The New Audi R8 is a Lamborghini at a lower price 

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This is a great value supercar. You get the same pops and gurgles as a Lamborghini Huracan but at a lower price. It's also super comfy so you can drive it literally every day if you want to. The only issue I have with the R8 is that the design hasn't changed much in 14 years so I just don't find it that sexy anymore. Thoughts guys?

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9 feb. 2021




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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 2 maanden geleden
Hey fam! I just launched a new NLblock channel with super short vids so you can watch them on the run. Go hit subscribe! I hope you like it! 😍😍 thanks for the support 👉👉
Adomah Gideon
Adomah Gideon 6 uur geleden
Hot Clip
Hot Clip 7 dagen geleden
come to me baby😘😘❤️
AB SPOT 17 dagen geleden
No , we wont
KoleKole 46
KoleKole 46 Maand geleden
My favourite 🥵🥵🥵
Nathan Bewes
Nathan Bewes Maand geleden
@Aron Jabari i probs do dat
Adomah Gideon
Adomah Gideon 6 uur geleden
Wrist Candy
Wrist Candy 7 uur geleden
You're expecting Germans to be Italians haha, but I agree
LM H 8 uur geleden
Love the design.
Jona_zkk 9 uur geleden
I prefer the older R8
BUGS BUNNY 11 uur geleden
R-8 TONE STARK 😱😳🤟❤👍
Евгений Санников
ХУЛИ арешь 🤣🤘
Guacamole Hole
Guacamole Hole 3 dagen geleden
It’s still not a Lamborghini
rayudu geda
rayudu geda 3 dagen geleden
Y cant u come to india and make vedios On cars
Mpha Ntata
Mpha Ntata 3 dagen geleden
amazing car
Parks With PJ
Parks With PJ 3 dagen geleden
I didn’t really learn too much about it except it sounds lush, has a really small display and it hasn’t had much of a face lift 😬
Laborer in the field
Laborer in the field 3 dagen geleden
170k is not that expensive...i wish everybody to come to the Lord Jesus Christ!
seppe Lux
seppe Lux 3 dagen geleden
The funny thing she says yea when it came out i wanted one but yea its still te same so lost the love for it like it is stil one of the prettiest cars ever and if they change to hard they may fail like what happend with the honda nsx the new wan mehh
DhruvManishChouksey III H
you live in dubai?
DhruvManishChouksey III H
I like your cars and your channel wish you have a healthy life
Mash Syed
Mash Syed 4 dagen geleden
not sexy IMO. Does not scream supercar.
chrisi123 5 dagen geleden
she starts and hits it 100% when the engine is still cold.....yeah, she is really blonde
chrisi123 5 dagen geleden
this chicks voice drives me wild..
Echtzeit 5 dagen geleden
They build a new R8? Oh ok.
Destin Crain
Destin Crain 5 dagen geleden
My Baby Superblondie is working hard. Beautiful job darling everything I wanted. Amazing My New Audi
MPT 6 dagen geleden
Hello supercar Blondie I have a personal message to you in Instagram. I hope you read it . thank you and god bless
MPT 6 dagen geleden
Hello supercar Blondie I have a personal message to you in Instagram. I hope you read it . thank you and god bless 😀🙏🏻
chieutim hoanghon
chieutim hoanghon 6 dagen geleden
Xe rất đẹp 😍
Hot Clip
Hot Clip 6 dagen geleden
come to me baby😘😘❤️❤️
Hot Clip
Hot Clip 7 dagen geleden
come to me baby😘😘❤️
YA'OHKHANAN Daout 7 dagen geleden
She is so 🤪......I love the R8. Sounds awesome
Emerson Chi
Emerson Chi 7 dagen geleden
The R8 has lost its luster. It does not have the same head turning appeal as before. It needs a change
NELSON OBIKA 7 dagen geleden
Please ma'am, I'm one of your biggest fan😃, but please I beg of you for one thing😢😢 can you gift me an iPhone 12pro max ma’am 😢I don’t have a good phone please madam
NELSON OBIKA 7 dagen geleden
Please ma'am, I'm one of your biggest fan😃, but please I beg of you for one thing😢😢 can you gift me an iPhone 12pro max ma’am 😢I don’t have a good phone please madam
AggiePride4life 8 dagen geleden
I like these cars but haven’t changed enough over the years. I would bye a used Lambo over this! With that said, I think Audi doesn’t want to push this car over the Huracan, so they are purposely holding it back as far as design go!
xdxangeloxbx 9 dagen geleden
without OPF this car is a different beast
Emad Omar
Emad Omar 10 dagen geleden
روعه السياره جميله وجذابه وشكلها سبور ولونها روعه وحديثه
Sunny Saith
Sunny Saith 10 dagen geleden
I love you so much
Daniel John
Daniel John 10 dagen geleden
Love the audi R8
Daniel John
Daniel John 10 dagen geleden
I really love u channel and iloveu supercar blondie bcoz u bringing out to us the latest updated model of cars all over the world. More power to ur channel. More cars to show arriva ! From philippines mabuhay
Bert Anob
Bert Anob 12 dagen geleden
Super special those color and brand new Lamborghini car.
Monster 99
Monster 99 13 dagen geleden
Please Arabic
Relaxing Sleep Audio
Relaxing Sleep Audio 13 dagen geleden
I think its about time the R8 gets Lambourghinized!!! Crazy design.
Saint Dre'ko
Saint Dre'ko 13 dagen geleden
Fucking loved dem shoes
Tuna Tunir Ranna Ghor
Tuna Tunir Ranna Ghor 14 dagen geleden
Gabriel Criales
Gabriel Criales 15 dagen geleden
i like the look of the old r8
Nikolina Savatic
Nikolina Savatic 15 dagen geleden
Cbrown Brown
Cbrown Brown 16 dagen geleden
Petrenchek 16 dagen geleden
first audi r8 was in 2006 not in 2007
vu doan
vu doan 16 dagen geleden
야옹이최고 16 dagen geleden
I love R8 !!!!!!
v ace
v ace 17 dagen geleden
That color pays tribute to the rally 3 series, it's on the RS3/6 nowadays too
RUSLAN PODMAZKO 17 dagen geleden
RUSLAN PODMAZKO 17 dagen geleden
RUSLAN PODMAZKO 17 dagen geleden
RUSLAN PODMAZKO 17 dagen geleden
Nice !!!
Sandor Varga.
Sandor Varga. 18 dagen geleden
Abhishek Chatterjee
Abhishek Chatterjee 18 dagen geleden
My most favourite car
Don'tknowtoplay 19 dagen geleden
dont compare a audi with a lambo they both awesome in their segments
Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta 19 dagen geleden
And i cannot buy it even in asphalt 8..😂😂 But still watching!!
Ahmet Arda
Ahmet Arda 19 dagen geleden
Hastasıyım Çok Güzel Araba yaaa
Edward Estrada
Edward Estrada 20 dagen geleden
Is Dubai your only spot to see look at super cars?
Tuncay Civelek
Tuncay Civelek 20 dagen geleden
Süper olan sizsiniz hanımefendi
Naomi Lambert
Naomi Lambert 20 dagen geleden
Two much talk. not enough about the driving experience. But her accent sure is cute.
Mr Bear
Mr Bear 20 dagen geleden
I just bought it 6 days ago after 4 years of hard work.
Teejhay Garcia
Teejhay Garcia 20 dagen geleden
Review aurelio pls
slayin bass
slayin bass 20 dagen geleden
Electric cars will never be as cool as combustion engines. That sound is beautiful.
John Galvin
John Galvin 21 dag geleden
Is this actually your first time reviewing a 2nd Gen R8? What took you so long? This facelifted model is from 2018. People have been calling it a cheaper lambo since 2009 when the first gen car got the V10 engine.
Budok Klate
Budok Klate 21 dag geleden
Your vid is 7 min but its feel like 2 min?
Budok Klate
Budok Klate 21 dag geleden
1:50 its not 610hp but 620hp isnt it?
Kevin 21 dag geleden
Idk if it's just me but the first gen just looks so much more sleeker and cleaner when it comes to the body design
Sourav Choudhury
Sourav Choudhury 21 dag geleden
Sourav Choudhury
Sourav Choudhury 21 dag geleden
Lewis McLean
Lewis McLean 22 dagen geleden
Why fix something that isn’t broken? The 2007 R8 still looks modern even today. Porsche take the cake for keeping the same design. Like Porsche, The R8 is unique and no other super cars look like it.
Villian Fadhilah Areksa
Villian Fadhilah Areksa 23 dagen geleden
davidhunternyc 23 dagen geleden
Maybe in the next iteration Audi could put another screen in the passenger side dash? I do like that there's no central screen on the console or sticking out in the center dash. They look plopped on and not integrated. Computer screens are going to be the bane of car design in 30 years from now. Designers are going to look back at the 2020's and bemoan the wretchedness of automotive design. They'll be right. For me, the gold standard is the Porsche by Singer.
Flowerbirds 23 dagen geleden
I love your shoes too! What kind are they? Awesome video as ALWAYS! 💯♥️ Thanks 💝
dương hoàng long
dương hoàng long 23 dagen geleden
Very good kakaka 👏❤️😍🇻🇳
myluxurylife. net
myluxurylife. net 24 dagen geleden
Thank you for sharing.. Great video, great NLblockr. My sister and I always bought from hqreps for our bags and wallets each season. Really great stuff in a cheap price, just share to you all
Victory 24 dagen geleden
Can you review the BMW850i. lmk if u did already!✌️
The Indian Guys
The Indian Guys 24 dagen geleden
50k is a lot, but not in this price range.
nick 21 dag geleden
@The Indian Guys oh I thought the price for it
The Indian Guys
The Indian Guys 21 dag geleden
@nick no, the difference between r8 and lambo. she mentions it in the video :)
nick 21 dag geleden
U mean 200k
Patrick Hocking
Patrick Hocking 25 dagen geleden
Wasn't future production for R8 halted or was that the TT
Steve Lund
Steve Lund 25 dagen geleden
I have a 2019 S5 prestige in quantum grey, pretty much the same thing. Lol Life dreams
Jacks Legos
Jacks Legos 26 dagen geleden
Awesome car!!! That’s my favorite car!! 😃
I3R0K3N7FEET 27 dagen geleden
'drives one of the best looking cars on the road' 'i wanna complete overhaul...;' lol
Peace Channel
Peace Channel 27 dagen geleden
02:50 True Love doesnt change over time!!! You dont build it unless you break it!!! The audi R8 is audi R8 because of its legacy design and no need to overdo and spoil something which is already beautiful!!!
Skinnyr4t 27 dagen geleden
Just manifesting my dream life.
Junaid Ali Ali Ahmed
Junaid Ali Ali Ahmed 28 dagen geleden
Very sateek colour
P M 29 dagen geleden
is that a stock exhaust?
Howard Skeivys
Howard Skeivys 29 dagen geleden
Very nice, and the car’s not bad either!
Chan Zan Yi
Chan Zan Yi 29 dagen geleden
i dun usually love Audi but this one is exception
Max Yellow
Max Yellow Maand geleden
you’re video is 1/4 time shorter then other review videos.....and pulled out more details that 30 minutes video’s couldn’t....thank you blondie
Morad Mansour
Morad Mansour Maand geleden
Your close mate yassinkk approves of this video
Karol N
Karol N Maand geleden
Actually its huracan that took the engine from audi just like urus took the v8 rs engine.
ruman742 Maand geleden
I literally love every single R8.. 😍🤪🤪🤪❤❤❤
BomBuom Maand geleden
Chiếc này trong video anh Tý :))))
conneck mhike
conneck mhike Maand geleden
Lil uzi verts car
Sulaeman Hidayatuloh
Sulaeman Hidayatuloh Maand geleden
The sound almost same like lamborghini huracan.. That's awesome
VintageBabyOx Maand geleden
My dream car 😍 I hope to own one in the near future.
M Maand geleden
Interior needs to catch up I think comparing to the gtr and 911, even the f type
Turtle Express
Turtle Express Maand geleden
I feel like it needs active areo
german collector
german collector Maand geleden
Great car 😍
Wichaya N
Wichaya N Maand geleden
This is my dream car that I’ll never be able to afford. 😭😭😭
Jamesy YzTwoStrokeMx
Jamesy YzTwoStrokeMx Maand geleden
I could win a billion dollars tomorrow and I still would probably never buy a supercar for the simple fact that you miss out on so many important features like a head unit 😂 Supercars are for the track, not daily drivers
Aidan Eisenberg
Aidan Eisenberg Maand geleden
This car makes me want to work hard in life.
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