
madz6n6 5 dagen geleden
6:28 what? The Fastest Ferrari in the World SF90 Engine Control System Failure?? go to the dealer is that a serious problem?
Bikhil Puthenpurackal
Bikhil Puthenpurackal 5 dagen geleden
As if the current Ferrari steering wheels weren't complicated enough. 🙆🙆
Sadiyah Mehboob
Sadiyah Mehboob 5 dagen geleden
Cool car
كن للخير داعياً
Joey official tv
Joey official tv 5 dagen geleden
Steve C
Steve C 5 dagen geleden
Very nice.....Ferrari. I feel a little older now.
Victor De Anda
Victor De Anda 5 dagen geleden
Eddie Sants
Eddie Sants 5 dagen geleden
Wanted to understand english, I'm brasilian
shelloiluk 6 dagen geleden
Porsche 992 turbo S does 2.3 seconds to 60. Would rather have the porsche instead of the silly computer Ferrari
Orlando E Lora B
Orlando E Lora B 6 dagen geleden
Aburridor video y bastante jarto escuchar a esta tipa
Sameer mahawesh
Sameer mahawesh 6 dagen geleden
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor 6 dagen geleden
It looks americanized
Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris 6 dagen geleden
sorry but the back looks like a new Vette or a Camaro
Null 6 dagen geleden
Ferrari 😍😍😍😍😍
Richard Stubbs
Richard Stubbs 6 dagen geleden
Stay blonde...
Kelvin Delacerna
Kelvin Delacerna 6 dagen geleden
Looks like a lambo, supra, and a corvette car mix 🤣🤣
Blobbe Lobbe
Blobbe Lobbe 6 dagen geleden
A Ferrari for SmartPhoneZombies !
Mae Everyday Adventure
Mae Everyday Adventure 6 dagen geleden
Hello Blondie I have a personal message for you in Instagram I hope you read it in message requests. Thank you 🥺☺️
Talha Jutt
Talha Jutt 6 dagen geleden
hello supercar blondie give me plz iphone 12 pro
SCHraf 7
SCHraf 7 6 dagen geleden
Mister Qualmedie hat den schon vor 2 Monaten getestet
Sandile Hlabisa
Sandile Hlabisa 6 dagen geleden
This design is almost the same as a new corvette but still dope 💯
Papa Siu
Papa Siu 6 dagen geleden
haha it's shows how flimsy the fuel caps are Ferrari hahaha super pricey in price with filmsy baahbaahbaah let customers down fix it please.
darrin hyatt
darrin hyatt 6 dagen geleden
The Ferrari S f 90 has a 1000 brake horse power
vino gaming
vino gaming 7 dagen geleden
Y exhaust it’s electric
Neptune Vibe
Neptune Vibe 7 dagen geleden
Yeah have tons of HP more.. fuck Ferrari . they are just money grabbing mafiosi.. They are a little bit behind a lot of car makers.
Lilibeth Villanueva
Lilibeth Villanueva 7 dagen geleden
Hello mam from philippines
i want this ferrari as soon as possible
Augustus 7 dagen geleden
no 4K?
Anthony Sauco
Anthony Sauco 7 dagen geleden
So ugly
jerrel wongso
jerrel wongso 7 dagen geleden
Cool ferrarie ms blondie
mozman98 7 dagen geleden
Ferrari copying Chevrolet? Why?
Mbene Mbaye
Mbene Mbaye 7 dagen geleden
Sava c fallou I am your friends in Facebook you are my idol I love you
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