World's First Maserati With Butterfly Doors | MC20 

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This is the brand new Maserati MC20. It's currently the first one in the world. They've completely redesigned it from previous Corvette models, moving the engine from the front to the middle of the car. It now has a very Supercar look, and specs, with 630 horse power and 0-100 in 2.9 seconds! What do you guys think of the new direction Maserati is going in?

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20 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie 2 maanden geleden
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Richard B. Davis
Richard B. Davis Maand geleden
Buy it “
Richard B. Davis
Richard B. Davis Maand geleden
Go back to blonde 👱‍♀️ please’
sileman verma
sileman verma Maand geleden
It's worth it
The Good Person
The Good Person 2 maanden geleden
You are making this car looks UGLY.
Chris Browning
Chris Browning 2 maanden geleden
Great video, but she needs to be mic'd properly. Volume of her voice is constantly and drastically changing depending on her movement...
Michael Wanaba
Michael Wanaba 10 uur geleden
the car suites you think you should get yourself one
Bennie Preston III
Bennie Preston III Dag geleden
U should get it
Cass Golden
Cass Golden 2 dagen geleden
Get it, pleaseeeeeee get it, I would love to see a video of you with your own , I'm very curious to see how it does when you push it a little just like you said, it looks and sounds sooo good, I love Maserati 👌💯😍
mennio100 2 dagen geleden
That's an instant-cult car... Maybe some depreciation at the beginning but then, when everybody will drive boring EVs,I think value will sky-rocket
Mr. Moreno
Mr. Moreno 3 dagen geleden
But it’s only a V6 🙄
Francisco S.
Francisco S. 5 dagen geleden
Cool Lotus.
Elias Hammarberg
Elias Hammarberg 5 dagen geleden
She's saying "I think I should buy this car" like it's a fucking t-shirt
arsh dhaliwal
arsh dhaliwal 5 dagen geleden
Still a v6 🤣
SALIM TRADE 5 dagen geleden
With 250k i will get married open bussines buy appartment and nice bmw🙏pray for m guys ❤️
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 6 dagen geleden
Lowda you will rev!
Glider Pilot
Glider Pilot 6 dagen geleden
They are going to make this electric? Whaaat
Abdullah Atif
Abdullah Atif 6 dagen geleden
Sergi all the time: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Moe Yasin
Moe Yasin 7 dagen geleden
Blondie Let me work with you :(
Merlin Zhai
Merlin Zhai 7 dagen geleden
what happened to V8, sad.
Unapologetically Authentic
Like it but I’d rather have the McLaren
Tom Landry
Tom Landry 8 dagen geleden
Not impressed but since it’s a prototype I’ll just wait and see for now
Mujtaba Emami
Mujtaba Emami 8 dagen geleden
You are so beautiful
JmansFragments 9 dagen geleden
Not bad not bad
John Fernandez
John Fernandez 11 dagen geleden
I was a buyer at $200,000. For $250,000? Naaaaaa. It may be a nice looking car but Maserati has a history of recalls and being unreliable. If they come out with starting price point of $250,000 they will fail. I will choose the 720 Mclaren all day
Andrea Vittorio
Andrea Vittorio 11 dagen geleden
Mike Jall
Mike Jall 12 dagen geleden
SC blonde wait a year the price will drop it's not on pair with the F8 or 720s
Dennis White
Dennis White 12 dagen geleden
I love Maserati, but she's right. At the price point going to be very tough to compete with Mac, Ferrari, and Lambo.
retro racing shirt
retro racing shirt 12 dagen geleden
" maserati retroracingshirt " SHIRT
mohammed sayid
mohammed sayid 14 dagen geleden
The Body design like Ferrari and the interior mclaren 😂
Aktar din
Aktar din 14 dagen geleden Blondie'.madam. please
Emad Omar
Emad Omar 14 dagen geleden
angelo bondi
angelo bondi 15 dagen geleden
it's such humiliate thing to see a bogan presenting a masterpiece. she knows nothing about cars
mody6930 15 dagen geleden
2:20 How about No doors at all 😁
Giuseppe Saisi
Giuseppe Saisi 15 dagen geleden
Buy it
essack ally
essack ally 16 dagen geleden
Yes do it blondie buy it .
eugene brown
eugene brown 19 dagen geleden
Go ahead and buy the car supercar Blondie !!!!
eugene brown
eugene brown 19 dagen geleden
Supercar Blondie sexy!!!!!! Never mind the car😁😁😁😁😁
Gina 20 dagen geleden
Yaass!! Its BEAUTIFUL!!! 😱✨
Hid Den
Hid Den 20 dagen geleden
every maserati sucks
Kathleen May T. Surla
Kathleen May T. Surla 20 dagen geleden
My Dream Car a side from bugatti of course.
NWO World
NWO World 21 dag geleden
SpiritualFoxPlays - Try hard Player
3:44 My favourite car at the back 😂
Hayabusa 22 dagen geleden
Maserati MC20 vs Ferrari 812 Superfast ^_^
Nicolas Vogt cuevas
Nicolas Vogt cuevas 22 dagen geleden
Beautiful corvette c8
Alen Ibričić
Alen Ibričić 23 dagen geleden
Steering wheel identical like in Merc
BOH BOH 23 dagen geleden
TheGoldenAle !!!
TheGoldenAle !!! 23 dagen geleden
the title of the video alone shows how superficial your mindset is on vehicles
myluxurylife. net
myluxurylife. net 23 dagen geleden
Thanks... Great video, great NLblockr. I bought from hqreps, for each season I bought one piece from this store. You will never want to miss it. Great service, lowest price, fast logistics. Just share to you all
D B 24 dagen geleden
So the 911 Turbo s is still faster
SydneyPhotography2019 24 dagen geleden
Oh wow, maybe I can get this instead of a Ferrari. OMG! Imagine just being able to say "Aw yeah I think I have to buy this car" and being serious about it
Luigi Ho
Luigi Ho 24 dagen geleden
sam bílý
sam bílý 24 dagen geleden
Buy it !!
Front straight 5 cylinder single turbo engine -
That Maserati looks like a ferrari
James Bond
James Bond 26 dagen geleden
Wow..she gets over 100,000 new subscribers per day!!
ทีจี โฟน
ทีจี โฟน 26 dagen geleden
🔱เหลือแค่นี้ก้อทำโลโก้รถสปอร์ส Mrกิตติกวินทร์แสงสุก
ZN Motorsports
ZN Motorsports 26 dagen geleden
This model very nice 👍
paGo leOn
paGo leOn 26 dagen geleden
one of the Few vids that she's Not wearing a Hat?? or the Only one ? ? 🤔
Polerghost19 26 dagen geleden
it shoulda been a v8, not a v6
Baby MonTana
Baby MonTana 27 dagen geleden
Was expecting a better sound! Sounds like vw diesel
blank car lover
blank car lover 27 dagen geleden
Yes buy it
Nathan Palacios
Nathan Palacios 27 dagen geleden
Maserati been my dream car since I was a little boy nd that ones is gorgeous 😍
Tony Jablonski
Tony Jablonski 27 dagen geleden
Zero interior room. She's probably 6' and looked uncomfortable as hell. What a joke. Memo to all automakers, stop building cars for ET! He's gone home.
OSEH 28 dagen geleden
Gotta be the most beautiful new car out there
Lovall Josephsocool2
Lovall Josephsocool2 28 dagen geleden
Is it also unreliable like the other Maserati
A. M.
A. M. 28 dagen geleden
This car looks beautiful from every angle. And it's far, far better looking than those ugly McLarens. And Lambos and Ferraris and Porsches are too many. Every Tom, Dick and Harry Potter drive those. Hell, your local supermarket trolley collector boy drives them! If the Maserati comedians can get the quality, reliability and customer service right, this will be a hit car.
Dominick Nole
Dominick Nole 29 dagen geleden
$250,000 for a Six Cylinder. I don't know. Yes nice car. I like my GT better.
road runner
road runner 29 dagen geleden much is this car worth? Are the super car manufactures like this one making the engines hydrogen fuel cell?
Simon B
Simon B Maand geleden
4:03 and thats the video! thanks for watching
Nadeem Janjua
Nadeem Janjua Maand geleden
❤❤❤ nice car
XplodingGamer620 Maand geleden
This is my dream car
Islam Drai
Islam Drai Maand geleden
Corvette c08
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall Maand geleden
I don’t know if I should look at the car or this girl she fine - lil round boody
Johnny Tsunami Herrera
I really love the Maserati, and I do a lot of Maserating Everyday 🔱🇺🇲. So I went ahead and installed my own butterfly doors hinges and I am Loving my Maserati Granturismo 🔱 more and more. Good review for the Maserati MC2020. I wish to see it in person.
nate love
nate love Maand geleden
What your looking at is a Garage and Track Car🍷
BLN CFL Maand geleden
my favorite off all super cars - wonderful - my next car!!! I have seen more luxury version of the MC20 . best regards mySoundbook & Team
Denis Murrimi
Denis Murrimi Maand geleden
Why don't you have a microphone attached on you, it sucks when you move around the car and your voice fades, or when you turn away.
tommykable Maand geleden
Stunning with noble blood
FlyTy 22
FlyTy 22 Maand geleden
Would luv to buy u this car!
Anti Hypocrisy
Anti Hypocrisy Maand geleden
It is taking them a long time to tune this car. Still no proper test drives yet.
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis Maand geleden
Can Maserati just build a Maserati MC20 hot wheel
Keijzersman Maand geleden
PLEASE buy one
Hanny Samara
Hanny Samara Maand geleden
Wow it’s amazing, I need a new car 🤒
Fabio Maand geleden
The sound resembles that of the Alfa Romeo Giulia quadrifoglio, even if the engine is totally different, in any case beautiful and great engineering technology, in this the Italians are the best.
Alberto medina
Alberto medina Maand geleden
Thats so McLaren
speedster and racers
speedster and racers Maand geleden
6:03 the 2018 ford fusion has that too along the the fusion sport but is silver color
speedster and racers
speedster and racers Maand geleden
No more normal car doors bois we are free
Ahmed Shahab
Ahmed Shahab Maand geleden
I'd love to buy it when the Maserati depreciation hits it
Ahmed Shahab
Ahmed Shahab Maand geleden
Pink hair and brown eyebrow trip me ip a little bit.
Ahmed Shahab
Ahmed Shahab Maand geleden
But she's not blonde anymore 🤷🤷
Zafar Raza
Zafar Raza Maand geleden
Maserati using aston martin rear lights....a cheap looking butterfly doors... abd the exhaaust style of ferrarri 488gtb. It costs $250k? No thanks, rather grab a used aventador.
Carlos Lewis
Carlos Lewis Maand geleden
YES!!!! Most definitely BUY ONE!!!!!!!?
krish barot
krish barot Maand geleden
That guy looks like Lucas Frost 😂
QUIK SIV Maand geleden
I agree 200k yeah I would say buy, but at 250k.....I would go with the Ferrari.
Peterson Smith
Peterson Smith 27 dagen geleden
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Peterson Smith
Peterson Smith 27 dagen geleden
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Peterson Smith
Peterson Smith 27 dagen geleden
Okay Sir You are at the right place Sir. There's always a discount for our esteemed customers.
MrAubrey19 Maand geleden
Thanks for the 2 second engine shaky camera shot then right back to blondie. What shit honestly. More about her then the cars.
Tomasz Myszkowski
Tomasz Myszkowski Maand geleden
👍👍👍👍😎 Maaaasssakrator motor💪
baya aziz
baya aziz Maand geleden
Wow 👍
Kevin Nowjee
Kevin Nowjee Maand geleden
Supercar pinkie?
A NormalGuys Perspective
well its is the perfect car in a sense. I say get one. You'll get your money back on ad revenue with showing it on NLblock so really not going to cost much.
Mduduzi Dube
Mduduzi Dube Maand geleden
martin sharratt
martin sharratt Maand geleden
aqwe Maand geleden
İt is better to be fully electric powered then the turbo things.İt sounds like MATATİTİ
Papadopoulos Evripidis
In order to drive a Maserati you must have "class" and babe you only got "klein" Change your hair style talking table manners t shirt and talk again. Everybody with money can have this car but "silk underwear needs also a silk ass"
Steven Nunez
Steven Nunez Maand geleden
V6 I'm out
Loris DP
Loris DP Maand geleden
ciao ciao...
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