World's Most Expensive Saloon | Lagonda Taraf 

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This is the $1 million Lagonda Taraf. When it first came to market, it was more expensive than two brand new Rolls Royce Phantoms! Today, it's lost some of that value, with this particular one being listed at around $600,000. There were only 120 of them made to celebrate 100 years of Aston Martin. Lagonda is Aston Martin's premium luxury brand. Thoughts guys?
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18 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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E.J 5 uur geleden
Looks like a volvo
Venkatesh Shinde
Venkatesh Shinde 7 uur geleden
The only thing missing in the car is, a big screen like tesla and the speedometer should be screened digital as on modes.😇😊😊😊😊
Benjamin Luca Schrahböck
Even if there were only 20 pieces, 1 million would be too much
Jeetam Sarang
Jeetam Sarang 14 uur geleden
Nonsense, all the explanation is copied from Doug DeMuro.... Be original..
Bajrang Sharma
Bajrang Sharma 21 uur geleden
You looking gorgeous😍✨❤
Joe McCarthy
Joe McCarthy Dag geleden
This car is attractive enough ,but a million dollars for this what FOOL would pay that for this car ? It looks common from the 1970's
Abhishek Jha
Abhishek Jha Dag geleden
Is it more luxurious than a phantom?
aziz mb
aziz mb Dag geleden
some years ago i did send to this aston cars about the lagonda to be made again as they have stoped it from market, long time ago ,and not to make any 4 door car from the same db 2 door aston sport one i do design car idea no one can make like my idea ,stop... i did send to car maker, many idea of my idea from more than 15 year ago ,this why you see most car maker ,,became better in the look of what cars they makes but they all losers,,, this car lagonda is very weak look not for car of 50,000 $,,any new cadillac new cadillac escalade 2021car is more best than this look,,i have some thing for them but they are top loser,this car will not sell, more than tens of car,,as still rolls royce have the best look and made than this car,and the price is worth the car,close this car is not even good to be 2002 car at all in the outer look ,the inside is not the best at all, many car from usa maker old one do look best than this,,what aloser design it is for what they ask,for it ,only normal car look with2021 time made only, u go for any mb 600sl,or bmw 750il,or for rolls royce , save your money and get anew super boat too with your car, or new wife from any country you love with new home too,, ,from the best car design idea maker i the one a2z just note taraf if you say karaf this word is in arabic too you ask for it and see what karaf mean new cadillac escalade 2021 go for it i do like the new new cadillac escalade 2021car are more worthy the price for the made more than most car maker,,but men go for name most time not for the car worth made it price,, and will last with you as good as when you had it,,
Isidro Cardin
Isidro Cardin 2 dagen geleden
totally not worth it
chase06 2 dagen geleden
60k enough
Shairez Khan
Shairez Khan 2 dagen geleden
7:46 - don't break my iPad.
MZE RK 3 dagen geleden
Rolls royce sweptail is 13 million pounds. So this is cheap overpriced car at 1 million dollars.
MJK 3 dagen geleden
it should be the ugliest
Angus Gibson
Angus Gibson 3 dagen geleden
The original fibreglass boat was awful and that one does look the same
Dark Horse
Dark Horse 3 dagen geleden
This is shit. For 1 million I’d rather have a rolls and invest in a property! They’ve lost their minds over at Aston Martin!
Nikhil Khanna
Nikhil Khanna 3 dagen geleden
Watch new lagonda 2021
Nikhil Khanna
Nikhil Khanna 3 dagen geleden
Do the video on latest lagonda model
yaseen meyer
yaseen meyer 3 dagen geleden
These people got money to waste that car really doesn't look expensive.
8D Statuses
8D Statuses 3 dagen geleden
Heir me on job mam plz🙏🏻
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 4 dagen geleden
Probably that car is from 90's
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 4 dagen geleden
So i prefer to buy a Lucid Air... Looks better than that rare car
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 4 dagen geleden
For a moment I thought this car was a Genesis (Hyundai) same specs hahaha but 10x cheaper
Mohammed Shahin
Mohammed Shahin 4 dagen geleden
I don't like this car look horrible and not worth for 1 million pound.
V M 4 dagen geleden
2 min mourn for that person who will buy this car.
robert hendriks
robert hendriks 5 dagen geleden
That's one ugly car... Looks more like Kia
Mehdad Jafari
Mehdad Jafari 5 dagen geleden
Aston Martins way of getting a piece of the oil pie
ARVIN 6 dagen geleden
This Car In A nutshell : an overpriced outdated cheap weird-looking sedan that looks like a korean kia-aston martin-huyndai car
Tshepo Kofi Lekala Snr
Tshepo Kofi Lekala Snr 6 dagen geleden
So they made a car, hand picked rich people to buy it, and priced it accordingly...
Haider Saeed
Haider Saeed 7 dagen geleden
If someone gave me the option of taking this car or a porsche 911 turbo for free on the condition that i cant sell for money.. im taking the porsche no question 👍🏽
MrFoster 7 dagen geleden
Uh i love phantom
Ernie Hughes
Ernie Hughes 7 dagen geleden
This car is so amazing and when I was born in 1955 we lived in Pinner just down the road from Astonmartin and my dad owned a 1954 Lagonda and as a child when my dad had his car services at their place I stood and watched them build them so I am very famiiar with them my email is
Ijaz Chuhan
Ijaz Chuhan 7 dagen geleden
You are the most valueable then this
Wit Wolf Gamer
Wit Wolf Gamer 7 dagen geleden
nooo it s def not the moeny worth....looks cheap and dont like the color..sorry girl...
nadeem shoiab
nadeem shoiab 8 dagen geleden
Wow it's very beautiful car..
Nicholas Koscinski
Nicholas Koscinski 8 dagen geleden
This is probably the biggest disappointment in recent luxury car history. Compare this to any Rolls Royce - it lacks the premium feel, very little features, no special tricks of its own, non-adjustable head rests in a luxury SEDAN(wtf), no massage features, the infotainment/dashboard/climate control etc. is a joke, looks like in a Nissan Micra from 10 years ago, the steering wheel is disgusting, what went wrong here Aston?
awais malix
awais malix 9 dagen geleden
Whales never be sharks or sharks never b whales, keep it in your mind....Love You
Manohar Dixit
Manohar Dixit 9 dagen geleden
Blomdie : Onnne Milllllion Dollar! Billionaires : close your mouth blomdie
Krille Krille
Krille Krille 10 dagen geleden
Navigation screen from 2006🤣🤣
TTBOn00bKiLleR 10 dagen geleden
aud manele in background 😂
Nithesh shetty
Nithesh shetty 10 dagen geleden
I don't know I'm wright or not, In subject you have wrote saloon instead of Sedan
Movie Club
Movie Club 10 dagen geleden
Not worth it. It is not even comparable eith phantom . No way
TolitsDTerrible 11 dagen geleden
I think even if it's a rock, if you put a million dollars price tag on it, an Arab will buy it.
abdulla ebrahim
abdulla ebrahim 12 dagen geleden
so nice car
Bunny Don
Bunny Don 12 dagen geleden
Rolls royce phantom
Ondřej Číp
Ondřej Číp 13 dagen geleden
this is what a superb would look like if the upholsterer -tuner bought it.
sarfaraz ahmed
sarfaraz ahmed 14 dagen geleden
At the end of the day, it's a car, Make life easy buy toyota,
Mr Honest
Mr Honest 14 dagen geleden
saloon ..........? shall we cut hair :))
majbah7 14 dagen geleden
Some ugly car! Designers got no taste n shmick anymore. No one beats German car manufactures. Check out the new Maybach...
Aktar din
Aktar din 15 dagen geleden
draglord filife
draglord filife 15 dagen geleden
Where is the car with a a million horse power !?
ΛVIVΛ 16 dagen geleden
AFTAB M.S 16 dagen geleden
Very regular looking car.
Shepherd's Love
Shepherd's Love 16 dagen geleden
VLAD VOSTOK 17 dagen geleden
Varth Dader
Varth Dader 17 dagen geleden
When u order an Aston Martin from WISH.
Stephen Berry
Stephen Berry 17 dagen geleden
In 1984 the Aston Martin Lagonda (wedgie with first fully electronic dash), was the most expensive new car in Australia at Aus $235,000. In those days when the Aussie $ was more expensive than the US $. The next dearest car was the RR Corniche Convertible at $228,000. (We had high import taxes). A kids charity raffled a new silver Lagonda at $100 a ticket for 4,000 tickets to fund their International Children's Peace Prize in all Aussie & NZ Primary schools + McDonalds. Also sent Aboriginal kids on Children as the Peacemakers diplomatic trips to world leaders and kids in China, the Eastern Bloc and Moscow at the height of the Cold War. One doctor's wife bought 30 tickets. One prestige car dealer bought 13. The winning ticket went to a Melbourne newsagent who bought 1 ticket - 1311 (The car dealer missed out by 2 - with 1313). Who said 13 is unlucky?? Yeah. He onsold the Lagonda and paid down half the debt on his business! Ironically it took 2 years to sell the new RR convertible in Sydney...
Anurag Rokade
Anurag Rokade 17 dagen geleden
It looks outdated 🥴🥴🥴
Ted Marakas
Ted Marakas 17 dagen geleden
It is pretty but 20 times overpriced.
Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life 18 dagen geleden
Ugliest car i have ever seen....and after knowing how much it cost looks more ugly 🥴
EddyRaye 18 dagen geleden
$1 million for a Lagonda umbrella and you get a free car with it. WOW!!!
Void 666
Void 666 18 dagen geleden
This must be the most overpriced car ever. Seriously, probably 70-80% of its astronomic price was for the sake of astronomic price only and with absolutely nothing else justifying it to be so high (I mean technology, material, developement, etc). And that ridiculous, extremaly cheap looking nav screen together with turn indicator switch straight from Ford Focus or whatever (not that I have anything against Ford) is nothing less than a cynical joke made of whoever was interested in buying this. Even though $1 million was probably nothing for those people. I know it's about rarity etc, but this is pathetic.
O M 18 dagen geleden
looks like a mazda 6 for all I care
james antares
james antares 18 dagen geleden
looks horrible to me ! sorry , Rolls-Royce is much better, Bentley also is much better than this , the small screen looks horrible for so much money , like a cheap bmw x3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anas Lozi
Anas Lozi 18 dagen geleden
Well,,, Ford fusion face lift was based on this expensive Aston Martin model 😂 And Ford did a great job selling hundreds of thousands of fusion cars all around the world
CHARAN NUVVULA 18 dagen geleden
never compare this type of TRASH with RR 🤘
H.I.M 19 dagen geleden
The 2021 G80 prestige has a nicer interior and it's about 65K
fredric Jacobsen.
fredric Jacobsen. 19 dagen geleden Du vorfor får du ikke bilene flydd fraktet hit så kjører dere maxs av det bilene tåler må da vere morro da trenger du jo ikke skilt heller og akkurat så disse bil produsentene ikke har penger nokk vorfor er Di så redde for dissa bilene må da vise va Di er gode forr?
Devansh 19 dagen geleden
This car has the same V12 engine, same AC system, same interior quality, same cheap Garmin navigation system, same infotainment as the Aston Martin Rapide from 2010, it's the *SAME DAMN* design on the inside, exactly same!. And Aston Martin Rapide goes for sale between 55,000-60,000 USD. Aston Martin played the biggest April fool joke from 2014-2016 and charged a million dollars for it. Here's Doug Demuro's review of the Rapide where you can draw a comparison -
Lalith Vijayshankar
Lalith Vijayshankar 20 dagen geleden
my land rover range rover velar has the front seat pocket
Al96ize 20 dagen geleden
Who is trying to find the person who actually loves this car ? Me: 🙋🏻‍♂️
Pete Muller
Pete Muller 20 dagen geleden
Aston Martin has terrible reliability issues....electrics mostly. Sadly just not worth the money. I’m British btw, just being honest. Forgive me too.....the pink hair is really don’t want to stray too far from the handsome urbane and erudite blonde you are.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 21 dag geleden
Thanks for ruining the grill of the aston for me ford...
kleenexDK 21 dag geleden
Love the car. At least the leather was blonde.
Kai 21 dag geleden
The only thing I liked about the car is the handle u use to get out
MOHAMAD JABER 21 dag geleden
PS4 Games
PS4 Games 21 dag geleden
Noting crazy special but the door and the key are interesting.
FAISAL VAYALIL 21 dag geleden
Lagonda again!!! Refreshed!!
jagarnaut singer
jagarnaut singer 22 dagen geleden
Million dollars car 😂😂😂😭😭
Sam Rehab
Sam Rehab 22 dagen geleden
Waste of 1M $
a. hashim
a. hashim 22 dagen geleden
Guess why this is only made for the middle east market. because those idiots have more money than brains. and have no idea what to do with it.
IRichard Adegbola Adesakin
A fool and his money are soon parted...
Safder Ali Mirza
Safder Ali Mirza 22 dagen geleden
waste my 5 minutes of 13 minutes and 10 seconds
Safder Ali Mirza
Safder Ali Mirza 22 dagen geleden
why she is so exited ? not close to Toyota Century
😇🇩🇴 You my Dream girl,,🥰🥰🥰🥰 beautiful 😇🇩🇴 I love you 😇🇩🇴
Stephen Bennardo
Stephen Bennardo 23 dagen geleden
You look old
Sultan ASHOUR 23 dagen geleden
Exterior looks very charming but interior is not worth the price !!!
Uminda Ishara
Uminda Ishara 23 dagen geleden
Most expensive..... Are you kidding .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jazzfan6 23 dagen geleden
This car's name is an anagram for 'fart a la gonad'.
Song Peter
Song Peter 24 dagen geleden
..1million for a car gives you trillion of choices.
Mohammad Masum
Mohammad Masum 24 dagen geleden
Rich people are sick, thats why Car company make them fool.
سيف المسكري
سيف المسكري 25 dagen geleden
I like the way you talk..your language is hony
diego radicchi
diego radicchi 25 dagen geleden
..non ha mai trovato una giusta identita' questo costruttore, un peccato!
Alireza Asadi Tabrizi
Alireza Asadi Tabrizi 25 dagen geleden
70k for a car and 930k for an umbrella ! amazing deal
Er-x 25 dagen geleden
i am literally fall in love to her!
Wooda 25 dagen geleden
or you can buy a half Ferrari Enzo,... prices are so subjective
Tim Forbes
Tim Forbes 26 dagen geleden
Supercar blondie but has pink hair??
Bubele Retshe
Bubele Retshe 26 dagen geleden
Rolls Royce looking at this vid like: His lights, wack.His grill, wack. His interior, wack. The way that you insert the key instead of pushing start, wack. Me, I'm tight as f***.
ماجد الشمري
ماجد الشمري 26 dagen geleden
Very nice, magic its amazing waaaaaow....😍👍
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor 27 dagen geleden
Has it got a heated rear window?
THE EBULLIENT 27 dagen geleden
Wow, the way of starting this car is soooo awesome !!
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