The fastest Porsche 911 ever made | Turbo S 

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The Porsche 911 has a turbo boost button but you only have 20 seconds to use it!

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22 jan. 2021




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Rob Schultz
Rob Schultz 3 uur geleden
Very good review, hit all the most important points. That said, and this is not a criticism, As a 50+ year old dude, the 2 things you don't like, I actually appreciate. Quiet-ish and just handsome, not flashy.
David Traves
David Traves Dag geleden
It needs to look more dramatic!.... no, no it doesn't. This car is not for you, please return the keys.
K Free
K Free 2 dagen geleden
My 2015 Porsche Carrara S is a beast. It is the loud version. No turbo. Turbo quiets the car. It will go faster but the fastest I've gone is 163mph. What a feeling. This new model will be a pleasure to drive I'm sure.
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra 2 dagen geleden
Now that’s supercar Pinkie no ?
John McMullen
John McMullen 2 dagen geleden
Alex calm down with information
Sriraj Boss
Sriraj Boss 3 dagen geleden
I own like 5 Porsche in my house in My dream
Brin 3 dagen geleden
Her legs are far more interesting than her review.
TheMilk Trafficker
TheMilk Trafficker 3 dagen geleden
It should look like something other than a boring stretched VW Beetle. For a company that loves to boast about being strong on "design" (interiors aside), they really have none.
Alessandro Musetti
Alessandro Musetti 4 dagen geleden
chris 889
chris 889 4 dagen geleden
Cars nice, but she looks like a “Chav” Just saying !
Ron Tran
Ron Tran 5 dagen geleden
What color is it
Sebas987 5 dagen geleden
8:43 holy macaroni! 😁
Richardson Revina
Richardson Revina 5 dagen geleden
Supercar Blondie is beautiful girl, she is sexy 😍😍😍💐💐💐
Руслан Шелехов
Js S
Js S 5 dagen geleden
What's the name of the car color superblondy?
Synthalog 6 dagen geleden
The start button isn't sexy at all.
Yağızalp Kasap
Yağızalp Kasap 6 dagen geleden
Yazıqn qafanız ıq motor yok kjadfsghdsklfg
Fernando Andrade
Fernando Andrade 7 dagen geleden
I think we don't see the same things kkkk
Sander B
Sander B 8 dagen geleden
My uncle just bought this car and its an absolute beast but a beast with class. What she does not understand is that porche is all about class and that people who buy a porche do not buy it to flex on everyone. If u want to flex there are already enough options. The acceleration is absolutely unbelieveble btw. Better than a rollercoaster for sure.
Maurice Munoz
Maurice Munoz 9 dagen geleden
Can you stop saying you guys please....!!!
Umair Maqsood
Umair Maqsood 9 dagen geleden
Srujan k m
Srujan k m 9 dagen geleden
Please any one tell me porsche 911 is sports car or super car 🙏
pastryz 7 dagen geleden
Only Turbo S is super car,Carrera is sports car
Srujan k m
Srujan k m 9 dagen geleden
Please any one tell me porsche 911 is sports car or super car 🙏
Christopher White
Christopher White 9 dagen geleden
You look good 💝
JACOB and DAD 9 dagen geleden
Nice video. Please support our Jacob and Dad channel by subscribing. nlblock.infofeatured
Chuah Hock Leong
Chuah Hock Leong 10 dagen geleden
Bad boys, bad boys. Watcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do, when Porsche 911 Turbo S come for you.?
Jerry Magday
Jerry Magday 11 dagen geleden
Porsche turbo s or gt2 rs?
Volvo S90 T5 Inscription
Volvo S90 T5 Inscription 11 dagen geleden
뭐라는지 하나도 모르겟네 ㅜㅜ
Werner Pohlmann
Werner Pohlmann 11 dagen geleden
I have it in black ⌚
Timo_Saurier _
Timo_Saurier _ 11 dagen geleden
Yes, this car is subtle in a way and you woudn‘t expect what that thing could do, yet it will destroy all these fancy looking, overstyled Lamborghinis and Ferraris in the blink of an eye. That‘s Porsche’s philosophy and that’s why we love it.
Aktar din
Aktar din 12 dagen geleden Blondie'.madam
Saša Rodušek
Saša Rodušek 12 dagen geleden
Šta reći.Porše.
Ben 13 dagen geleden
Someone bought her a LEGIT ring. Now I know why she is in Dubai. :)
Irakli Inasaridze
Irakli Inasaridze 14 dagen geleden
Blondie )), problems with rounding? )) 3,745>3,75>3,8
Peter Rossum
Peter Rossum 14 dagen geleden
Clearly not a real car lover but a bling lover
zhengzhouchen 15 dagen geleden
thats my ride, and the cup is smoking pkg. i hope u can do the 992 gt3 sometime .
Harry Axe
Harry Axe 15 dagen geleden
Porsche is a very conservartive company. Tradition!!!
Harry Axe
Harry Axe 15 dagen geleden
Starter design is driven by Porsche Racing Tradition.
Harry Axe
Harry Axe 15 dagen geleden
How to unlock door when the battery is dead?????
MJ 15 dagen geleden
Beautiful car but it's true "without the badge..." And why in hell they didn't put a start button ?! 😒
Martin Hristov
Martin Hristov 15 dagen geleden
its the ash F....... tray !!!
Dump it
Dump it 15 dagen geleden
2:00 Thats one positive Feature! I dont want to Show People in Rich.
R Dev
R Dev 16 dagen geleden
I can't believe at 5:20 - What is this? Really? It's an Ashtray with lid for center console storage compartment. It's part of the Smoking Package. What kind of auto journalism is this? It seems the reviewer didn't do sufficient research about the vehicle prior to the video.
Andrea Alessandro
Andrea Alessandro 16 dagen geleden
I don't like
Tiwa Boonchu
Tiwa Boonchu 16 dagen geleden
I like your reviews but please improve your stabiliser. Thanks
Graham Hall
Graham Hall 16 dagen geleden
To much drama attracts the cops like a magnet 👀
00benlee 16 dagen geleden
I like it because it’s not flashy and It’s a good daily.
slim shady
slim shady 16 dagen geleden
this is the quickest car. Your eyes just cant believe
Daniel Masasire
Daniel Masasire 17 dagen geleden
My favourite Car.
RACHAD TOURE 17 dagen geleden
Holly mackle!!!
Huj Mamin
Huj Mamin 17 dagen geleden
They could make a talking porsche cup - each time you take it says "pooooorschhhhe"... You would like it, isnt it?)
Huj Mamin
Huj Mamin 17 dagen geleden
I have cayenne turbo techart at garage and it have key with shape of a car too, and its 17 years old :))) and cls500 amg pack and it have keyless go, but it have small button at doors handles to close car, with function not to wipe its dirt, and its 16 years old
Praveen Pathak
Praveen Pathak 17 dagen geleden
Looking like nonsense review & cheap drama girl.
Lee Coleman
Lee Coleman 17 dagen geleden
Gavin Hadley
Gavin Hadley 17 dagen geleden
..0 to 60 in 2.6 secs not 0 to 100..smh
URBANVEST LLC 18 dagen geleden
The most recognized car design ever.... maybe not for dumb blondes in the middle east.....
soulseeker 18 dagen geleden
Linda Schrump
Linda Schrump 18 dagen geleden
GHOSTES 18 dagen geleden
Gennaro Briganti
Gennaro Briganti 18 dagen geleden
Fantastic Girl & Fantastic Car....😘❤
David Keeling
David Keeling 18 dagen geleden
Needs an exhaust. Too quiet for a 911!
marvin 19 dagen geleden
excactly what you would expect of someone who cant prounounce porschE correctly
hdfisdkfhlsdl 19 dagen geleden
Dear, the essence of a Porsche is understatement. Porsche delivers high performance without the show off. Got it?
kas 19 dagen geleden
Drive don’t talk that much
Felix Lettenmeier
Felix Lettenmeier 19 dagen geleden
I'm sorry but the lack of bachground knowledge and proper research is painful. Most of the "issues" are main selling points for Porsche. Other things, like the Le Mans start button, have a meaningful heritage. Why is it so hard for her to be reasonably preapared for the review?
Hiwii G
Hiwii G 19 dagen geleden
4:17 sounds like a slot machine 😄
Tuncay Civelek
Tuncay Civelek 19 dagen geleden
Vites dizaynı olmadı.
Toro Gamers
Toro Gamers 19 dagen geleden
2:31 that 3,7 liter ???
muni1 muni1
muni1 muni1 19 dagen geleden
Intro ...
Neclar 20 dagen geleden
And that is an ashtray !!! We love everything that kills us ;)
Hamelth Villalobos
Hamelth Villalobos 20 dagen geleden
Dream car.
Peterb200295 20 dagen geleden
Nick Name
Nick Name 20 dagen geleden
boring, i´m near at Zuffenhausen and i see the cars everyday... snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre
Pete Muller
Pete Muller 20 dagen geleden
Inner city drug dealer stuff......vulgar and Kardashian.
Hunchoz x
Hunchoz x 3 dagen geleden
Yu can hate or you can catch up. pick one
804 guwap
804 guwap 21 dag geleden
she doin to much hating on my Porsche 😤
Santiago Herrera
Santiago Herrera 21 dag geleden
COLOR NARDO GREY 🙄😐😶😐😶😐😐😶🤨🙂🤨🙂😗😑😗🙂😙🙂😙🙂🙂😙🙂😙🤗😙🙂😙🤗😉🤗🤗😉🤗😙🤗😙🤗🤗😙🤗😙🤗
Good god she sounds so thick. Obviously playing to the Arab audience
Allen Miller
Allen Miller 21 dag geleden
911 TURBO S ................. ENUFF SAID !!!!!!!
Veyronp87 22 dagen geleden
theres ppl that understand 911 Turbos and those who don't...this woman...yeah. stick to your Mclaren lol
Mark Filaroski
Mark Filaroski 22 dagen geleden
The title of this should be "still slower than an off-the-line production Tesla" If a sports car can't beat a production car, it's not a sports car, is it! It becomes a car, that kind of goes fast and is kind of sporty.
ProManStyle 22 dagen geleden
What color is the exterior paint?
Strahinja Boskovic
Strahinja Boskovic 22 dagen geleden
hoped this model will lower price for last gen luck :) turbo still 100k range...
BHARATHESH sunu 22 dagen geleden
Porsche 911 is cool.... But Super Blondie is... Very cool😘😘😘😘😘😘
tomi tomi
tomi tomi 22 dagen geleden
she is annoying af
carmanfx 23 dagen geleden
„It looks like every other Porsche“ Good lord man 🤦‍♂️ respect Porsche and its tradition.
Peter Petterssen
Peter Petterssen 23 dagen geleden
Looks better than a Lamborghini.
tonycns 23 dagen geleden
First car I'm buying with my lottery money
Thomas Labelle
Thomas Labelle 23 dagen geleden
You've been around hyper cars a little too much when you start saying that a brand new 911 Turbo S doesn't look like it would be this fast lol, it looks like a rocket on steroids to me.
Don Montana
Don Montana 23 dagen geleden
Isn't the GT2 RS the fastest?
No Hope In The Pope
No Hope In The Pope 23 dagen geleden
is that a radiant or emerald cut diamond on your wedding ring?
Mauricio Ribeiro Pontes
Mauricio Ribeiro Pontes 23 dagen geleden
My Consume Dream. (PORSCHE 911 TURBO S)
Mario Jähn
Mario Jähn 23 dagen geleden
No other Porsche has the Air-Intakes on the side. Thats the standalone feature for the S.
Mark Norton
Mark Norton 23 dagen geleden
She’s a bit of a bubble-head. Ghastly.
Kevlin Hagerty
Kevlin Hagerty 23 dagen geleden
“Downside is it looks like other Porsche” that’s a downside? LOL 🤦‍♂️
Abay Amangali
Abay Amangali 23 dagen geleden
The cup you took out at 5:22 is an ash tray.
S7aim Mansoori
S7aim Mansoori 23 dagen geleden
@supercar Blondie is it faster than 9ff Porsche GT3 Turbo dont think so 9ff is much fast than the newer version
sunnyboy8644 24 dagen geleden
4:08 cuz that's the Porsche tradition.
Jon d'Photographer
Jon d'Photographer 24 dagen geleden
seen this car in drag races...nothing can beat it !!! would love to use it even for a day...a dream. Stay safe Supercar Blondie !!!
Lincoln Loudleastic
Lincoln Loudleastic 24 dagen geleden
Wowwww nice . I’m gonna buy this car because it’s fast and loud.
Xam Jan
Xam Jan 24 dagen geleden
No disrespect. What is the deal with wrapping yourself with a top around your waist to cover the touch. I have seen your nice reviews before, but this time to be honest, I quickly clicked to finally see the touch and those legs outside those leggings. So disappointed! 😊😊😊
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