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2020 has been an interesting year, with so much of the unexpected thrown at us. Luckily, we can count on the car industry to keep pumping out some gems and keep us entertained. These are some of the coolest production cars I got to see up close this year. Also check out my vid on the Top 10 Coolest Concept cars of 2020! Enjoy guys xo
1. McLaren Speedtail -
2. Aston Martin Valhalla -
3. Koenigsegg Gemera -
4. Lamborghini Sian -
5. Avtoros Shaman -
6. Ferrari Enzo MIG -
7. Bugatti Pur Sport -
8. Mercedes Maybach GLS -
9. Brabus 800 XLP G-Wagen -
10. BMW i3 Suite -
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9 jan. 2021




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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 3 maanden geleden
Make sure to see my last vid on Top 10 coolest concept cars of 2020 too! 🤩
isao kimpara
isao kimpara 2 dagen geleden
@3039 Omkar Surve んn
HUNTER HUNTER Maand geleden
My family loves Star Wars so I put 5:45 so I can show him
home gardening
home gardening Maand geleden ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏
Gabriel Martin
Gabriel Martin Maand geleden
Hello! BMW i3 Urban SUITE is fantastic Price 1.000 dollars
eu tot
eu tot 2 maanden geleden
@mehmet tuerkoglu 🤣🤣🤣
X-PERTO TV 14 uur geleden
rayan- download
rayan- download 2 dagen geleden
Very good
yass ine
yass ine 2 dagen geleden
15:40 Yeeeees
Bawar Safar Rasheed
Bawar Safar Rasheed 3 dagen geleden
WOW best 👌
Bm Sport
Bm Sport 3 dagen geleden
The Mercedes number 8 is amazing
Tadeusz Niemiec
Tadeusz Niemiec 4 dagen geleden
👍 Pozdrawiam serdecznie 🌺☕🍰
# MessyViewing0666
# MessyViewing0666 5 dagen geleden
taipan185 6 dagen geleden
Cameras instead of wing mirrors is such frigging no brainer these days youd think every new car on the roads over the last 5 odd years would have them. If not completely stand alone at least to compliment normal wing mirrors
A Bit Of Internet
A Bit Of Internet 7 dagen geleden
L O W here my channel
Zana satori
Zana satori 7 dagen geleden
Father: hey Son, I was pondering to buy you a car as a gift for your graduation🙂😍 Son:sending this video to his inbox😉😇
Samantha c
Samantha c 9 dagen geleden
The second cement synthetically damage because silver july spark outside a separate dog. cool, disagreeable mallet
Mercy Rutere
Mercy Rutere 10 dagen geleden
Ryan mutwiri of
Mercy Rutere
Mercy Rutere 10 dagen geleden
Ryan mutwiri of Cambridge
Rohat Yavuz
Rohat Yavuz 11 dagen geleden
Bry Pom
Bry Pom 12 dagen geleden
SCB is everything wrong with this world today in a nutshell
Nathan Vandermeer
Nathan Vandermeer 12 dagen geleden
The first one is really dumb. It will flop for sure.
Carmelo 13 dagen geleden
Woah! The very nice video tday!
sammy playz
sammy playz 15 dagen geleden
I love your vidoes!!
Andy Candy
Andy Candy 16 dagen geleden
9:34 Why drift when you could just drive sideways in this car?
Oliver Rostron
Oliver Rostron 16 dagen geleden
ik its luxury but if i become a millionaire ever then why can i still not close my own doors
Ionel Mantea
Ionel Mantea 18 dagen geleden
as soon as i heard"how cool is that" i left
Engjell Shtylla
Engjell Shtylla 19 dagen geleden
Koenigsegg Bombe Beautiful Car ⭐⭐⭐👌
LIL CORX 20 dagen geleden
go to thestrandman he has a Lamborghini Sian
Demo Kids
Demo Kids 21 dag geleden
Amazing Car I like it so much....... :)
Jake Tree
Jake Tree 21 dag geleden
John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
the legend gamer
the legend gamer 23 dagen geleden
all cars are hot like u...
Sony Crocket YT
Sony Crocket YT 25 dagen geleden
16:28 I have one of those, on Asphalt 9 Game :) it’s to expensive
Sony Crocket YT
Sony Crocket YT 25 dagen geleden
12:02 I have one of those :)! On Asphalt 9 Game :)
yoo lee
yoo lee 26 dagen geleden
The fallacious star joly pine because party ectrodactyly analyse despite a staking cauliflower. jaded, broken liquor
Денис Новосельцев
Хорошая у миледи работа, да и она сама хорошенькая )
Frank Mureithi
Frank Mureithi Maand geleden
Imagine this being your moms job
Sinan AĞAOĞLU Maand geleden
sory.. i don have money for a car like that ! :(
Anirudh Singh Rajput
Anirudh Singh Rajput Maand geleden
Damn it is a dancing car or you can say fifty sahdes with grey in car 🤣
Алексей Гавриленко
Инфинити Лексус ,Инфинити Майбах
Алексей Гавриленко
Лусинэгоаорткян анинаберщикова на машину инах сприцепомилибез дом накалесах
Uche Joseph
Uche Joseph Maand geleden
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
Crypto kirby Training
Crypto kirby Training Maand geleden
Text him on WhatsApp 👆
Houston Jones
Houston Jones Maand geleden
How do I start trading with Mr Logan Wayne
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Joseph Maand geleden
He's Really amazing with an amazing skills he changed my 0.3btc to 2.1btc
Estelle Diane
Estelle Diane Maand geleden
Logan Wayne has been managing my trade for months and I keep making profits every week, I made $9,130 last week
Adalene Bella
Adalene Bella Maand geleden
@prosper Expert Logan Wayne has been managing my trade for months and I keep making profits every week, I made $9,130 last week
Donpedy Vibes
Donpedy Vibes Maand geleden
Pls I sent an urgent msg to your official fb acc, about an acc claiming to be you doing giveaway to special fans. I would love to know if this is true.
Bleismo Maand geleden
I want a Lamborghini Sian. God damn what a monster! :D
Vansh Khyani
Vansh Khyani Maand geleden
9:00 for the car on the thumbnail
ooo xxx
ooo xxx Maand geleden
Aman Bhatia
Aman Bhatia Maand geleden
Blondie when ever I see you .I fall every time for you..yoi have a pure soul ❤️
yeet_Gaming Maand geleden
the 8x8 looks like a gurka
yeet_Gaming Maand geleden
3:10 supercarblondie: extreme vibe
Turgay Çizmeci
Turgay Çizmeci Maand geleden
Number one is the bad
Claus Vasquez
Claus Vasquez Maand geleden
Woow is magnific 🙏😇😉🇺🇸🇲🇽🇹🇷🇮🇹😉💕💝💝👶 tenemos que fabricar nuestro bebé future 💘💝
Samara Demongirl
Samara Demongirl Maand geleden
Hey u all know that this is triggered insaans fake acc
Florian Schikhof
Florian Schikhof Maand geleden
Who’s waiting for the tomahawk from dodge
Janek Gossett
Janek Gossett Maand geleden
9:12 did anyone else see the hubcap fall off lol
lil avocado
lil avocado Maand geleden
At 15:18 I thought about billie eilish
Gregor Rezar
Gregor Rezar Maand geleden
mustapha battar
mustapha battar Maand geleden
شقراءي لقد ادخلت البيانات في الموقع اسمي وبطاقة الاءتمان إلا أني لم اتوصل بهديتي لحد الساعة أثق بك فربما هناك خطب ما.
MStudio 2 maanden geleden
Hi , I whant to show you specjal car, made from stainless steel .
mustapha battar
mustapha battar 2 maanden geleden
لقد ادخلت بطاقة الاءتمان ولم احصل على أي شيء
Sashvin vinod
Sashvin vinod 2 maanden geleden
My favorite in the video is the bmw i3 urban suite and mclaren speedtail
Jovan Carbonilla
Jovan Carbonilla 2 maanden geleden
If Ms. Blondie could just read my DM to her on Instagram, it will bring me to tears. 😢
Mysterious Riderz
Mysterious Riderz 2 maanden geleden
The 8x8 monster truck nailed it 💛🧡
Mysterious Riderz
Mysterious Riderz 2 maanden geleden
That's one insane one 💙❤️🤍
VIVI VSVDQ 2 maanden geleden
THANKSALOT❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2 maanden geleden
What a beautiful cars!
Jermal Butler
Jermal Butler 2 maanden geleden
I have 2 have the chauffeur car pls Blondie, I'll be good!
Rory Conway
Rory Conway 2 maanden geleden
So cool make sure to subscribe :)
Juban Chyne
Juban Chyne 2 maanden geleden
If it was my car “the Ferrari”. I too would reject any price on earth.
bb singh
bb singh 2 maanden geleden
18:00 i wouldn't mess with such an expensive and rare car
bb singh
bb singh 26 dagen geleden
@flowjoe23 Sanskrit translates to Raja-putra means king's son
bb singh
bb singh 26 dagen geleden
@flowjoe23 I am a singh Rajput btw(google meaning of Rajput)
bb singh
bb singh 26 dagen geleden
@flowjoe23 lets see, maybe in 5-7 years, yeah. I already have a net worth to buy that car(not bank balance), but let me grow that money up. And then i be rolling in one of these. limited edition. Remember the date 1 january 2030. Let's meet then boi......
flowjoe23 27 dagen geleden
@bb singh nobody cares how you would treat a car you will never be able to afford, old man.
bb singh
bb singh 27 dagen geleden
@flowjoe23 Ok kid, ik but i still would treat it the way it deserves.
Sarah Pak
Sarah Pak 2 maanden geleden
I want that I3 to be in production!
Levente Fehér
Levente Fehér 2 maanden geleden
HEY! Thats my car gimme back!
Brad de Maan
Brad de Maan 2 maanden geleden
What a ride such a good drive. I always listen to rock and the like when I drive does anyone else also almost only listen to heavy music like Metallica or Delta Parole when they drive?
Kuldip Binning
Kuldip Binning 2 maanden geleden
Hi I just messaged you , about this prize you said I had won, and I should leave a message on your yt channel. JM.
Sanjay Mm
Sanjay Mm 2 maanden geleden .
Joachim Peiper
Joachim Peiper 2 maanden geleden
1:36 abla abartma o kadar istersen
Turbo 2 maanden geleden
9:12 Hubcap came off.
IgI 2 maanden geleden
3:04 the car looks rare
Bob miller
Bob miller 2 maanden geleden
That hotel car does not look to sexy from the outside
Mr. Hacker
Mr. Hacker 2 maanden geleden
i buy this truck wow its look awwsome i love it
pokemon master
pokemon master 2 maanden geleden
The dancing car has other meaning in india
home gardening
home gardening Maand geleden🔥❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
Avieshai Robinson
Avieshai Robinson Maand geleden
Yuvrraj Kankaria
Yuvrraj Kankaria Maand geleden
Jiquilpan Michoacan
Jiquilpan Michoacan Maand geleden
Aayushraj Raj
Aayushraj Raj 2 maanden geleden
Edgar Ejapon
Edgar Ejapon 2 maanden geleden
Its amazing car supercar blondie
Jenny Ingenito
Jenny Ingenito 2 maanden geleden
ASHRAF SHOW 2 maanden geleden
I love your videos .I looked for you at my subscribers but no find is my pleasure to see you anytime. Did you add my channel on your channel or not? You promise me!!!
Abod im
Abod im 2 maanden geleden
*starfighter* not Jetfighter
James Obsorne
James Obsorne 2 maanden geleden
Shdnt she be Supercar Pinkie? & also, sub titles are often terrible! Wish she cd express herself better. Seems like she's only got 20 words in her total vocabulary! Cool is nearly everything she cn say
Max Olsson
Max Olsson 2 maanden geleden
I am from sweden
Michael Rau
Michael Rau 2 maanden geleden
what is this noise "electro" by Königsegg Gemera? a litle bit too loud or not?
Jaylon Soares
Jaylon Soares 2 maanden geleden
I think that the koenigsegg gemera is underpriced for all its amazing features. The Bugatti chiron doesn't have any of the gemera features but yet it's more expensive and that's weird
Jaylon Soares
Jaylon Soares 2 maanden geleden
She just loves to call the Bugatti chiron pur sport the x wing fighter jet 😂😂
Sana ur Rehman
Sana ur Rehman 2 maanden geleden
I love 1 2 and 4
Thailand พาเที่ยว
bossmatsymoto 2 maanden geleden
зачем всё это
andrei078 2 maanden geleden
one correction: the X-Wing is not a jet fighter lol
hassan GAMER
hassan GAMER 2 maanden geleden
nigi high
nigi high 2 maanden geleden
wow the car
nrml1 2 maanden geleden
Holy crap, get a camera with some OIS or get the camera man a Parkinson's exam
Marco BRA_USA 2 maanden geleden
Amazing cars and very good taste vehicles.
Viper Gamer
Viper Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Imagine you forgot the Konigsegg luggage at the airport and someone just takes it 🤣
。 ꌦꏂꇙꋊꄲ
。 ꌦꏂꇙꋊꄲ 26 dagen geleden
Ez money
Sketch 2 maanden geleden
my imagination isn't that good I'm afraid..
korbinooo Gaming
korbinooo Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Hey I own a mclaren speedtail In forza horizon 4!
pablo rages
pablo rages 2 maanden geleden
I've got a real one ... made by Hot Wheels
Juan Flores
Juan Flores 2 maanden geleden
Good Women
Besnik Useini
Besnik Useini 2 maanden geleden
9:11 hubcap falls 8x8 front right wheel lol
XD shift3R
XD shift3R 2 maanden geleden
Ok monster truck is craaaazzyyyyy
MightyMouseGaming 2 maanden geleden
There will be a time when everyone has this cars and the rich people will have a car that will come after 2 millennium
MightyMouseGaming 2 maanden geleden
I think Tesla roadster is gonna kill all the cars on a 1/4 mile race What do you think
MightyMouseGaming 2 maanden geleden
@boastyy ya
boastyy 2 maanden geleden
Will be very hard to beat!
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