The New Ferrari Roma! 

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The new Ferrari Roma has a completely new interior and tech upgrade! 😳🙌
Thanks to for the car!
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18 mrt. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 28 dagen geleden
New Car Wars with Mr. Bean and Jim Carrey out here!
Soy Suello
Soy Suello 3 dagen geleden
Sanele Ntetha
Sanele Ntetha 15 dagen geleden
I'm very stressed with my car to repair it I need help
Sanele Ntetha
Sanele Ntetha 15 dagen geleden
Hi super blondie I need your help I had an accident on the 28th Saturday I need to fix my car but I'm financially broke will you please help me out
Lay Lakj
Lay Lakj 17 dagen geleden
DOUDOU. DlENG. con. 'NlE. Y5482702E. nocido. el. 07. 09. 1987. en. Sénégal. 34631098973
Codiene Crazy
Codiene Crazy 20 dagen geleden
Hey Alex please I want you to give me 1000$ to build my future I'm young man working everyday for nothing 😢 it's really hard for me I hope you see my messages you will help me a lot 🙏❤
S K 5 uur geleden
it's a lovely car .... But why oh why do they bother with the rear seat shelf that doesn't work ?!! for christ sake they can easily make it so the rear seats are useable !!! - it's supposed to be a daily driver - either make them useable or don't bother - that's just plain stupid !
YAS 10 uur geleden
Ferrari 🇮🇹❤
Fay Sakir
Fay Sakir 12 uur geleden
The Ferraro Roma is a 2+2 seater and the rear seats are designed for toddlers, if you want a seat in the back you would have to choose our Ferrari GTC4LUSSO, which was designed for four adults.
Tuago Fel
Tuago Fel 12 uur geleden
"it's very compact". Holds car keys the size of a deck of cards.
A U 20 uur geleden
looks like a maserati
Prehistorik Caveman
Aaa luka that aaa luki this
Mpha Ntata
Mpha Ntata Dag geleden
i love it
Mpha Ntata
Mpha Ntata Dag geleden
what a beautiful car
Aaron's Vlog Tube
Aaron's Vlog Tube Dag geleden
soulseeker Dag geleden
whats z up
soulseeker Dag geleden
soulseeker Dag geleden
Look if we gonna play like that im out and still will listen music and watch otherwise itz just love to music .
soulseeker Dag geleden
Gachi Blony Bass
Twinbee 2 dagen geleden
Ferrari Vantage
ניר אבוטבול
ניר אבוטבול 2 dagen geleden
I think I saw you on a black Ferrari cabriolet driving in Dubai, I rode with a red Lamborghini Hurricane Spider
Pramod Kumar
Pramod Kumar 3 dagen geleden
Aston Martin db11 is way better
Lilly Müller
Lilly Müller 3 dagen geleden
Probably the first Ferrari I really do like the look of
Matte Sugo
Matte Sugo 3 dagen geleden
Soy Suello
Soy Suello 3 dagen geleden
ron gaming
ron gaming 3 dagen geleden
Huge ferrari fan😅
tomockin h
tomockin h 3 dagen geleden
フェラーリ「ローマ」って日本なら トヨタ「東京」みたいな感じ?
dave hall
dave hall 4 dagen geleden
Looks like F Type..
John D.
John D. 4 dagen geleden
It's really not a good looking car.
NOVA GAMING 4 dagen geleden
Aston Martin your the daddy
MR.C&A Video911Game
MR.C&A Video911Game 5 dagen geleden
vroom !
ARRONISM TV 5 dagen geleden
cheng yufei
cheng yufei 5 dagen geleden
This car is just exquisite
cheng yufei
cheng yufei 5 dagen geleden
This car reminds me of Maserati from the side
Sandhya Shrivastav
Sandhya Shrivastav 6 dagen geleden
Ferrari means expensive, cheapest expensive sounds meaningless.
Juan Esteban
Juan Esteban 6 dagen geleden
"i married the 12 cylinder engine and I never divorced it" Enzo Ferrari That is a Dino for the 21rst century. There is no such thing as an 8 cylinder Ferrari road car
SupercarBlondie 6 dagen geleden
W,„H,„A,„T,„S,„A,„P,„P,„ +,,,1,,,5,,,0,,,9,,,3,,,1,,,5,,,2,,,0,,,1,,,9
Beşir K
Beşir K 6 dagen geleden
I never got jealous of her 🤥
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 6 dagen geleden
Can you do a segment on how to say “no” in Australian English? It’s incredibly difficult.
Wanti Capz
Wanti Capz 6 dagen geleden
You very good vloger always help people I have one day you choose me to help me 🙏 I really admire you because you very kind and generous I'm from Philippines but I work Malaysia ask massage therapist but now no job
Андрей Небогатиков
Чмошный автоваз даже в своих мечтах никогда ничего даже близко не создаст.
Андрей Небогатиков
Very fuckin loud beeeeeeep suzuki....
Андрей Небогатиков
Подари мне
Riichie freshkidintown
Riichie freshkidintown 7 dagen geleden
Look like a Mazda to me
NELSON OBIKA 7 dagen geleden
Please ma'am, I'm one of your biggest fan😃, but please I beg of you for one thing😢😢 can you gift me an iPhone 12pro max ma’am 😢I don’t have a good phone please madam 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Fahima Islam
Fahima Islam 8 dagen geleden
Why review your cars on Dubai pls say why you live in Dubai you want to live Dubai and why
Agastya Jain
Agastya Jain 8 dagen geleden
That car can be easily stolen by a thief as the lock is on the door of the car 🚗🚗🚗🚘
Shmuel Rosenbluth
Shmuel Rosenbluth 8 dagen geleden
Love the car but ngl it looks like an aston martin 😑
Eranda Janaka
Eranda Janaka 9 dagen geleden
Are you married?
Manasseis Gomes
Manasseis Gomes 10 dagen geleden
ematech 10 dagen geleden
ok I hope cyberfm coin climb.....for buy a Ferrari
William Redpath
William Redpath 10 dagen geleden
Why does this look like a jaguar f-type. I'd be suing If I were Jaguar
JQ BXL 10 dagen geleden
we are in the era where cars are slowly becoming like cellphones
Michael Stonestreet
Michael Stonestreet 10 dagen geleden
I would love to give this to some very nice poor guy. And give Him a nice house in a small town in the country and 75k. I would do that for many. If I were filthy rich & wealthy.
SupercarBlondie 6 dagen geleden
W,„H,„A,„T,„S,„A,„P,„P,„ +,,,1,,,5,,,0,,,9,,,3,,,1,,,5,,,2,,,0,,,1,,,9
Rob CG
Rob CG 10 dagen geleden
Nice short and sweet review. Just wish I could also afford one! :(
Thomas Baldauf
Thomas Baldauf 10 dagen geleden
I don't think theres such a thing as an "entry level Ferrari." They're all incredibly valuable, but I would agree that there are more "high-end" Ferraris, ex. LaFerrari.
시드니 인사팀장
시드니 인사팀장 10 dagen geleden
It doesn't look like a car key at all, but look like a lighter.
Adam Cichanowski
Adam Cichanowski 11 dagen geleden
No ferrari 🤬roma. no elektonic. Ok ferrari ff, super fast. La ferrari, F360, F430.
Caio Nunes
Caio Nunes 11 dagen geleden
This Ferrari is Great.
Jakub Koper
Jakub Koper 11 dagen geleden
Pants of truth on sister. She didnt pass.
Predrag Vukovic
Predrag Vukovic 11 dagen geleden
Ima li dizel ovo?
ÁKOS ATYA 11 dagen geleden
Check engine light😅😅
حسنين SRT
حسنين SRT 12 dagen geleden
I am very fan of supercar blondie and I hope you will see my comment and also I hope to meet supercar blondie # I LOVE YOU
ZEa Black
ZEa Black 12 dagen geleden
Cool car🥺💘
Tomáš Šimo
Tomáš Šimo 12 dagen geleden
this is a amazing car :):):)
Benny H
Benny H 12 dagen geleden
"god i see what you done for others and i want that for me" !!!
Ivo Roje
Ivo Roje 13 dagen geleden
5:57 so anyone can steal the car now, whats the point
Jose Jesurum
Jose Jesurum 13 dagen geleden
I see several rectangular cardkey before in renault, volvo for example. But I love this car.
Danguini 14 dagen geleden
I love your channel
Wellington Jackson
Wellington Jackson 14 dagen geleden
The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only on occasionally.
Wellington Jackson
Wellington Jackson 4 dagen geleden
@Sandhya Shrivastav Nope investing in stocks and crypto currency can make you a millions in less than a year if only you know the right procedures to make money from it.
Sandhya Shrivastav
Sandhya Shrivastav 6 dagen geleden
So posting comments on NLblock is the secret to becoming a billionaire? Is that why u are here?
Gwen Parker
Gwen Parker 13 dagen geleden
@Heriminia Kuran FB jane rucker rutledge
Gwen Parker
Gwen Parker 13 dagen geleden
@Heriminia Kuran Or simply text her on watsapp with this number above👆 but you have to inform her I referred you to her so he can reply you and know you're in for business
Gwen Parker
Gwen Parker 13 dagen geleden
@Heriminia Kuran +1 """2"""3"""6""''8"""'9""""1"""7"""3""""4
zarin langari
zarin langari 14 dagen geleden
I love you Alex🥺❤️
Bonés Top
Bonés Top 14 dagen geleden
Ferrari Cool.
Aktar din
Aktar din 14 dagen geleden
Mario Robles
Mario Robles 14 dagen geleden
ur sister is so cute
Karo Utoh
Karo Utoh 14 dagen geleden
The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only on occasionally.
Sandhya Shrivastav
Sandhya Shrivastav 6 dagen geleden
They go out and buy the cars they had a dream about, we only buy them when we have enough money, which is occassionally. So yr theory sounds true.
suman kumar
suman kumar 14 dagen geleden
Adrian De La Rosa
Adrian De La Rosa 15 dagen geleden
Brooo why her CRINGEY ass sister even show up 🤡
Adrian De La Rosa
Adrian De La Rosa 15 dagen geleden
Bro she just reviewed a luxury watch 😒, like stick to cars and you don’t even review that good anyways
Emad Omar
Emad Omar 15 dagen geleden
Saqib Khan
Saqib Khan 15 dagen geleden
I am u r big fan
Aktar din
Aktar din 15 dagen geleden please
Cam Ferris
Cam Ferris 15 dagen geleden
"Rear tail lights"? As opposed to? HAHA
imran khan
imran khan 15 dagen geleden
Nice car
Patty Suba
Patty Suba 15 dagen geleden
Robin Humphrey
Robin Humphrey 15 dagen geleden
This is not a car review. This is a "look at me" show and it sucks.
Gill Kilner
Gill Kilner 15 dagen geleden
The Ferrari Roma that looks like a Aston Martin DB11.
Kutlwano Makhobotloane
Kutlwano Makhobotloane 16 dagen geleden
I can't be the only person who saw that Suzuki Jimny and thought: "OH MY GOD IT'S MAT! MAT WATSON HERE is here!" Kinda sad it wasn't 🤧
Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi 16 dagen geleden
for god sake buy a better camera!
Lynx Aldenhoven
Lynx Aldenhoven 16 dagen geleden
How to be you super idol 🥰
Bryle Corachea
Bryle Corachea 16 dagen geleden
That’s amazing!!!!
arfan ali
arfan ali 16 dagen geleden
Awesome lovely
Ruru Abujouda
Ruru Abujouda 16 dagen geleden
Hello Supercar Blond ❤️ I really idolize you how awesome you are it become on car’s i hope i have one nice car in the future too 😇 Greetings from Sharjah 🇦🇪❤️♥️
DARRYL POTTER 16 dagen geleden
I'll take 2 one in black one in grey.. He (me) won't ever get to say.. 😭😭😭
Amdadul Hoque
Amdadul Hoque 16 dagen geleden
Hi I'm Your big fan and i wanna met you
Shubham Amit Joshi
Shubham Amit Joshi 16 dagen geleden
5:40 Even though I love Ferrari, I gotta say, I have that feature on my Suzuki
PRADA SE 16 dagen geleden
Damnnn this car is niceee
Ale Foreste
Ale Foreste 17 dagen geleden
Essa Ferrari Roma é linda. Amazing.
Ronaldo Mercado
Ronaldo Mercado 17 dagen geleden
Hi supercar blondie.. Hope you see you here @ Philippines and ypur so kind. Hopefully one of my name will be choosen to give me car. Hurry up idol....its me Ronaldo P. Mercado from Philippines
Jason E. Graham Sr.
Jason E. Graham Sr. 17 dagen geleden
Nooooo leave the sister in the camera 📷
Ali 2632
Ali 2632 17 dagen geleden
Best wishes from Pakistan.. I am a driver and big fan of you
Arunjith 17 dagen geleden
Make a video on JAGUAR VISION GT
Psyche Catadman
Psyche Catadman 17 dagen geleden
We Love u guys♥️👌😎 From PH
Psyche Catadman
Psyche Catadman 17 dagen geleden
Love u guys,more bless😎👌♥️
Psyche Catadman
Psyche Catadman 17 dagen geleden
Love u all♥️👌😎
Psyche Catadman
Psyche Catadman 17 dagen geleden
Love you all♥️👌😎
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