The New Rolls Royce Ghost! 

Weergaven 2,6 mln.
98% 25 228 500

This is the brand new Rolls Royce Ghost. Longer than it’s predecessor which means it’s even roomier! Love the new open door feature. Thoughts guys?

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15 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 3 maanden geleden
Ok so I’m a numpty. The door close button is in the Centre console area between the driver and front passenger 🤷‍♀️😅
Anne Acodlaz
Anne Acodlaz 6 dagen geleden
Nice car😍💗😍💗😍💗👋👋👋 your so very supervloger💪💪
Re ix 2021
Re ix 2021 14 dagen geleden
Jashon Michell
Jashon Michell 18 dagen geleden
Joseph Asher
Joseph Asher 18 dagen geleden
The steering is actually smaller and if you did notice the car is like a mix of the phantom and the spirit of ecstasy is separated from the grill Sorry for being rolls nerd
Joseph Asher
Joseph Asher 18 dagen geleden
They were right next to the knob for controlling the infotainment screen
Habsida Banjoongcheenmee
Habsida Banjoongcheenmee 14 minuten geleden
I've been always so curious if this woman currently lives in Dubai....
Junior Wilson
Junior Wilson Uur geleden
Rr is a luxury car
Reverse Music
Reverse Music 12 uur geleden
A driver of a rolls royce is also lucky😅
Nadeem Mustafa
Nadeem Mustafa 17 uur geleden
LUXURY ON THE ROAD 👌👌👌🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 Love From Pakistan
Leatile Bonang
Leatile Bonang 17 uur geleden
Rolls royce
Leatile Bonang
Leatile Bonang 18 uur geleden
I want that car
zaty shah
zaty shah 18 uur geleden
i loving the color of the rolls royce
ramiro cruz
ramiro cruz 19 uur geleden
Ist modern RR I've seen that's having a a paint job worth of it's name!💯
Tiffany dixon
Tiffany dixon Dag geleden
think i have this car
official mr.Manish
official mr.Manish Dag geleden
Bhai rolls royce mehngi nahi hai hum log hi gareeb h😀😀😀
Sibusiso Ndzoyiya
Sibusiso Ndzoyiya Dag geleden
I don't remember u saying the cost of this beautiful car
Nirvan Naik
Nirvan Naik Dag geleden
I don't why whenever i see this girl it remind me of Brandy love .
Piet Potgieter
Piet Potgieter Dag geleden
Do they come with a towbar for a caravan?😘
Charles Peterson
Charles Peterson Dag geleden
A truly amazing masterpiece of automotive art! The car looks good,too!
El At
El At Dag geleden
7:45 The close door buttons next to the dial are like "Are we a joke to you?" 🤣 I'm glad you found the buttons
Michael Hatcher
Michael Hatcher 2 dagen geleden
I 💘 that car. Keeping it real keeping it classy with Blondie 💣 bombshell.
gelino 2 dagen geleden
no cap, your watch is nice.
Jm Lavender Systems
Jm Lavender Systems 2 dagen geleden
Alula Tadesse
Alula Tadesse 2 dagen geleden
There is no door power door opener and closer button in the front because it’s made for the chauffeur not the owner. Hello!
Lee Se Jong
Lee Se Jong 2 dagen geleden
Did you buy or something
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur 2 dagen geleden
This car price is 7 crore
Pecinta Kompas
Pecinta Kompas 3 dagen geleden
1,8K dislikes has their previous RR
sid 3 dagen geleden
Why u let the monogram go when you hold it.give me a chance.i ll show you the security is all about to make fool stupida.
bobduvar 3 dagen geleden
Hey Mercedes... May i help you ?? Crash yourself !! I bought a Rolls Royce !
nico shika
nico shika 3 dagen geleden
the girl is so beautiful too I have to say
Dayini Jeyakumaresh
Dayini Jeyakumaresh 3 dagen geleden
Oh my god that's the best false course I ever seen
Ronald Thobejane
Ronald Thobejane 3 dagen geleden
I luv this car ...and it's dignity
RubyGamez 3 dagen geleden
Best Rolls Royce in my opinion
Manny Chada
Manny Chada 3 dagen geleden
You need a big ego to drive one of these not the daily driver
Szab S.
Szab S. 4 dagen geleden
This car is a waste of money. You have to push the button too hard to get the umbrella...
Gerrit L
Gerrit L 4 dagen geleden
Saw her once. Its enough
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell 4 dagen geleden
Would not the umbrella better place in the cabin inside the car so you have to go out side in the rain to get the umbrella in the pouring rain
يارب با با سلطان
Hello Alex madam, I was your fan when you was having Lucy with you but the moment you sold your Ferrari car I felt sad and unsubscribe you but by seeing your new Rolls Royce in gray color I am again back to supercar blondie family Really ma'am your great but see a little different in you in the gap if 2 years..... that you have changed it pink princess
Ilgar Karimov
Ilgar Karimov 4 dagen geleden
video ideation on Rolls Royce theme -
RK Lands resources
RK Lands resources 5 dagen geleden
Hi i want to buy one of this. I will be the first in my entire family. To have this RR car.
Dennis R Clauna
Dennis R Clauna 5 dagen geleden
Love all of your Blogs bout cars, watching here from Philippines
Robert Wieczorek
Robert Wieczorek 5 dagen geleden
Why is your hair pink in stead of blond? Would you please make it blond again?
Andrew Kinamore
Andrew Kinamore 6 dagen geleden
Alex Hirschi: The only woman to drive a half million dollar car and COMPLAIN about it
Bhuds Taleon
Bhuds Taleon 6 dagen geleden
What's your video from Philippines so nice your you 😍😍😍god bless
Bhuds Taleon
Bhuds Taleon 6 dagen geleden
Wow love you so nice
LEV 369
LEV 369 6 dagen geleden
lov yu too
Santiago Herrera
Santiago Herrera 6 dagen geleden
video mix
video mix 6 dagen geleden
That price wow i can even buy a lambo
jerrel wongso
jerrel wongso 7 dagen geleden
The rolls roys is awsome ms blondie
Amy Osberg Roberts
Amy Osberg Roberts 7 dagen geleden
Do you have any other jobs
Henry Rex
Henry Rex 7 dagen geleden
Did she call herself Supergirl Blondie. I mean Supergirl is blonde but....
Fairy 7 dagen geleden
Is her accent England or aussie ? Someone replies to me please
بنت الأكابر
بنت الأكابر 7 dagen geleden
Can you have your WhatsApp number? I am from Iraq. I like you and would love to travel to America
Cattuch Tuch
Cattuch Tuch 8 dagen geleden
my dream car is Rolls Royce😍😍😍😊😊😊
Silas Lopchan
Silas Lopchan 8 dagen geleden
Ghost is more sexy than Blondie😆
JEAN OSTAN 8 dagen geleden
Pink Rainbow
Pink Rainbow 8 dagen geleden
All cars are quieT
Man Beard
Man Beard 9 dagen geleden
She's got one? how rich is this lady?
Monson Samuel
Monson Samuel 9 dagen geleden
Give me one sir
pinkboi 42k
pinkboi 42k 9 dagen geleden
wait this recorded in covid times?
1813 37
1813 37 9 dagen geleden
the way you speaks irritates me a lot😃
Linga Moorthy
Linga Moorthy 9 dagen geleden
Wow luxury car so stylish design SUV 😍 the morning drive
Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez 9 dagen geleden
The best feature of the car is the blondie driving it! (driving me wild)...
Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez 9 dagen geleden
Great for old guys who can't see where they're going! :-)
Hoola Hoop
Hoola Hoop 10 dagen geleden
Blondie, no more blondie???????????????????????
Subhash Ranjan
Subhash Ranjan 10 dagen geleden
Beautifully narrated by you in the fashion which I never wanted to end.
Artrhea Andrea
Artrhea Andrea 10 dagen geleden
I like that very beautiful car.
Artrhea Andrea
Artrhea Andrea 10 dagen geleden
Hello mam.i am your avid fan from the philippines. Hope one day soon you can visit here in the philippines. My name is arthur mose I am very much enjoy and lot of knowledge about high end and sports car. God bless.
JQ BXL 10 dagen geleden
Blondie I love u
Rohitt Ks
Rohitt Ks 11 dagen geleden
Watching it b4 sleeping is motivate me to get it
Ideal .D
Ideal .D 11 dagen geleden
“Omg I’ll have to actualy close my rolls royce door with my hand ... this is crazy ! My life is ruined!”
Kishanlal sharma
Kishanlal sharma 11 dagen geleden
I have this car
Shylaja Prakash
Shylaja Prakash 11 dagen geleden
Bui Xuan Phuc
Bui Xuan Phuc 11 dagen geleden
The uncovered dinghy dolly answer because bobcat bailly reach qua a wasteful respect. efficient, goofy jute
Abhijit Tikate
Abhijit Tikate 11 dagen geleden
And here I'm electronics engineer.. thinking only they are controlling DC motors and increased that much price
Havaname. Allready.
Havaname. Allready. 12 dagen geleden
The machine to arrive in at the Oscars. Lol.
Jane Calabroso
Jane Calabroso 12 dagen geleden
Nice car idol
Somanath H
Somanath H 12 dagen geleden
It is electric car
Somanath H
Somanath H 12 dagen geleden
It is a matchbox car
IRD Gaming
IRD Gaming 12 dagen geleden
1:43 "You are listening to 104.4MHz Virgin
Christos Skopelitis
Christos Skopelitis 12 dagen geleden
FighterNight34 12 dagen geleden
Not today” Nope nope i will just slap it
Eli Castañeda
Eli Castañeda 13 dagen geleden
Soy el único qu Abla español??😂
raajeshkanna 13 dagen geleden
It's really really awesome
Eliazaro Otieno
Eliazaro Otieno 13 dagen geleden
In Kenya, that the Spirit of Excstacy will disappear into someones account
TOP SCORER 10 dagen geleden
Hehe hio ni ukweli aisee
Jungle Online Tv
Jungle Online Tv 13 dagen geleden
Rolls Royce is alway my coolest dream car as a photographer
tesco mobis465
tesco mobis465 13 dagen geleden
The front door close buttons are near the infotainment system controls...
Hm Hridoy
Hm Hridoy 14 dagen geleden
Hi i am a big fan of you🤝🤝🤝🤝
Somnang Kh
Somnang Kh 14 dagen geleden
I love you 💗
Log X
Log X 14 dagen geleden
The front door closing buttons are near the drive wheel in the center column! :\
Saqib Khan
Saqib Khan 14 dagen geleden
I like this one model
Aktar din
Aktar din 14 dagen geleden Blondie..madam.
Bred 15 dagen geleden
People who can afford this wont be reading this
Albert Busscher
Albert Busscher 15 dagen geleden
I knew a gentleman who had several Royces, was an ex pilot with the Dambusters but did not have any pretense. May he rest in peace !!
Vaibhav VX
Vaibhav VX 15 dagen geleden
One of the sick looking Rolls.
Balkrishna Dubey
Balkrishna Dubey 15 dagen geleden
You are so beautiful are you marrid
Harry Axe
Harry Axe 16 dagen geleden
When its pooring rain? In Dubi???
Gabriel A.Samudera
Gabriel A.Samudera 16 dagen geleden god..supercar blondie..,when can I dream of owning a car Roll Rocye no money like that merry buy car Roll Rocye for me god..
peter Leung
peter Leung 16 dagen geleden
Prefer Her
RISHI VS 16 dagen geleden
i need that car aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah someone give me for free
dek kooner
dek kooner 16 dagen geleden
Supervid, scb. Lvya
G Howard
G Howard 16 dagen geleden
Charge pad?
my way
my way 16 dagen geleden
So do you act like a Fake Barbie blonde girl! For attention! On you’re super car blonde NLblock! You don’t talk about All the cool facts of Rolls Royce! You talk like you trying to tell an Blonde like yourself who’s not smart!
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